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Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 412 cab - SOLD .

E sharp

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Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 412 cab for sale . 


Bought this over 18 months ago from the GuitarGuitar flash sale of their left over new/old stock , Powerhouse range - as I believe they were going all Subway gear . 


I have only used it once - my final gig in Jan 2020 with a heavy band I'd been with for over 25 years . Didn't know at the time it would be my final gig , but the madness started , and I decided to change direction . If I were still in this band , then this cab would be going nowhere , as with the DB751 I had at the time , it was a Godlike sound . 


Gone back to using my 410 or 212 , for now , so this cab is no longer required . If memory serves , I paid around £820ish for it . There's not a mark on it - not even dust . 


This cab will be impractical to courier , so I can meet half way , as long as it's not halfway across the country . 


As always , cash is king , but quite fancy another Berg 212HD , so some sort of deal could be done . 


Thanks for looking . 


Paul . 








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It was sold , then it wasn't . 


It's currently on hold for a guy in Manchester (I'm in Norfolk) , who's coming down to pick it up in October kid's Half Term . I know it's a way off , but I promised him 2nd dibs . 


I can let you know if it falls through . 

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I bought the PH212 in that Guitar Guitar sale and its an amazing cab. The 412 cab must be absolutely thunderous. 

These cabs have such a depth of tone (sometimes called "heft").

You dont just hear a Mesa cab you feel it without losing any clarity thru the range.

I've gone Subway but i'm keeping my PH212 cab cause its just brilliant and i can pair it with my other Mesa cabs.

Great cab and great price. 



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