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11 hours ago, SH73 said:

I've  contacted the biggest music store retailer in UK. Their website says 'if you see a better price we match it' 

Well, they said 'Nay' when I found the cheaper dealer. 


So I contacted GAK and they beat the price. Good on you GAK and shame on you Aye, Aye sir....

I've never trusted anybody who boasts about beating any price - there always seems to be an asterisk explaining that they don't literally mean "beat" or "any price" and they don't promise it for all of the stuff they stock

I once (1980's) went to a music shop round Denmark St with a mate who was looking for a drum machine.  He found what he was after in the now defunct Soho Soundhouse on Soho Square, which had a sign up advertising it as "Best price in Denmark St - we'll beat any quote!"  Excellent

He asks the salesman "so what is the best price in Denmark St then?" and the salesman calmly explains that they do not actually have a price for it, he'll need to go and ask one of the other shops for a price, come back, and the Soundhouse will sell it to him for less than that.  He flat refused to actually give a price.  So my mate went to another shop  who were selling it for what he was expecting to pay and bought it there.

More recently (early 2000's) I went to Denmark St with a guitarist friend who wanted a new guitar, and having always loved SGs found one that he really liked, a Pete Townshend signature model, in a shop that also boasted about beating any price.  Rather than buying it we went for lunch in a pub and he bought a copy of Guitarist, and checked the Peter Cook advert which had it shown for a lot less (as they always did).  Back he goes armed with the advert and the salesman very reluctantly rings up Peter Cook's and asks "So it's in stock?  And it's new?  It's not damaged?  It's not ex-display? And it's got a case?  And that's not damaged? And it's definitely in stock?  OK, thanks". He then crafts a lot of excuses for why he can't actually beat Peter Cook's price because those are completely unrealistic, but he did get within about £50 and chucked in more of the free extras (strings, leads, etc) that they write off as overheads, and my mate took the "a bird in the hand beats two that you've got to go and collect from Hanwell" approach to the offer.

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On 19/07/2018 at 09:25, Krysbass said:

A drummer in a band I left about 4 years ago (largely because of said drummer) had an annoying habit of only setting up his own gear at gigs. So as soon as his kit was ready; instead of lending a hand with the PA or lights; he would sit at his kit bashing away loudly and randomly like an overgrown Duracell bunny with a stupid grin on his face.

Meanwhile, the rest of us would still be busy trying to set up the rest of the gear, but unable to communicate with each other because of the racket from the drums.

Another problem with this was that due to the noise; a large proportion of our intended audience in the room at the time would drift away - never to return.😕

We have three calls on gig nights - PA and lights, then backline and drums, then soundcheck

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On 19/07/2018 at 09:50, Krysbass said:

Keyboardists too.  

So they stand there giving the audience a preview of many of the songs the band will be playing in the gig.

Letting the cat out of the bag like that is a big no no IMHO.

If they really need to have some last minute practice on any gig songs; they should use headphones.

Ohhh yess

We have a guy who sits there and rehearses virtually every number as we set up... and of course cues them up with a bit of the part.

I have played in bands where we knock through them without yacking and fiddling and noodling - so much more professional.


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When the Lead guitarist picks songs to cover and then can’t manage the solos. 😡. Sounds really amateurish and pathetic when they’re fluffed .

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