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  1. Lesson I've learnt this week is never window shop if you can't buy. My head has been turned....

  2. Anyone else receive a message from monicabrownb asking them to email her? I can't tell if it's a genuine new user who might be interested in something I'm selling, or it's a phishing/spam account. 

    1. Sibob


      Ignore, spammy spam

    2. Rich


      'monica' is toast.

  3. Quick 'trusted seller' post for Big Bass Man, sent me an MXR bass octave deluxe boxed in great condition, came within 1 day of posting. Cheers! 

    1. SpondonBassed



      You could do him a solid and post your comment on his feedback topic.  Feedback for Big Bass Man.

    2. AinsleyWalker


      @SpondonBassed oh yeah totally forgot about those, thanks!

    3. Big Bass Man

      Big Bass Man

      Thanks man - that's really nice!

  4. I've been playing for 11 years now, mostly self taught and I know a fair bit of theory but I've never actually sat down and learnt scales/modes etc and it's about time I think. Got a friend who's a pro bass player helping me out but any advice/suggestions/resources would be appreciated!

    1. Reggaebass


      If you haven’t already got it, I would highly recommend this book, it covers the major and minor scales, and there’s some great workouts, I’ve had it years and I still use it 🙂


    2. AinsleyWalker


      @Reggaebass oh that reminds me I have lots of similar books here that were given to me back when I started (I was a stubborn teenager and didn't want to learn scales/modes sigh) but better late than never! 
      Thanks for the suggestion

  5. My MuTron Micro-Tron IV arrived today! Taken me a minute to get my head around how to get the tones I want, but first impressions are great!

  6. The day before payday the bass I was looking at on a shop's site gets sold. Typical :(

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    2. prowla
    3. lowregisterhead


      I'm having a proper per-Xmas clear out and preparing to sell several 5's, so keep and eye out in the 'basses for sale' section in the next few days...

    4. lowregisterhead


      3 now listed, a fourth coming later today. Sorry for the shameless plug, but you did say you were looking... 🙂

  7. Is it not against the rules to post an item for sale on here asking for the buyer to send money through Paypal Friends & Family? If not, it should be!! I see at least 1 scammer get called out on Facebook per week and it's ALWAYS because the buyer sent payment through F&F. 

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      I've used F&F a few times - usually when it's someone I've had some contact / discussion with, and had time to decide whether I have any cause for concern...
      I wouldn't use it for some stranger on a Facebook group though

    3. mart3442


      Buyers choice, use your common sense......


    4. ambient


      If the buyer can’t or won’t collect, them I insist on friends and family, or bank transfer. I know several people who were scammed by people buying stuff, then claiming is not received, damaged, faulty etc. My sister-in-law even had an empty box returned to her by a buyer. 

  8. Typical, multiples of the pedal you want when you don't have the money, and when you do.. None in sight :( Sell me a Cali76 Compact Bass compressor!

  9. Sod's law that someone offers to sell you their pedal as soon as you've given in to waiting and bought a brand new one 😭

    1. Daz39


      A variant of this is suddenly seeing a pedal on For Sale that you've been waiting for yonks to see, but missing the sale by about 3 minutes...

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