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  1. Building a rig. First of four scoops.
  2. I’d love to play the real me. Guess it’s just improvised all the way though.
  3. MD innit. www.solarpanelcleaningltd.co.uk
  4. If your band is a partnership, then you should invoice the landlord etc. No need for NI.
  5. Don’t think he got the recognition he deserved.
  6. I like all periods of music, off to the opera tomorrow, currently got Anthrax on the headphones. I’m finding that with cover bands, they’re reluctant to do much after 1980? That’s when they’re playing to people in their twenties, too. I met some guys in a psych covers band recently, they were unaware that there’s loads of new psychedelia out right now. Firmly stuck in the 60’s, the music of their youth. Do you people just find their comfort zone and stay there until they keel over?
  7. I’m looking for a new band to play bass or guitar in. Current band are just too busy for me. In the last four bands, I’ve been the youngest (I’m currently 43), by about ten years usually. When we play it obviously doesn’t matter but with the other stuff it does, musical references, inspiration, song selection (I really don’t like ‘brown sugar’), Am I wrong to enquire about the age of band members when looking for a new band? As we all know age doesn’t matter...
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. We use an app called ