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For all the basses I have loved...

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My list is relatively short. 
I still have my Squier P with a Seymour Duncan pickup. Actually my first bass. It sounds great and I love the neck shape.  

Harlay Benton Fretless Jazz copy. 
Nice bass to mess around and feel like Jaco or Pino. Weights like about a metric ton but sounds really good. 

G&L L2000 tribute. 
It’s a ok bass. It has a dead preamp and at some point I might throw a east uni 3k preamp in it. Never liked the preamp to begin with. 

Now what I sold. 
Squier Jazz Bass Vintage modified.
Great sound Jazz Bass but was heavy because it had a maple neck and body. A bit strange however it sounded terrific. 

Status S3000. 
What a great bass. I really loved the headless design. The original preamp was a bit strange to work with. It had the 80s Mark king sound baked in. I sold it because I didn’t like the preamp anymore and didn’t wanted to mod a +30 year old bass.

Alembic Essence 5. 
I stupidly sold it when I needed some cash. I liked the sound and the filter preamp. But it was so flipping heavy and the neck dive was real bad.

Bogart Blackstone 4. 
I bought one used for a good price.
But rather quickly I found out that graphite neck was more sensible to temperature changes then any of my woods neck basses and it didn’t really sound that good actually.
So I sold it quickly 


I had some more basses like Ibanez EhB and Fender Mim Jazz but these I returned quickly to shops I bought them. 

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2 hours ago, greavesbass said:

Wow...would love to know why you couldn't hear a P bass in a band situation. 

Too many years playing Stingrays and loud drummers.....

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Posted (edited)

Goodness me, this thread has proved therapeutic - I was starting to think I had an issue but have concluded I'm completely sane based on my puny list below! (basses I still have are in bold, all are 4 strings unless specified):

Stagg PJ - not sure on the exact model, was my very first bass. Lives at my parents' house now.

Ibanez SR300DX - my first half-decent bass, gigged it for a bit before I upgraded again. Also lives with my 'rents.

Musicman Stingray - saved and saved from my Saturday job to buy one, I never play it any more as the tone isn't what I want these days, but it was the first bass I properly toured and recorded with, so holds a lot of sentimental value and will never leave me.

MIM Fender Jazz - have always preferred active basses and the tone never quite did it for me.

Spector Legend 5 - bought this as part of an unsuccessful foray into 5 strings. Didn't work out, but it came in a beautiful aqua colour and had great tone.

Ken Smith BSR4 - this thing will growl your house down. 

Warwick Thumb BO - my (current) fav of the lot. It's ovangkol and has the baseball bat neck but it sounds awesome and is the most comfortable bass I've ever played.

Vigier Passion - amazing neck. Very modern tone but I think it sounds better in a mix than on its own.

Markbass Kilimanjaro - aren't many of these around and there's a lot of competition in this price bracket, but the tone is exactly what I'm after these days. Lovely clean sound.

Warwick Streamer Stage I - the sexiest looking bass I've ever owned, but I'm not sure yet whether the tone is for me.

I'm lusting after a Marleaux Votan, Xotic XJ and maybe a nice Sadowsky Metro/Fodera J, but am at the limit of number of basses I want to have at any given time. So one or two of the others would have to go.

Also - is GAS a sickness us bass players are more prone to or does it affect all musicians? I don't know any drummers that change their gear every 5 minutes :D 

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Basses (& guitars) i've owned:

Over the years, and including also the instruments i owned before a three years hiatus away from music, i've owned these:

Cort Action Bass (first bass, sold)
RavenWest RWG 7-Strings (sold 2011)
Harley Benton Acoustic Fretless 5 (sold)
Washburn Taurus T25 (sold 2012)
Rockbass Corvette 5 (recorded "Raggedy Zirkus", sold 2012)

