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  1. Dave's a great chap to buy and sell from - perfect!
  2. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1484728761' post='3217762'] what do you mean? That could be a cool effect sometimes, actually [/quote] Sorry, was I not clear enough? As I said, that can be a good thing. To me, notes from some actives sound artificially and synthetically rounded off, a little like a keyboard. It can be difficult expressing sounds with words.
  3. Active basses sound a bit 'keyboardy' to me. That can be a good thing, I suppose.
  4. Why does he leap on BF posts so quickly and regularly to denounce them? Has he got a personal gripe?
  5. Hi, I bought this excellent wheeled case from a fellow Basschatter last week. It's a good size, but just a little small for my needs. I'm looking for £45, which is what I paid for it. I'm not looking for trades. I'd prefer collection from me in Swindon or to meet halfway, as long as it's not too far. [attachment=229593:IMG_0257.JPG] [attachment=229595:IMG_0258.JPG] [attachment=229597:IMG_0260.JPG] [attachment=229598:IMG_0261.JPG] [attachment=229599:IMG_0262.JPG] Thanks! Steve
  6. Hi folks, This great digital wireless system is easy to use. Just plug it in your guitar, press the button, and it works straightaway. The sound is perfect and the system has always worked flawlessly. It's yours for [b]posted[/b], or with some money off if collecting from me in Swindon, Wiltshire. I'm not looking for trades. [b]Easy charging[/b] It's simple to charge, boosting its power whenever you plug it into the receiver. And if you'd like a 'warmer' sound that simulates using a cable, press and hold the transmitter's button for five seconds. I've always liked the high-fidelity sound without the cable simulation, but you have a choice. [b]Changing channels[/b] In the rare chance there's interference or you're using more than one wireless system, you can switch channels by pressing the transmitter button while it's charging. However, I've never had interference using the system. [b]In the box[/b] Here's what you get in the box - transmitter, receiver, adaptor and jack-to-jack connector lead (I lost the original so bought a new one - it's unused - but you can use any lead you like). [attachment=229108:IMG_0251.JPG] [attachment=229109:IMG_0252.JPG] [attachment=229114:IMG_0254.JPG] [b]The instructions[/b] [attachment=229111:IMG_0255.JPG] [attachment=229112:IMG_0256.JPG] [b]Summary[/b][list] [*]Digital wireless system for guitar and bass (2.4 GHz frequency range) [*]24-bit digital converter for perfect sound [*]Four-hours playing from just one-hour charging [*]Road-ready - housed in near-indestructible polycarbonate [/list] Thanks for looking! Steve
  7. Bought a pedalboard from Simon - a pleasure to buy from him!
  8. Hi, sorry I'm not looking for trades - thanks for asking, I'll add this to the post.
  9. *SOLD PENDING* Hi folks, I'm selling this excellent [b]sfx Micro Thumpinator[/b]. It's yours for [b]£75 posted[/b], or £70 collected from me in Swindon, Wiltshire. I'm not looking for trades. It's an always-on pedal that filters out subsonic frequencies of 30Hz and below from your sound. Bass speakers struggle to cope with these frequencies, and can make amplifiers clip. Removing all the mud and rumble optimises the energy your amp can deliver - giving you a tighter, punchier bass sound. The pedal is in good condition, with velcro underneath (I can remove if you want), and I don't have the original box. [attachment=227560:IMG_0240.JPG] [attachment=227561:IMG_0241.JPG] Thanks for looking! Steve
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