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  1. Don’t you guys get sick of the songs, running through them again and again? It’s bad enough gigging, let alone more repetition of rehearsals.
  2. Think I’ve rehearsed twice with current band, done maybe 30 gigs with them. If everyone learns their bits, just play it out.
  3. I’ve never used a digital tuner. When learning in the 90’s, I just chucked on something with a key I knew. Usually Black Sabbath Remember the days of learning guitar solos by playing a couple of notes on a cassette then pausing it......and repeat... The guitarists in my band use digital tuners, in their pedal boards, they spend ages clunking their feet around and still manage to get out of tune. More string bending I guess. After they’ve tuned up, I just ask them for a note, and tune from there by ear. Takes seconds.
  4. As above. Don’t get a tuner though. Get used to using your ears. A tuning fork is more than sufficient.
  5. Get the one that makes you look the coolest.
  6. Good point. I’ll take some anti histothingies and see what happens. Playing this evening and would benefit from normal sized hands and fingers.
  7. Anyone else get this? Any way of dealing with it? Cheers x
  8. At the moment I’m addicted to any early Alice Cooper. I’d try and shake it off but simply don’t want to.
  9. I’ve just bought an evo 111 toneman with a couple of loaded ashdown cabs. Looks almost new, £300. Must be a bargain? I’ll measure the heft in due course,
  10. What are RGT and LCM? What I don’t want is someone that teaches 6 string guitar, persuading me that they can teach bass guitar too. If you know what I mean.
  11. Thank you all for your input. Much to think about. I think I’d like to take grades, as it’s structured, which is the opposite of what I’ve been doing since picking up a bass guitar.
  12. After playing bass for ten years or so, more out of necessity than choice, I thought I might buy some lessons. What am I likely to be taught? I can derrière about in pentatonics and read music, slowly, especially slow when it’s all shifted for bass. What would come next? Thank you for your input. x
  13. I just take a spare lead and wonder where I can get food afterwards.
  14. The public gets what the public wants.
  15. Brecon Cathedral. Terrible sound for a rock band.
  16. Just bought a guitar with no dots on. It’s better cos you should be looking at other stuff while playing. Like the football, turned down on the pub telly. Or wondering if another band member might tried on their lead and pull it out. Or if the looney dancing will spill their drink over the monitor. No time for neck ornamentation.
  17. Cheers, guess I need to find a pro audio type forum to chat about bass in that respect.
  18. Yeh it’s all bass guitar stuff. Not a Crown Macrotech in site! Guess I should find a different bass forum☹️
  19. Should there be a section on this forum that isn’t just focused on bass guitar stuff? More rig orientated? Different cab design, drivers, crossovers etc Scoops v folded horns? All bassy topics.
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