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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. 100kw of pushing power on a big rig link up. A good while ago. Sounded incredible.
  3. Are you all tuning down a semitone?
  4. I’m a guitarist and can read that, although not instantly. Why not take the time to explain to your guitarer how it all works? You may open up his/her musical world a little more.
  5. You can get great bass out of small driver. We used lab horns years ago and they only had tiny drivers. Perhaps not ideal for a pub band though.
  6. Never heard of him. Looks like he’s been busy though! Mostly 70s pop/rock is it? Didn’t recognise much of his listed discography. What would be his best work to listen to?
  7. Anything other than bass guitars! Chuck radio 1 on (if you dare) and see how long you have to wait to hear a bass guitar. I’d thought there’d be more stuff on here about drum and bass but it’s mostly dad rock stuff.
  8. This site is very biased towards bass guitar though. Sort of assumes all bass comes from a bass guitar.
  9. What’s a price sensitive way of doing less? I’m sick of lugging stuff.
  10. MR ROBERT KIRK CARRUTHERS ACTIVE The Old House The Green, Luddington,Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6SJ This him?
  11. I sometimes get cramp on my left hand playing bar chords on an acoustic guitar with dubious action, especially if I’m out of practice. How often do you play?
  12. Oh, that’s the one with bloke muttering all over it? Same as it ever was?
  13. Which ‘once in a lifetime ‘?
  14. Hey, I’m new to all this. Humour me!
  15. Interesting. I’ll try and compose summit tomorrow. Would it be hard to determine if it’s in relative 5th type thing if the root isn’t played?
  16. Are there any bass lines that don’t contain the note (tonic???? I dunno) of the key, within the song? Guess there must be loads......
  17. Nut to longest bridge, about 35 1/4 “. The strings do go through the body. Is this long? Just feels like a normal bass guitar to me..... The strings are custom gauge regular slinky, rounwound. Says nothing about diddy length on packet..... The strings were only a tenner there’s no tears.
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