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  1. I highly recommend this bass. Great condition, amazing possibilities, lots of additional stuff.
  2. I really liked greasebucket in Am. Special P I had at home for a few days. Can't see anything wrong in it. I have vintage spec. P with .1 cap and it's unusable mud city when tone knob is closed for more than 1/3 of range - with a lot of volume loss. I've modified it to more modern specification (.47) and was much better, but eventually few months ago got back to original - I love this bass just as it is I use it with 10-years old LaBellas 760 FL. But removing sould be fairly easy - just throw away everything that is not a pot or cable and put .47 cap in the right place The capacitor costs less than a single bubble gum, you can buy a few and experiment
  3. Jap Fenders are tricky. Their build quality is always top notch, but sometimes you can find a bass with basswod body - especially in their 62 and 57 reissues with small tuners. What can I say - basswood is OK, but in my opinion a little dull sounding in classic P or J. It's also lighweight to the point where bass looses it's ballance on strap (getting neck heavy) - that's why they used lighweight tunning keys.
  4. Best sounding modern all tube Amepg Amp.
  5. Pretty loud mf. a friend recorded this video: astonished by the sound and loudness. Only complaint - the highs are centered pretty high. Warm tones are not for elf, a
  6. Twice since 2006 (regular gigs since then). One time the sound guy fried my Kustom Groove head - and then did the same thing with my Sansamp. Next, few years later my 3pro started to blast fuses in the club - luckily I had a spare Fender amp. Last time I had to borrow an amp when I took my Ashdown LB-30 to the gig and couldn’t connect it to Aguilar fridge since it was connectable only by using two cables.
  7. Hercules mini not for jazz basses? More like not for lame users.
  8. Hi there! I've recently put my hands on two new basses (not mine) and decided to record some short comparison. Fender Precision Lyte This one was made in 1986-87 in Japan. It's very light, quite comfortable. The preamp is not as rich in options as the one in the Sire, but no less versatile. The sound is in the "80's" style - clean, polite, with much high-end that can be tamed easily. Wonderfull for slap. Had very much fun playing this one. Has it's own character, sits nice in the mix, can do much but it can't do a classic P or J bass sound at all. Sire V7 I totally can't understand the hype. It's a very well made JB, with a little bit too chunky neck. The craftmanship is top notch - as almost every asian made bass nowadays. It's a solid instrument, that fills the gap between more expensive Squiers and cheaper Fenders. Great for "cheap donkey working musician" - like wedding or "Top 100" gigs. The preamp is very nice, but in passive mode this Sire is quiet, dull and liveless. Fender US Vintage '62 Precision Well - it's a P-bass. Not the best I've played, but it's mine and always will be Samples recorded using: Both pickups - neck pickup - bridge pickup - slap. For '62 P-bass it's: playing over the pickup, near the neck,near the bridge. Via AMP-BH420 line out (post very light EQ)
  9. I have Fender TBP1, which is the preamp section from this amp. Great, but tricky. Flat eq is 2-10-2, so don’t be afraid to back up bass and treble and set the mids on full. This is a passive tone stack. The overdrive is quite useless. The parametric mids are great The room control Is amazing on difficult stages.
  10. You can safely buy there an amp, but I'd be extra caution about the cabs. Their gear is refurbished, amps are pretty industructible but the speakers are often non-original.
  11. Try CTM-30. Same amp, different look
  12. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1460933364' post='3029992'] Is it two cheeky to suggest my VS212? [/quote] Have you considered shippment to Poland? :> I was looking for this for a year until I settled with 610. But I still need something for medium sized gigs and my VS 112 is too small for that...
  13. I use mine with ABM 610 and VS 112. Both great with this little beast
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