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  1. I've played big stages before, but not to crowds like this - two or three thousand folks, and they kept on coming - the Craft Beer Stage at the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix Campsite - Silverstone Woodlands with my 70s Disco Funk Band - FUN.K. Top sound guys - we couldn't get there early enough to do a sound check and had to make do with a line check during the 20 minute switchover between the bands - got the 10.00-11.30 Friday night slot and the crowd were on it big style singing and roaring for more. Still coming down.
  2. An interesting two nights. First night played a Northampton town centre pub that was on my hitlist for a cull as its a miserable load in and the past two times, been pretty empty. One of the singers ( he has a cool AllenHeath rack mount rack mount desk with remote mixing via ipad) anyway instead of turning up early he fetches with just an hour to go. We're all wired in and ready to go and we then have an hour of fannying around - ringing out the mikes - at 8.30pm with a full pub, not great ad for a band. He's trying to mix the whole thing up so its as loud as f... In the end he can't hear himself and ends up shouting. The gig was good in spite of this and the bar was unusually busy. Happy bar manager. Next day singer calls in sick "my voice is screwed and I won't make it tonight" Our other singers (we go out with two) are either booked out or away. So i spend the rest of the day trying to find help, but on Easter weekend that's a non starter. I have never cancelled a gig in over 45 years - (I played with a busted finger after trapping it in a car door once and dragged myself out of bed during a bout of flu ) so I wasn't going to cancel now. In the end I said I would sing (not easy when playing disco/funk) but in the event the other singer stepped up and saved the day. Good gig, happy landlord, but some staffing issues to be addressed over the next couple of days.
  3. Great weekend - played the Malt Shovel in Northampton - lovely little pub, nightmare for get-in as there is no parking and its on a busy town centre gyratory system - miss the spot and you're in for a 5 minute drive round again. Having said that the manager provided a couple of free drinks each on the house and the money was reasonable having showed as a 5 piece as one of our singers was sick. Second gig the CrowPie in Rugby - again very hospitable team - free drink each. The house was pretty thin on the ground a crowd of about 20 very drunk blokes left over from the afternoon - good natured but noisy. Luckily we had about 20 friends turned up and a handful of locals wheeled in. The money was good for a pub gig, though I wondered whether they would try and mitigate the poor showing with some negotiation, but within two mnutes of the last song, the manager came beetling across with the receipt book, a wad of cash and a note requesting two more bookings. (Will talk to them about marketing ot better next time).
  4. Played a gig in Wellingborough with the new band Fun-k This was our fifth gig and we've been loading the set with new material. It's starting to really gel and the band works well together. I managed to do the whole two sets with my in-ears (previously always ended up pulling them out) not quite there on the monitor mix, but our new male singer is a whizz with audio (an Allen & Heath Q-pac remote rack mixer ) - but getting there. Nice to be able to hear what's going on.
  5. Thanks for the ideas - I'll give them a try - its buried under piles of junk at the moment but I'm due a clear out on Saturday morning.
  6. Did a surprise Birthday Party on Saturday in Wellingborough at a health club - they have a function room with pretty good acoustics, but its over the pool area so it smells of bleach. I show up at just after 5.00 to find THIS on the stage... All Gaffa'd down - no sign of the DJ, no sign of anyone We ended up setting up to the side, which in the event was good as we were able to evaporate after the live set while mr 'yes indeedy' played on into the night. Gave the DJ our set list so he wouldn't play our numbers.... the tart played almost every single one... Good night though, good money, good crowd.... and a crack at the BUFFET!!!
  7. No, to be honest, been too busy - but thanks for the nudge
  8. After reworking almost 50 numbers over the last 6 weeks, we started our main campaign last night. We had a couple of gigs last week, but that was with a dep keys player, who although great wasn't up speed on the details of the new arrangements. Last night we went out with our new singer who is an audio wiz so the sound was awesome. The venue was weird, well received and the pay was good, the hospitality ace, but its a snooker and pool hall - so half the audience is shooting pool. We were pretty tight - soul/funk/disco and listening back to the recording, we delivered a good show. Can't wait until we've gigged it a bit tighter.
  9. Rose and Crown Rushden - pig of a place to play - the only place open late. BUT the door staff clear a way through and even lent a hand once.
  10. Rose and Crown Rushden - pig of a place to play - the only place open late. BUT the door staff clear a way through and even lent a hand once.
  11. Not bad for a cat... Sounds like you had a great time.
  12. Even worse than that is when you order and pay for a meal out of your own pocket because you came straight from work on a Friday. You say - could you make sure it comes out before we go on and with enough time to wolf it down, and then the staff forget your ticket and you chase it up, they say... we didn't know what table you were sitting on, so couldn't find you - 'I'm WITH THE BAND...you know that pile of kit just THERE' I did get my money back and a fresh comp dinner, but I wonder what would go down if you said, 'oh, the gig... we didn't realise you wanted to go on at 9.00pm' On the other side of the coin, we play a venue, where the Landlord offered us food, a drink on the house and didn't charge us for the two rooms in the pub/hotel that we crashed in that night.
  13. I'd like one of those for our guy... play in a fishtank dude
  14. Our gig last night was a petty crap pub gig. The load in is always difficult, stuck in an alcove - in front of one of many screens showing football, having to turn it off and move complaining drunks. Then fight your way in with the gear - give us a break guys ffs! Did the first set , but found that my DI had been turned down 'as it was clipping' and the guitar player turning up and up - playing rhythm at lead volume. Second set - I have a bass solo a-la Louis Johnson - I turned up into the headroom I'd bought back in the break, only for the guitar player to up his so the scratches were louder than the solo on stage. Then someone behind the bar put on the bloody jukebox on... Difficult load out with the disco banging away and everyone in the village standing in our way - broken glass, very drunk people, blood flying all over from a headbutt on the door step, get home at 2.00am and best of all it's INVAPAY! - so that'll be mid January then.
  15. After a week on the lash with several work dos and starting to come down with a cold, I was a bit jaded this weekend. Friday started with an MK pub gig at the Eager Poet in Neath Hill - despite our facebook campaign, the pub didn't really advertise so we ended up with about 80 in the room - completely knackered afterwards, but it's just up the road from me so I was home by 1.15am. Saturday - the weather was cold, I was cold and we were squeezing past the punters in the Walnut Tree, Blissworth, a pub- restaurant/hotel/function venue. The place was busy and when we got going I went onto auto pilot - our dep drummer was there in the audience and said my bass was 'spot on' - just proves you don't always have to be 'in the room' Half way through the second half, a middle aged lady in a long spangly trouser suit did a spectacular vomit all over the floor by the bar where the folks from the Christmas party where walking through. It took ages before one of the staff turned up with the mop - and the band played on! At the end I was seriously knackered and only just managed to finish the load out. Listening to the recording just now - the band sounds great and very tight. Just two more gigs before Christmas.
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