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  1. Someone somewhere mentioned on thread like this before , changing your amp's 1/4 " jack input for a female XLR , just to stop anyone trying it on if you go to the other bar . Not many bass players carry a jack to XLR lead .
  2. [quote][/quote] Badge of honour , that letter - well done . I'd love to have a letter like that about my band . Asking for a blow job between sets?
  3. Bought a pedal off Ted . Good communication , and completely hassle free . Nice one Ted
  4. That was my first thought - 5 string Stingray
  5. Voodoo Lab 2 is what you need with the Pedaltrain . The holes in the board match the Voodoo Lab , which comes with brackets to secure it to the bottom of the board . They're sort of mated to each other . It's what I use . Just Google it . Paul
  6. Bloody hell Dave , never thought you'd sell this . This was the one at the last but one bash , that I couldn't stop picking up . Typical that i've just bought a bloody pre amp , so now only have half that amount . Gonna look to move some stuff quick to try on this , but I fear someone will get in before - they always do he he
  7. [quote name='rambam' timestamp='1363301835' post='2011432'] Hi Guys, I have five tickets for sale, for the 24/5/13 at the O2, only selling as i have a chance to buy tickets for one of the box's, selling at face value £72.00 each, any question's please ask, thanks for looking, cheers [/quote]Aren't you watching with the great unwashed Roy ? I'll see you in 2 weeks at the Look up Rally and we'll see who has the biggest rig he he
  8. A one off , that's for sure . I heard a story years ago on Mark Lamaar tv or radio thing , about a time when some one went on stage to present him with metal award or something , and he wrestled it off the guy and attacked him with it , cause he assumed he was being attacked . He he Great country star that's for sure , but a piece of work times . Can't see the modern country guys being remembered in the same way .
  9. [quote name='ozzy138' timestamp='1367074424' post='2061001'] Ive had these since last year and only used 6 out of the 10 plugs on my pedalboard..... Comes with the black plug covers and about 7' of un-used George L cable and a 3 bits of cut cable..... [b][size=5]£55 inc P&P....[/size][/b] [size="4"][b]For some reason my pics wont upload today......[/b][/size] [/quote]Are these the right angled plugs ?
  10. E sharp


    Don't see a price for the SFX .
  11. Let us know what it's like , as I saw this on their web page , and thought it looked really nice .
  12. Sorry I never saw that . Teach me to read things first . Apologies all round .
  13. Then why didn't he put that it was sold . Only takes a minute . On the wanted section people are always steered towards doing a search rather a random ask , but then you get this . I find it annoying seeing questions asked about an item , only for the guy to go - oh year , this sold months ago
  14. [quote name='Ashwood1985' timestamp='1363911681' post='2019606'] OP also said this :-/ ..... I've got one but y'all can't have it! :-P [/quote]
  15. Bought an Eden Pre-amp off of Nick . Excellent comunication and service - pleasure to buy from .
  16. This is right up my street , but just don't have the time to travel all that way , and he wouldn't meet me half way . Would want to try it , but a long way to travel , if I don't like it . The reason why I want to try , rather than just courier . Good price for a stonking bass though .
  17. This was the one you linked on here last year , and the price then was 2.5K . I contacted him to ask to meet halfway - M25 , but he wasn't interested . Been up a few times on EBAY . You'd think he'd be more proactive in shifting it .
  18. That was really good - another one to bookmark methinks . Almost like eavesdropping in on a spontanious conversation between them . Thanks for that .
  19. An absolute gent of a bloke . Caught the highlights on R4 this morning , and the end of this programme on the way home . Gonna listen on the iplayer later - just a pity he's only doing the 4 gigs (think that was what I heard) , cause there's a lot of love for the guy .
  20. Is that how much they're worth now , or do you think the market will decide ? Saw one the same as this a couple of years ago , and it sold for £1300 . Nice though
  21. [quote name='GazWills' timestamp='1357774074' post='1928389'] These 2 are different pedals entirely. Though confusingly all 3 pedals are termed 'loopers' these 2 are just bypass loopers, like an Ls-2... [/quote]He he , you're right . I should've looked more clearly - completely different
  22. Looks good , especially the size . Here's some others to think about [url="http://www.thegigrig.com/acatalog/SWS_Loopy-2.html"]http://www.thegigrig.com/acatalog/SWS_Loopy-2.html[/url] [url="http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/Mini-Looper.html"]http://www.brightonion.co.uk/products/Mini-Looper.html[/url]
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