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  1. You could always buy a 210XST - not half the weight , but lighter . Maybe even two of them
  2. Wow . I wonder what the costs are , for something like that chrome bass?
  3. That's really sad , and again , way too young . I didn't know anything about his other work , but listened to the Fabulous Thunderbirds a fair bit around his time with them . RIP
  4. Ain't this typical . Years waiting for a white one like this to come along , and I've not long splashed out on other gear . I suppose this is cash only , and not trade options
  5. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1471293090' post='3111956'] Playing for nothing again this Friday really looking forward to it [/quote][quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1471293090' post='3111956'] Playing for nothing again this Friday really looking forward to it [/quote]I'm playing for measly pub money this Saturday - and equally looking forward to it , he he . I reckon that the 'How was your gig last night' thread , needs to be split into 'How was your unpaid gig last night' , and 'How was your paid gig last night' . What do you reckon Rob? He he
  6. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1471214536' post='3111362'] You know what? I'd love to do that, or maybe a led that starts flashing (like the P-Retro preamp)... and then go into the EBMM forum to show them all how you can *improve* the Stingray... then retire to a safe distance with popcorn and enjoy the show [/quote]Yes , it's a strange place at times , that Forum
  7. It might be handy if you put in a 'link' - ie Facebook , or Youtube to your band . Anyone interested can then get a idea about the type of band you are , and check out what the best out there sounds like .
  8. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1468257044' post='3089638'] See, to me that's demeaning. In this scenario they not only won't pay your band.They want to mistreat you as well. I remember in 2009 I was in an originals Band. We accepted a free veterans festival gig. When we received the email it said the band could not bring food or drink onto the grounds and that everything had to be purchased on the grounds, nothing comped. Here's the kicker. The email said that if any band members had bottled water not purchased on the grounds the band would be escorted off the grounds. We sent a reply saying we we're no longer interested and would not be playing their event. My point, playing for free, that's your call your choice. Playing for free and being screwed with on top of that,that's a poor decision. Blue [/quote]That's just taking the piss . Did you tell them why you were now declining ? You see , me being me , I'd have been straight on the phone , and got everyone to decline en masse -shabby behaviour towards bands playing free for a great cause .
  9. Is anyone on here using this as a pre-amp , straight into a power amp , as their main rig . I've seen a lot using it as a pre-amp pedal as part of the board , but can't see if anyone is using it as a pre-amp proper
  10. I'd say GLWTS , but doubt you'll need it . Probably like a few , I've just bought some gear , or I'd of had this - oh to have no more money - ahem
  11. 01787 is Sudbury area - Suffolk , almost into Essex
  12. Small world - years ago , I used a plug in Armstrong Red Ranger for a Precision . I think they used to do a little range of plug in units
  13. [quote name='fretmeister' timestamp='1466152709' post='3073665'] Here it is [/quote]Nice
  14. [quote name='fretmeister' timestamp='1466097151' post='3073356'] I liked my Ray. Now I've gutted it and loaded it with 2 EMGs I love it [/quote]Is that with an EMG replacement for the original PUP , and another in the HH position? Got any pictures? As I was half debating whether to do this to mine - EMG MM PUPs don't seem to have a lot of love , but I'm really interested in how this mod pans out
  15. I haven't seen this one for a while - used to watch it once in a while . Love Sanborn's playing in this
  16. That must be the only picture ever posted on here , that is actually twice the size of the thing in the flesh .
  17. This is great . I've always been finger style only , and now trying to use a pick for the first time in 30 yrs . This is exactly the pick style I'm looking at - what a great player
  18. You may want to give an area , of where you are
  19. [quote name='Maude' timestamp='1463261693' post='3050076'] All the instruments on the Def Leppard one really easy, I can even drum to it with one arm tied behind my back. [/quote]My mate used to play some Def Leppard in a band years ago , and used to pull one arm out of his T shirt for those songs
  20. I've sort of gone the other way . Had my little Eden WT400 for 15 yrs , and at the time it was a lightweight ; though some now would say no . I used as Eden 410XLT for 15 yrs , and skirted with NEO Epifani 410 and 610 , and gone back to the Eden as love the sound of it . Just bought a Crest CA9 this week , to go with an Eden pre amp . The sound is awesome , and the Crest , frankly , is not as heavy to carry as it's made out to be . The Eden cab is heavier at 3am , but I look at it like this - I play it for 3 hrs , and carry it for 3 mins .
  21. Only about an hour from me - nearest bass shop now ...hmmmm . Is there going to be a Web page Nick?
  22. [quote name='4stringslow' timestamp='1462913942' post='3046996'] What happened to the 'big man'? Did he go on to make a name for himself? [/quote]He's still on the circuit - a living out of it , I think . He was in Les Mis for a while in the West End , but never quite made it - twat .
  23. Fired , but sort of ready to leave anyway . Around late 80's early 90's (can't remember now) , I was called up to work with an up and coming new country guy , who , locally , was well known , and had a great reputation . Loads of Sunday rehearsals , and band was cracking . Did some really good USAF gigs , and a real buzz around the band was happening . Everything was evenly split , even though it was his name as the band - The ***** band , as such . This was never an issue with anyone . He then copped some big paying gigs , and decided that for them , we'd be on a wage , but an even split on the cheaper gigs . The guitarist wasn't happy , and caused a scene , as his mate , he looked at me , and I agreed . The other two just stared at the floor , not wanting to upset the 'talent' . This was primarily because there was an Albert Hall gig booked (as part of a festival) , and they didn't want to not play there . The guitarist got a call from the girl fiddle player the next day , as did I - big man never even had the guts to do it himself . There was talk about me helping them out with the Albert Hall gig , but I told them to **** off . So by complaining about £20 (I think it was) , I got fired . Even today when I get a shirty Landlord giving it the 'big I am' , I mention that I'm not bothered about playing their poxy pub , as I turned down playing the Albert Hall , all over £20 . He he
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