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  1. Here is the current relevant legislation. https://www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds It would seem that Bass Direct are not alone......... https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2016/03/revealed-13-major-stores-web-return-rights-are-wrong/
  2. First and most important thing for you is: don't get lumbered with this, either purchase, carriage or storage. A band is, or should be, a collective effort. A PA system is something that can be easily split up for storing and transporting to gigs. Surely the drummer and guitarist have enough space in their vehicle to take even one speaker or the mixer. Nobody should be expecting one member of a band to take all the responsibility for this. As for the system you mentioned in your OP, I doubt that it would be enough. There are too many variables to give you a definite recommendation. What I would say is buy used (huge selection available), get powered speakers (less faff setting up) and a mixer with a few more channels than you think you need, because at some point, you probably will. Obviously these are personal opinions and should be taken as such. However, I would say point one is non-negotiable.
  3. Stageclix Jack user here. Had it a few years and it is rock-solid, both in construction and operation.
  4. My band is based in Perth and we cover a radius of roughly 40 miles. The going rate almost every pub we play is £250. There is one exception where the fee is £300, but that is reflected in the price of drinks which could in no way be described as "pub prices".🙄
  5. Something from this page may well help you out. The one I used was the one on the lower right hand side. Not a bass playing related issue but a similar situation to the one you describe. https://www.neo-g.co.uk/collections/wrist-supports
  6. Bought a Stagg gig bag from him. Great comms and a great deal. Everything as it should be: excellent. Cheers.
  7. Hiya The only things I can see different from my own one is the charge LED in the transmitter still blinking after 4 hours and no change in the LEDs on the receiver. What should happen is the LED should dim and pulse very slowly. This indicates the transmitter has reach 80% charge. When the transmitter is in the guitar and switched on, all three LEDs on the receiver should light up. Try switching on the transmitter when it is not in the guitar. You should get a slight buzz to indicate an open circuit. The dim glow on the battery and signal LEDs is, I think, residual light from the main power LED. Have you tried a different channel? You have 12 to choose from. Sorry if this is a bit of a jumble: just trying things out as I type. Cheers, Beely.
  8. I have a Squier strat I need to keep the dust off. This looks perfect. I'll PM you with details.
  9. My first thought when I saw this thread was Alesis Multimix8FX, probably the same one as Phil Starr is talking about. I've had mine for years. It was bought initially for me doing acoustic gigs with my sister: two acoustic guitars and two vocals. It is now used for band rehearsals where we put three vocals and one acoustic guitar through the four mic inputs, and a line from the guitarist's pedal board through the left-hand line input. (It does come through both sides) I've always thought it is a cracking wee mixer with a really nice reverb.
  10. Loved the bundle discount........🙄
  11. This was mentioned in a recent post. http://onlinetonegenerator.com/ Seems to work ok, providing you don't ask too much of it. Any more than two or three semi-tones either way and it can get a bit ......strange.
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