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  1. It’s just a bit of fun innit? Good luck to him.
  2. They never really had one in rural Wales. No loss I’m afraid.
  3. If you’re half decent, you should be able to make any old piece of crap sound okayish. Nobody is home so I thought I’d make a noise. Plugged in a cheap tanglewood les Paul type thing into an old knackered Marshall combo and cranked it up, sounded great!
  4. I play in a sensible volumed band, it’s great! We can actually have a conversation while playing. Cant recommend this enough. Power tools, electric guitars and acid techno have ruined my left ear. how many ears does Captain Kirk have?
  5. Fantastic. If sounds were divided up into a different amount and used culturally for centuries, would it be accepted as the norm? Are we just conditioned to hear and use this division of the octave because it’s the only thing we’ve heard in western music?
  6. Yo. Just had a look because I’m bored and noticed the relationship between frequency and note is not linear? Does that mean our brain is doing something weird?
  7. I play a load of cheap stuff. Bass, amp and cabs cost less than £400 for the lot. Everyone says it sounds great, which puzzles me. I don’t love my set up at all. I do however, love playing.
  8. Never understood this, does it not just mean ‘playing in time’?
  9. The three guys in that video are living in a musical bubble.
  10. Over playing is fun. dont listen to the creepy sky wizard band!
  11. I guess most people are conditioned and shaped by sounds they feel comfortable hearing. Do I like this? No. Neither do I dislike it. However, it is interesting. And that’s more than most.
  12. Need to play quiet for the start of them crescendo things innit.
  13. No. I listen to all sorts. But I also like mainstream stuff. CDs don’t last.
  14. My cds are in boxes in the garage, next to the cassettes and vinyl. Its only obscure vinyl that I can’t find on interweb. Got Amazon music plumbed into the stereo, this has almost everything released on major record labels. Never throw music away! Like books!
  15. One hour each way, for each band in opposite directions. Worth it.
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