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  1. Hi, does anyone know if having silver birch is a good idea for a top wood? thanks
  2. Has anyone got “Lookin’ fur Linda”?
  3. "But who would that benefit? " The members that are genuinely trying to sell. There seems to be some "sellers" that set an unrealistic price, do not reduce it, and bump it overy few days for months on end. It clogs up the board. I don't think its fair or right on everyone else.
  4. Personally I think its ok to make comments on sale threads especially if you know from direct experience that the price is way out of line. Case in point, the guy trying to shift a Ken Smith 5 string fretless. Been up for sale for 9 months or so. Can we not time restrict items for sale? For example if not sold during 6 months or whatever then ad is taken off?
  5. They have one of these at the Museum of Music in Paris in the 19th. V interesting place to visit, especially as they regularly demonstrate the various instruments
  6. I started playing about then. Got the Slap & Funk course from Henry. Remember it had a transcription of Get on the Floor from MJ
  7. Poor fingerboard repair + non original nut = £2,000 max
  8. If you sold all these Ken Smith basses to get this, why are you selling it ?
  9. Picked up their new album on vinyl. Some good tunes with 2 bass players on this track
  10. Stingray 5 (2000), Stingray 4 (1987 & 1978). 1978 since sold
  11. Aye, there are loads. Lived there for 10+ years and go back once a month. Go to rue victor massé in the 9th. There are many side streets and parallel streets off that street with music shops. Rue victor massé is one long street of specialist music shops, at least 2 bass guitar dedicated ones, others dedicated for pedals, left hand only, vintage, acoustic, and even pointy headstocks. Lots of small stores. Much better than London (where I live now) imo
  12. I think not. Here's some German / Austrian dude laying down some meaty lines...[bass visible from 0.26 - if you get that far]
  13. I have a bunch of midi synths and drum machines. However my audio interface (Presonus Audiobox USB) only has 1 midi input and 1 output. So if I want to switch from drum machine to a synth, I have to unplug the midi from the drum machine, and plug in midi from synth. Note, none of my midi devices have midi thru. Is there a multiple midi interface or another solution so I can have at least 4 midi devices all connected at the same time without resorting to unplugging etc ? Thanks
  14. Hi, got an old Yamaha MT3X multitrack recorder I bought decades ago. It has 6 channels. Curious if & how I could still use it. Is there a way I could connect it my USB interface (Presonus AudioBox) and thus to my DAW ? If so, would it give me any benefits ? Thanks
  15. Yep, Foley is a talented guy. Saw him with Miles in 1990 where he played piccolo bass. Then again with his own band in Paris a few years later. He is also a pretty good drummer. Plays drums with George Clinton
  16. Hi, does anyone have recommendations for a quality strap for a heavy bass. Got a Mono GS1 which is great but falling apart (it’s 10 years old). Bass is 6 string ken smith BT. Not light thanks
  17. Been a while since anyone posted some Ken Smith. So here are mine. 1989 BT5 from The Stick of this parish. 1991 BT6 from ebay. After decades playing Fender & Musicman, went boutiquey. Purchased an Alembic Essence 5 (since sold), and these two all last year (big year). Kept both musicmans (4 & 5). But have to say the Smiths are something else.
  18. Paul aka "Mojoman" bought my Alembic Essence yesterday. Super easy transaction. Thanks Paul, enjoy the bass ! Cheers, Ken
  19. Unfortunately don't have scales. It is on the heavy side
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