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  1. [quote name='Phil Adams' timestamp='1395757944' post='2405857'] I listen most days, I try to somehow work "selective hearing". How many times have I heard a really good song, and have to go on the website playlist to find out who it's by because he doesn't say. After all. the records are secondary to the DJ, right? (or Wright). [/quote] This annoys me too . Though he's not the only one, not to say what he's playing .
  2. It's a buyers market - always has been . I've been toying with the idea of buying a Crest CA9 , and there's one on Ebay at a shop for £675 , which is overpriced I reckon . I've asked questions to other sellers on there , and they've said that , that's the going price , as there's one on Ebay for £675 . Totally forgetting the fact , that it's never sold in well over a year . Bottom line is - stuff is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it - recession or not . Bit crappy , if you're the one doing the selling , but this is what's called a Free Market .
  3. I've got this on DVD , plus another few . But I never realised that they did so many other ones . Thanks for the info - gonna buy a few more now . As even if you're not a fan of one of the bands , they're still great to watch , for the band interaction and detail , if nothing else . Were these done by the BBC?
  4. Martyn Booth is excellent - In Sudbury
  5. Good call on Nick Seymour from Crowded House - sort of a strange player , but really works . Also Nigel Harrison as mentioned . I also like the late James Dewer , with Robin Trower - but also liked what Rusty did with that band too . Clive Chamen is also good .
  6. E sharp

    Patch cables

    [quote name='1976fenderhead' timestamp='1391681552' post='2360003'] A guitarist I played with always had problems with George L's. Suddenly his board would cut off and he'd have to be searching which cable was doing it. Are George L's unreliable or fiddly or was he just rubbish at it? [/quote] I bought loads of plugs and cables , made then all up , just as it showed on the net , spent ages doing it , and nothing worked . Spent ages of time , when really I dont have much . I reckon I sunk well over 100 pounds on cables I couldn't get to work . One of my mates had the same thing - pedalboard dead , which cable ? I now have limited time , what with work , and I cant afford to mess about with stuff that may or may not work . Ive switched too Hosa cables , and i couldn't be happier .
  7. These are the budget range - [url="http://www.cuntz-guitars.de/"]http://www.cuntz-guitars.de/[/url]
  8. I'd love to play in that band - what it's all about I reckon
  9. I've got an old Status 2000 without a trussrod , and my main (only one I ever use) Stingray with a modulus quantam neck , also has no rod . Never adjusted a rod in nearly 30 yrs of playing . I think the latest Vigier incarnations are the 90/10 system , or something like that - no trussrod , but carbon rods in the neck . Patrick Vigier thinks a trussrod is detrimental to sound .
  10. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/261329618465?hlpht=true&ops=true&viphx=1&lpid=95&device=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=95"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/261329618465?hlpht=true&ops=true&viphx=1&lpid=95&device=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=95[/url]
  11. That's not something I'd normally listen to , but I really liked that .
  12. I bought Dood's Epifani 610UL , and it's great . Though pretty much gone back to my Eden's - just how my taste is at the moment . 610 is just sitting under a dust sheet he he . What I'd really like to try though , is an Eden 610XLT - by all accounts an awesome cab .
  13. E sharp

    Xmas FX

    [quote name='chrismuzz' timestamp='1387899314' post='2317043'] I got one of my presents early this year from the girlfriend... A Darkglass B3K! She's definitely a keeper [/quote]You lucky lucky man
  14. [quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1387538856' post='2313050'] No Norm, that would be a real shame. Glad nothing has happened to him tho as we are supposed to be supporting Wilko in a few weeks time and looking forward to seeing NWR kicking out the licks. (selfish I know) [/quote] Don't let him use your amp though he he
  15. I remember really liking Motley Crue's first album - before they went pop
  16. Used to use an SFX fuzz for Hysteria - great in the intro , then completely lost throughout the rest of the song . Better results now with Crowther Prunes and Custard . It does me also for Time is running Out too . I'm just after a close approximation , and its good enough for me .
  17. [quote name='artisan' timestamp='1386158632' post='2296463'] the miserable old git ! We supported them 3 times in total & they always used our backline Lol Norman is a really nice bloke though,i had a really good natter with him each time although he didn't offer to pay anything towards my new speaker when i mentioned it at the next gig. Mind he didn't mess with my amp after i'd set it up either. [/quote] It might be me , but that doesn't really sound like the actions of a really nice bloke - knackers your gear , doesn't let you use his , and doesn't offer to pay for the damage , even though he's been told about it . Shoddy behaviour if you ask me . I'm now wondering if those infamous dark eye bags of his , are just a succession of black eyes from disgruntled support band bass players .
  18. [quote name='artisan' timestamp='1386087898' post='2295551'] I too will never let anyone use my gear as i had the same thing as the OP when we supported Wilco Johnson at Fibbers in York a few years ago. I explained to a certain mr Norman Watt Roy that the head put out more power than the cab could take so be careful ! When we packed our gear down after the gig i noticed that both gain & master volume were both up full ! Speaker shagged i had to pay for the repair cheers Norman [/quote] And I thought he was supposed to be clued up . The more I read about people like this , the more I realise that there's more sensible folk on here , than these so called pro's . Mate had the same thing with a pissed up Rhino . Beggars belief .
  19. [quote name='allighatt0r' timestamp='1385381119' post='2287479'] I avoid this problem by arriving on time. This usually means I am the second to arrive (after the drums who always gets there early). The guitarists are always late, so they arrive last and have to find their own space. [/quote] John takes up enough space on his own , even before he's wheeled in his gear . He he
  20. Can't find any now , but the one I was thinking of , was the D2004 2nd hand . Go for around 5-700 pounds . Dood used to have one (though , what hasn't he had he he) . These are sort of the bottom end ones , but do a search on Google , and you'll be hard pushed to read any negativity about them .
  21. Surprised no ones mentioned Powersoft yet . Not the mega expensive K range , but the more affordable 2nd hand cheaper ones - supposed to be really good
  22. My Modulus quantum neck on my Stingray is about 25yrs old , and is without a truss rod . They reckon a few hundred years will pass before it thinks about moving . It used to be fretless , and no one would fret it . Status were in their Trace Elliot tie in days , and were just too busy . Got someone called Steve Smith from Southend to do it . I think he's dead now - he worked with Bernie Goodfellow . You may find that Status , as good as they are , won't want to touch any graphite neck , that's not their own .
  23. It took me an hour to get it the correct way round - just wouldn't Email to my laptop , even when I spun it . Honestly , thanks for the replies guys , but I'm just gonna wait and ask someone at work , cause these things frustrate me so much . One day my board will be up here he he
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