Yamaha RBX 270 FL (Sold 2015)
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass NT (recorded "Cityzens Were Here", traded away 2017)
Warwick Corvette Std (Sold 2016)
ESP-LTD B205SMFL (Sold 2017)
Fame Baphomet 6 (Sold 2018)
Squier Vintage Modified Precision 5 (recorded Laure Lucas' "Loveletters & apologies", sold 2018)
Ibanez BTB1206e Prestige (Sold 2018)
Warwick Rockbass Starbass 32" (Sold February 2019)
Sire V7 Alder 5ST-BK (returned 2018)
Warwick Rockbass Corvette 5 Active (Sold December 2018)
Squier Vintage Modified PJ Lake Placid Blue (Sold May 2019)
Cort C6 Plus ZBMH OTAB (Sold June 2019)
Ibanez SR306EB-WK (Sold July 2019)
Ibanez TMB30 Mint Green (Sold January 2020)
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Lake Placid Blue (Sold March 2020)
Vintage V74MRJP Fretless (sold May 2020)
Harley Benton BZ-6000, (sold June 2020),
Harley Benton E-1335 II sunburst (given away to a young soul who needed it),
ESP-LTD B-206SM (sold September 2020)
Harley Benton JB-75MN Black Vintage Series (sold October 2020)
Ibanez AGBV205A (sold December 2020)
Sire P7 5-string Swamp Ash 1st Gen (swapped for BTB846SC, December 2020)
Ibanez ASV10A (also swapped for BTB846SC-DTL, December 2020)
Ibanez SR506 (traded for the defretted Fame Baphomet IV, February 2021)
Ibanez AS83-STE Artcore Expressionist (sold March 2021)


Some of them were acquired new, others second hand. Nothing wrong with any of them, some of them were actually really good & i have, at times, regretted selling them... The one i regret selling the most is the medium scale Starbass..


So, right now, i own:

- an Ibanez BTB846SC-DTL 

- RMI Quantum Dominic Di Piazza Signature 6 fretted

- Fame Baphomet IV fretless.


And i heavily GAS for a Warwick Rockbass Starbass 5 (in Cream White preferably). I am surprised so see that bass is pretty absent from the lists i have read here!


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Posted (edited)

I'm basically a one bass kind of guy, and even if I own a couple now I almost exclusively just play one of them, here's my relatively modest list though, chronologically listed from my very first bass acquired somewhere around the mid 90's all up till currently 2021 (the ones that I don't own any longer in [Red Text]:


- Aria Pro II Laser Electric Classic - My first bass ever, 34" regular scale length, that I got used around the mid 90's, and which served me about 10 years going forward, except for a brief love affair with a Rickenbacker 4003, which I ended up hating shortly after, one of the last models made in Japan at the legendary Matsumoku factory, before they moved their production to Korea, still own it.

- Rickenbacker 4003 - Bought at a whim for it's great looks at a point where I had that kind of money to spend, turned out that I hated how it felt in my hands, and it was exiled to a case under the sofa at the rehearsal place the band I played in at that time had, until eventually it got stolen, don't miss it one bit but for the resale money lost.

- Jerry Jones Longhorn - My first short scale bass, which from that moment on became my preferred bass scale length, a high end high quality "butique" version of the Danelectro of the same name, played and sounded no short of amazing, and I loved it, though still I was stupid enough to sell it at some point, which I regret deeply to this day.

- Westone Violin/Beatles Bass clone - Which I never really liked, neither the feel or tone, and quickly passed on.

- Dan Armstrong Plexi Bass - Again a short affair, loved the look, hated how it felt and sounded, even with the two different flavor, easy swap, slide in pickups it came with, so ended up selling it relatively shortly after I had first acquired it.

- 28 5/8" scale 4 string bass, build from Warmoth baritone parts - Sounded amazing with a Seymour Duncan Rickenbacker Neck humbucker pickup in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan Strat guitar Hot Rails humbucker in the bridge position, regret very much selling it to this day.

- Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass - My main, just 28,6" scale, bass for the last 10 years, from I got it in beginning of April 2011 and up till this day end of March 2021, which I love and find absolutely perfect for me, plays amazing, had perfect enough fretwork from stock to get the action exactly as low as I prefer it, and the most stable neck I ever had on any bass or guitar, it sounded amazing as well after I swapped out the cheap, but admittedly still pretty decent, stock pickups with a P/J set of EMG Geezer Butler pickups, I recently successfully transplanted it's amazing neck to a GSRM20B Mikro Bass body in Weathered Black finish (mahogany like the original body, but with a super thin finish that shows the grains of the wood, rather than the insanely thick poly finish of the original, also much lighter, more resonant, and with a much tighter neck pocket, in fact super tight, just exactly enough for the neck heel to fit in it), and currently I have just the EMG Geezer Butler P pickup installed, wired directly to the output jack socket.

