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  1. Amazing drive pedal, bought new in 2016. Works great with guitar, bass, synth, just about anything. Use of Tone and Filter controls in conjunction allow plenty of low end through for bass. Capable of subtle drive to all-out fuzz. Expression pedal input allows you to control the Filter for some useful filter sweep/wah-like effects. Comes with box. Price includes postage.
  2. Mate first of all you've got no idea how much I personally play my basses, so I'm not sure what the need for snide comments like that are implying I'm sat looking at them rather than playing.... Secondly, this is not about comparison, I'm not interested in whether you've never thought about it, good for you I suppose! Another example would be how most people I know have pedalboards that are trashed and filled with dust and dirt and they don't care, but I like mine clean, tidy and laid out a certain way and that's just my preference, I'm not interested in what others do or prefer, I've simply come here asking if it's possible to achieve a certain outcome and if not, then no big deal! I'm not losing sleep over it, just asking for advice...
  3. Well good for all those other people who aren't worried about it lol, personally don't want my bass looking messy and I think misaligned silks look awful, so if I can get them to line up again then I will. If not, I'll just buy a set with no silks. Not a huge deal, just trying to get some advice.
  4. It's more or less level lol.. I tried putting on a set today and none of them were even within 1cm of each other. Just looked completely stupid.
  5. So you're telling me that I could trim off 1 inch or 2 and the silk would end at the exact same point...?
  6. The old set here are all different lengths, meaning they've 100% been trimmed down with wire cutters, as you would normally do with any set of strings. They've not unravelled or anything. They were on my bass for nearly 4 years.
  7. I did say in the original post that each string had been trimmed to a specific length: "I would believe this, except my old set were all aligned perfectly and each string had been trimmed to fit." I find it hard to believe that these strings (and the G string) just happened to line up by chance...
  8. Unfortunately there are no flatwound strings that have no silks
  9. So I broke a string on my Musicman Stingray and put a new set of flats on, but the silks didn't line up after I trimmed them down... My previous set lined up perfectly (were put on by a guitar tech friend). I tried googling solutions but every site/forum tells me that it's simply not possible to get them to line up perfectly... I would believe this, except my old set were all aligned perfectly and each string had been trimmed to fit. He can't remember exactly what he did (it was over 3 years ago he gave me a set-up), but says he can't imagine doing anything special beyond the 3 machinehead rule. I may just keep the old strings that I've taken off and try to get a new set to the exact individual lengths as the old set (bar the G string which is no good and in pieces). Anyone think this will be my best bet? Or have any other suggestions that work for them? Thanks
  10. Here's a pic of headstock end of strings and the ball-end of the D string. All the balls are different colours.
  11. Thanks for the rec. I have very little experience with flats, except this one set that have lasted ages and I'm not even sure what they are for comparison
  12. Oh blimey yeah that doesn't sound like a good look!... Ah apologies to be spreading my pickiness haha!! I think really I just prefer the silver simplicity on non-silk strings, but would settle for silk as long as they weren't red or green (as they'd just clash with my bass too much). More interested in quality of the strings, of course
  13. Not at all haha! 😂 @Reggaebass @jrixn1 What brands of flats do you guys go for? I can't even remember what brand my current set are.
  14. It's not a huge deal for me personally, my current set have blue silks which are pretty low-key, but usually they just look crap, especially bright colours. This comment I found on Talkbass is more extreme than how I feel, but sums it up nicely ha:
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