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  1. When I was sort of collecting different Fenders (years ago) , I couldn't find one of these for love nor money . This was pre internet mind
  2. I know , it's unbelievable isn't it . We have to pay insurance in case they can't do their job . Pick up only for my stuff - unless its pedals and the like . If they want it enough , they'll put themselves out - sad really that it's come to this
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Origin-effects-Cali76-TX-P-limited-edition-limiting-amplifier-effects-pedal/283540546652?hash=item420455645c:g:WeoAAOSwuzldIgtm Always chancers out there - can this be serious?
  4. I think Foreigner are playing without any original members - Mick Jones occasionally joins in for a gig or two . That's a strange one
  5. Wish I'd bought that Modulus Jazz that's been up here over the years . What model is tempting you Andy?
  6. They won't -I tried that years ago
  7. The pro audio sites often look for slightly different things . Case in point - when I was researching the CA9 (loved in the States , but not so much here) , the only negative talk about it , was that it was underpowered . Maybe if you're building a massive theatre installation , but for bass , even in massive rooms , it's a beast
  8. Talkbass has more stuff like that . When I was looking up Crest CA9's , before I bought one , Talkbass had far more stuff , than Basschat . It's a much larger site , so to be expected ; but with stuff like that , there's more bassists into heavy iron amps etc , in the States , than over here in Blighty . I just do a Google search on stuff , and it often leads you to bass sites , just take your pick , they'll all give you something .
  9. The Status I bought about 25 yrs ago , and was cheap 2nd hand - a really early Series 2 headless 5 . String spacing was just way too narrow for me . Can only go by memory , but I'd say it was around 15mm or something - just found it unplayable . The Sei I bought about 18 yrs ago , from The Gallery - 2nd hand but pristine . Lovely and light , but just sounded dull as ditchwater . Completely bland , and the white body had started to go slightly yellowy , and the frets had started to oxidize .
  10. Can't comment on (i) , but regarding (ii) , I do hope so . Had two stabs at 5 strings over the years (Status Series 11 , then Sei Jazz) , and neither were 'right' for me . Taking a punt, but what the hell - you're only 50 once
  11. Strange isn't it - both my Dingwall P5 , and Bogart 5 (both mentioned in last couple of posts) , are both currently being built . The Bogart a 50th present to myself , and the Dingwall the same , but I have to 'repay' the house fund the cost of it , with some sales as and when .
  12. Exactly what I used for years too . Traded them in for an Eden rig at the old Wapping Bass Centre , around 18-19 years ago , or so . You didn't happen to get them from there did you?
  13. A few years ago , I bought a pair of second hand (but new) , Behringer powered 15" bins for the PA . £400 the pair , and they've been nothing short of spectacular
  14. I don't do online banking or PayPal . How would someone like me pay the £18 ?
  15. If it's to be done properly ; then leave it in his wheelie bin , and forge the signature card . Then text him to say you have proof of delivery - he he
  16. I think that the way Marillion do it , is OK . They get their fans to donate the cost of a CD upfront , which then pays for the album . Then after it's been recorded and mastered etc , the fans get the CD . So they've only in effect , pre-ordered it .
  17. Apart from big one day events at Milton Keynes bowl , in the late 80's, early 90's ; I did my first 2 years ago with my then 15 yr old daughter . She wanted to go to Download - chose Sunday . Aerosmith day etc . Loads of people complaining about the organisation etc . From what I can gather , lots of folk have been to Europe for festivals , and they seem far far better . Better parking (can actually find your car , as everything is lit and numbered up) , and the toilets are far better too - I know they're not going to be perfect , but there's absolutely no reason why , at the 2017 Download I went to , that out of , I think 3 main toilet blocks with around 40/50 portaloos in each block , that come Sunday , only a handful are working . I know it's a money making thing , but there's no reason for the above in this day and age .
  18. They are good , but whoever gets this gig , has to realise that they're just there to show off the brothers . They've had a steady stream of Bassists and Drummers over the last 10 years - no one stays long .
  19. If I was into 6 string basses , this would be the bass that I'd sell everything to get . Theses look absolutely stunning . It's strange that for me , I can just look at that picture the OP put up , and imagine almost exactly how it's going to feel in my hands . Bass for life , that is .
  20. The trouble is ; didn't a lot of feedback threads get wiped with the last big update? Mine has disappeared completely
  21. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    He he . It's just that I had the 410 on a Gramma pad . Never thought it didn't line up , until I saw the photo
  22. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    Dep with a function band tonight/last night , at a massive hall . A bit OOT , but I wasn't loud . Just fancied trying out both cabs together for the first time
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