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  1. Aston Microphones. I have an Aston Spirit mic, the type with a built-in mesh covering the capsule. I foolishly left it unattended when my six-year-old grandson was visiting. His curiosity had him poke his finger through the mesh at the top. I contacted Aston to let me know if they could supply me with a replacement and offered to pay, both for item and postage. I got a reply to say they would send one out. Two days later a replacement part was delivered, free of charge. Excellent service which will be remembered.
  2. A slight geographical error from "Wagon wheel". If you were actually "a-heading west from the Cumberland gap to Johnson City, Tennessee", you'd be going in the wrong direction. Oh I really must get out more.🙄
  3. I saw City Boy open for the Sutherland Brothers in Dundee Caird Hall in the 70's. Utterly fantastic band.
  4. Like @police squad my band uses QSC tops: K10.2 in our case. Excellent sound and not too heavy. At the moment it is 3 x vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar through the PA. That is all we require really, as the venues we play don't need huge amounts of volume. Having said that, the QSC K's can go pretty loud. I would add that you don't necessarily need to have two subs. It's not always the case that more is better.
  5. Called Andertons today. Phone quickly answered and everything sorted out to the usual high standard. I think the delay was due to me sending my query to an email address that is not currently being monitored. Anyway, all good. Thanks for the help.
  6. Cheers for that. I'll try again tomorrow.
  7. Hiya. Has anyone had any dealings with Andertons recently? I have been trying to get in touch for more than two weeks with only an automated acknowledgement in response. I don't want to phone the shop as it is closed for now and they specifically ask you not to call them if you can avoid it. I appreciate we are in extraordinary times which will obviously have an impact on communications. Not a big deal, but I am just curious. Cheers for now, Beely.
  8. Do you have any plug-ins on the track? They can introduce a bit of latency.
  9. I ordered a Radial SAT2 from Thomann on Saturday. Delivered this morning, a day early. Royal Mail have introduced a policy of householders not being required to sign for items. Now the postie signs it as "delivered".
  10. Two spring to mind, not because they are particularly difficult bass lines, more because I'm singing at the same time. Backing vocal on Fleetwood Mac's Say that you love me and lead vocal on What's so funny about peace, love and understanding. The latter I made difficult for myself by working out a bassline first and then, much later, worrying about if I could sing at the same time.
  11. Just heard the pub we were due to play this Saturday has decided to temporarily shut the doors. Sad but somehow inevitable. Unusual times ahead.
  12. Here is the current relevant legislation. https://www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds It would seem that Bass Direct are not alone......... https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2016/03/revealed-13-major-stores-web-return-rights-are-wrong/
  13. First and most important thing for you is: don't get lumbered with this, either purchase, carriage or storage. A band is, or should be, a collective effort. A PA system is something that can be easily split up for storing and transporting to gigs. Surely the drummer and guitarist have enough space in their vehicle to take even one speaker or the mixer. Nobody should be expecting one member of a band to take all the responsibility for this. As for the system you mentioned in your OP, I doubt that it would be enough. There are too many variables to give you a definite recommendation. What I would say is buy used (huge selection available), get powered speakers (less faff setting up) and a mixer with a few more channels than you think you need, because at some point, you probably will. Obviously these are personal opinions and should be taken as such. However, I would say point one is non-negotiable.
  14. Stageclix Jack user here. Had it a few years and it is rock-solid, both in construction and operation.
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