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1963 Framus Star bass- on hold

E sharp

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1963 Framus Star bass - ala Wyman


I've had this for over 30 years , and it's just sat around . 


The Framus name badge on the headstock top , has got half of the gold lettering missing . Also missing is part of a knob . 


I'm really not sure how playable this is , in a real world scenario , as the strings are just too floppy . 


May be good for someone who is a collector of these old European basses , and can source the odd bit to replace ; or someone who wants to have something nice to hang on a man cave wall . 


This is quite fragile , and I have absolutely no way of getting this packed up - let alone trust one of our Courier friends . 


So pick up only really - or I can travel to meet halfway up to a point . 


If it's pick up , I can do Bank Transfer or PayPal . But if it's meeting up , it'll have to be cash , as I don't roll will a smartphone . 


Thanks for looking . 














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