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  1. My opinion , is that Benny and Bjorn are ahead of Lennon and McCartney , in crafting perfect pop songs . Some of them are perfect
  2. Nope . I asked this a while ago , and was told it was long gone - yet still the ad is up
  3. I know a few local bands who've booked out The Apex . Worked quite well - just need a massive promotion to make sure that you don't lose the cost of hiring it .
  4. Ipswich has quite a few good music pubs . The Black Horse is a regular for us , but it has been slightly quieter this last 6 months - Landlady said it has been across the board . Might be a blip Pete - who knows
  5. He he . Last compression thread didn't end up well with him
  6. Do you think that Vail Johnson is going to post?
  7. Why do they keep making them with 20 frets? Only the 5 string has 21 . I know it's hardy a deal breaker for many , but always thought it was strange
  8. Everything seems to arrive at the 'wrong' time . Awesome mate , and just up the road from me - ahem . Edit from spoiler below - there's nothing there . No idea why I hit the tab
  9. "We can't hear you at the back . Can you turn up?" "Oh go on then"
  10. My Powerhouse 412 came this afternoon - it's big he he . Just a tad bigger than the Eden 610 , but somehow feels a lot bigger . Won't fit in the under stairs cupboard , where the 610 just about squeezes through the door - 412 is about a cm wider - so has to go in the garage with the bass bins from the PA . I can say though , that the fit and finish of these Boogie cabs are second to none - absolutely top notch . It's probably going to be a cab that will only be used 3/4 times a year , but I can live with that . Wife wasn't pleased at the size of it , but realistically , buying a couple of BF 410's is out of my price range at the moment , and probably for years , if ever .
  11. They're all gone now I think - apart from the more pricey ones , with the tolex case . What's it sound like?
  12. Just hit the button on the 412 Powerhouse - it's Christmas after all . Easier than I thought , getting the OK for it . Was gonna go lightweight again , but this is far cheaper he he
  13. I have the 751 , but always wanted a M9 too - I think it's got the same 'slam', but not so tubey sounding (as per Talkbass stuff) . M9 is roughly a third of the price , and now only the one left - I think there were 3 or 4 the other day . These prices have definitely made a lot of people think . I'm still hovering over the 412 - do I need it? Then I thought that if I sold the 751 , I could justify an M9 , plus the 412 . These are real 3rd world problems , but that page is so bl**dy tempting
  14. I just refuse to play sh*tholes like this now - as do the band , and frankly anyone who I've depped with over the last couple of years . I mean you get the odd tricky load in , but some of the ones that I've read here ... I just wouldn't bother . Perhaps I'm in the minority?
  15. Even though it's deemed a 'forgotten album' , I'm still a fan of Dave Navarro's playing
  16. It's such a shame that they discontinued the 6x10 Powerhouse . Always lusted after one of those - not the 'Traditional' one that's sealed , but the 'Standard' one - brute of a cab
  17. When I was sort of collecting different Fenders (years ago) , I couldn't find one of these for love nor money . This was pre internet mind
  18. I know , it's unbelievable isn't it . We have to pay insurance in case they can't do their job . Pick up only for my stuff - unless its pedals and the like . If they want it enough , they'll put themselves out - sad really that it's come to this
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Origin-effects-Cali76-TX-P-limited-edition-limiting-amplifier-effects-pedal/283540546652?hash=item420455645c:g:WeoAAOSwuzldIgtm Always chancers out there - can this be serious?
  20. I think Foreigner are playing without any original members - Mick Jones occasionally joins in for a gig or two . That's a strange one
  21. Wish I'd bought that Modulus Jazz that's been up here over the years . What model is tempting you Andy?
  22. They won't -I tried that years ago
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