- Ibanez GSRM20B Mikro Bass - Had horrible unplayable fretwork, buzzing all over even at ridiculously high unplayable string action, but still didn't want to go through the trouble of returning it, but after just having laid in a corner unused for a couple of years, I eventually transplanted the amazing GSRM20 Mikro Bass neck from my main Mikro Bass to the beautifully Weathered Black finish and extraordinarily light weight mahogany body of this bass, which is more resonant and with a super tight neck pocket, compared to the original thick poly finish heavy mahogany body of my first Mikro Bass.

- Egmond late 60's short scale bass - Was stupid enough to buy this used with no chance of trying it out or inspecting it first, and as it turned out it had newer, even from brand new, been an even just remotely decent instrument, made of the worst garbage quality multi laminated plywood equipped with horrible sounding pickups, and in it's current state frankly being the worst piece of crap firewood ever, totally unplayable with a stuck trussrod and a totally banana bend huge baseball neck. 

- Ibanez GSRM25 Mikro Bass - 5 string Mikro Bass, again just 28,6" scale, with an, of this kind of price tag, and even for pretty much any mass production, bass, unbelievably great fretwork, could get the action insanely low if I wanted to without any fret buzz whatsoever, literally absolutely dead on perfect fretwork, plays great too, however the 2 J pickups suck big time and a couple of the nut slots are cut too deep as well, so not getting any play before I have had the pickups and nut replaced (pondering on eventually having the 2 J pickup cavities routed out to fit 2 soapbar sized pickups and string it to be tuned it E to C).   

- Ibanez Ibanez SR306EB - A very short love affair, looked stunning and sounded great, I really wanted to love it but just couldn't get used to the full 34" scale, after almost exclusively having played short scale basses for so many years, and even less to it's wide 6 string fretboard, so had to let go of it and return it within the 30 days full refund return guarantee it was bought under.


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Ok, here we go. My list is quite short despite playing bass for close on 40 years.

1974 Fender Precision, natural. 1st bass. Bought in 1983 from a music shop in Charing Cross Glasgow. Neck like a banana. Sold it after 6 months for a

1982 JV Precision '57 from CC Music Glasgow. Great bass but wanted 2 pick up, so sold it after a year for a

1982 JV Jazz, CC Music again. Painted it yellow, then blue, defret byJimmy Moon, EMGs. Sold on ebay 25 years later. Was my only bass until 1989 when I bought a

1987 Stingray 3EQ from Sound Control Glasgow. Replaced neck with a Status graphite. Didn't like it, went back to original neck.

1990 Epihone Semi acoustic. Moved to Paris. Thought would be there for 6 or so months [was actually 10 years]. Bought it from a Paris music store. Gave it away.

1978 Stingray. Always wanted a pre-eb stingray. Bought a great one on ebay in 2003 which I sold to a basschatter in 2015. Great bass but preferred the contours and the cutting sound of the 3EQ which was 1 kilo lighter plus I had moved to 5 string.

1990s Ken Smith Burner 5. Bought here on Basschat. 16mm spacing a no go, so sold it for a

1993 Tobias Killer B. Bought on Basschat. Amazing sound and neck. Crap balance and painful truss rod adjustment. Sold it for a

2000 Stingray 5. Bought 2013 on ebay. Still have it. Incredibly light. Will get a Status fretless neck for this in a few months.

Then went the boutique route with funds from the 1978 Stingray sale to buy

1991 Ken Smith BT6. Ebay bargain. Was after a 5 string but hard to find so bought this instead. Looks great, sounds even better. But the heaviest bass I have ever had and don't need 6 strings. Not sure I will keep it. Also found out the circuit has been replaced with a Warwick one but sourced an original from Ken Smith himself this January.

1990s Alembic Essence 5. Neck heavy and small body don't mix. Sold to a basschatter.

1990 Ken Smith BT5. Bought from a basschatter. Don't use it as much as I should. Very light. Amazing condition compared to the BT6.







Stingray & JV Squier.jpg


Tobias Killer B.JPG

Ken smiths.JPG

Essence 5.JPG

Musicman x3.JPG

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I got a BTB 575 that requires a new preamp.  Anyone got an address of where I can get one ..

Particularly in Manchester?  The preamp is VM-3b

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