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  1. Is it not against the rules to post an item for sale on here asking for the buyer to send money through Paypal Friends & Family? If not, it should be!! I see at least 1 scammer get called out on Facebook per week and it's ALWAYS because the buyer sent payment through F&F. 

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    2. Sibob


      If people feel uncomfortable with Friends & Family, simply don't use it. If you wish to use a standard PayPal transaction, simply discuss who will front those costs. If that's a deal-breaker for a seller, then that should be red-flag enough.


    3. owen


      I got scammed on FB. The whinging when his account got frozen made the whole experience worth it.

    4. Shambo


      F&F was demonised on here a while back after a couple of scams came to light and I was pleased when it was eventually unstickied. If somebody without extensive positive interaction and/or feedback on this forum wants to buy a bass from me and use paypal, then I insist of F&F. If they don't agree then I'l happily accept a bank transfer.

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  3. Is that dirt on the font on the top of the pedal or damage? A little bit put off by the condition and that you're asking for people to send money by F&F... That's usually banned on most sites as it's how people get scammed. I see at least one person get scammed due to paying by F&F on Facebook per week.
  4. Is it possible to switch existing patches this way? For example I want the first 9 patches to be the ones I use most often, and there are one or two (such as 32 and 43) that I would like to swap in for 4 and 7. Can I simply change the file names (so change 04 to 32 and 07 to 43 and vice versa for both) as you suggest and then 'write all'? Or is this only for adding new patches?
  5. I've got a Future Impact and it's great, but it would be great if I could put all the patches I use closer together. Anyone know if it's possible to move/swap/renumber the patches?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far think I might go to a shop and try a multiplexer out, if it's not what I need, then I'll wait and get a Foxrox Octron 3 or a Mutron Octavider. Shame neither is sold in the Uk though ha
  7. Yeah no problem! Thanks again Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! To be honest, I'm just looking for a general octaver at this point, the OC2 does what it does and has that smooth mid range sound, but I'm just looking for something perhaps a bit different to the OC2, maybe more 'standard octaver' if that makes sense? I had a Foxrox Octron which had a really nice Octave down. A bit fatter than the OC2, super clean and tracked well. Also had a distorted octave up which had its uses (but not a necessity). I might consider getting one of those again.. It's a bit silly but I'm picky with colour schemes on my board ha, most of it is black/silver/white so I'm trying to find something that will not only sound right but look right.
  9. Looking into getting a new octave pedal as the direct signal on my OC2 has gone and the Octave 1 often doesn't cut through by itself. Ideally I'd get a MuTron Octavider but I'm looking at cheaper models for the time being. Has anyone had any experience with the Octave Multiplexer? Any good/bad feedback? I just need a simple octaver really
  10. Haha not at all! I just thought this example of the Boss OC2 clone looked cool!
  11. Yeah sounds like a good idea, doing it myself wasn't something I was seriously considering, but was still interested in whether it would be a big job or not. Thanks for the advice and info!
  12. I used to run my compressor everything, including my OC2, but I've just started running the compressor after it as the OC2 can be quite quiet, so the compressor helps bring it up to the same volume as my clean tone. Something to consider for anyone else having a similar issue with the OC2.
  13. So I've seen a few really cool pedal rehousing jobs done in the US recently and I was wondering if anyone knows of where to get this kind of thing done in the UK? Alternatively, is this kinda possible as a home project for a beginner such as myself? Links to parts or kits would be great. Example: This is an example of someone rehousing a Boss OC2. In this case they've removed the second octave. (source: https://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/Other-Pedals.html )
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