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    Show us your rig!

    He he . It's just that I had the 410 on a Gramma pad . Never thought it didn't line up , until I saw the photo
  2. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    Dep with a function band tonight/last night , at a massive hall . A bit OOT , but I wasn't loud . Just fancied trying out both cabs together for the first time
  3. Headless 5 string 2 MM pickups. Rear one in the classic MM position , then the other one virtually right in front of it Noll active circuit - 4 band I think Red LED's - side only Black hardware / knobs All yellow satin finish . This was the big stumbling block , as I wanted ALL yellow - body , neck and fingerboard . He had to check with the guy who does his necks , to see if it was possible . This surprised me really , as Stefan is sort of known for his wacky finishes , but hey ho , it's all up and running now . The yellow , is very bright - think lego brick etc . May change it slightly for a more desert yellow , but we'll see
  4. I've got a Crest CA9 power amp in a Boschma 2U . The Crest is about the same weight as the Aggy . Boschma is as good as it gets for moulded racks - handles are all moulded into the frame .
  5. Deposit sorted out with the bank today . Stefan reckons he won't be able to start until end of May ; then a 3 month wait. Never had a bass built before
  6. I paid you a tenner extra in toilet at the St Ives one - that was what you were short . It would've look well dodgy if anyone had've come in at that moment - he he
  7. Although I haven't watched this yet , the REDDI's only issue , is that it only has an 'uncoloured' thru . So all of the talk about the awesome sound , is only going to be heard by others and not by the person playing it - if like most of us , it's backline bass only . Unless you use in ears . When I thinking about getting a really good quality valve DI , this really put me off - no one seems to mention it much The KHAN , therefore on paper has more options
  8. Finally got mine on order with Stefan - just got to get an answer about the deposit payment options .
  9. I read somewhere , that's he's a millionaire - purely through playing with the Stones . He'd of never made that sort of money , dining out on his time with Miles Davis , and Sting
  10. Well Ronnie Wood was in the band (photos , album covers etc) , whilst Darryl Jones is a hired gun - pure and simple .
  11. Not an expert on prices , but I'd say that Jaydee is well overpriced
  12. Lovely bass . 17.5 mm narrowest you mention ; difficult to get up to 18-19 mm ? Also , what are your reasons for selling?
  13. Non of the Radio stations have ever stopped playing Phil Spector records have they . I know that he wasn't in the bands as such ; but he produced (Wall of Sound) , and possibly wrote them too . So his estate will be earning money all the time . No one seems to give it a second thought - and he's actually in prison as a convicted killer . Funny 'ol world
  14. Do you think that anyone would actually consider this? Maybe it's just me .....
  15. He he - only the Scots here will get that one
  16. Right model , perfect colour (match my Stingray) , just ordered something else - ho hum . Every time , without fail , a S2 Passion comes up , I've just bought something else . Beautiful bass mate .
  17. Just a quick question Bill . If say , I were to buy two of the Barefaced 2x10's and stacked them vertically ; would it matter which way round they were to be stacked ? As I understand that Alex has made them to be a sort of line array system - one speaker for bass and the other for treble (sort of) . Best to 'join' both speakers together in the stack , or no difference how it's done ? Thanks , Paul
  18. Typical ain't it . Just put down a deposit on the one coming in to Bass Direct - he he GLWTS mate
  19. I'm doing something similar , but it's my 50th this year . Taking a punt on a Bogart build . Never played one but done loads of research , and part of me is still a bit hesitant , but what the hell - you only live once . Good luck mate . With that sort of money , you're never going to get a dodgy instrument - it's just down to whatever floats your boat
  20. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    New head tonight/last night . Different than the Eden that I've used for the last 18yrs . Just got to get used to it . Pumped it out though .
  21. I took my daughter to her first proper gig last year - her choice was Download . I would say around 80% of the bands had a shockingly bad sound - I've no idea what these guys do
  22. There should be a great drummers thread - may be already , for all I know . Jeff Porcaro , was awesome , as is James Oldaker . Not forgetting Steve Ferrone - one of our own home grown
  23. Oh my ..... I just bought a DB751 and this would be excellent with that . Alas , I've cleared myself out , buying the amp - ho hum . GLWTS - doubt it'll be required though
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