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Double albums that do and don't work.


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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road would’ve been better slimmed down, but getting it to a single, vinyl album would’ve been tough.

Quadrophenia is a great double album and Tommy isn’t bad either (I’m not a Who fan boy BTW).

I think The Wall could be shorter, but again, there’s more than a single album’s worth.

Physical Graffiti is one of my all time faves, but they should’ve released the HotH tracks with that album, as that would’ve been epic.


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Do: Quadrophenia - It's the only one I can think of that works from the first note to the last note.

Don't: all the others. They're usually a failure of quality control, rather than someone genuinely having too much quality material for one album. Mellon Collie and Use Your Illusion have been mentioned and they're ones from my lifetime notable for having one outrageously brilliant album diluted with filler. Stadium Arcadium would struggle to be distilled into a good EP.

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1 hour ago, thodrik said:

My personal opinion is the influx or CDs ruined the old school double album which generally limited artists to 45 mins per album. However, since CDs bands have frankly been putting too much stuff onto a disk, leading to incredibly long 'single' albums which are frankly longer than most classic vinyl double albums. RHCP Stadium Arcadium effort being a case in point. 

Yes, a pet hate of mine. It’s one reason why I insist on keeping our cds down to no more than 9 tracks. I treat them like I would vinyl. 

My other pet hate is “extended” cds, where they take an album and stick some “rare outtakes” or live versions on the end. Just gimme the album please. It’s not just albums I’m familiar with either. When I first bought/ heard the cd of Fotheringay by Fotheringay (which has become of my favourite albums), I remember thinking that the last two tracks didn’t seem to fit in the running order; it was quite obvious it should have finished with Banks of the Nile. When I checked what the original album track listing was, lo and behold the 2 tracks were add-ons and it had indeed originally finished with Banks of the Nile. 

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6 minutes ago, Nail Soup said:

Works: Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band...... fantastic album.


Doesnt work: I think generally not good, but a good representative example mot coming to mind

Wow.... I own Trout Mask replica.... I put it on to clear the room at home................ I also leave shortly after I put it on


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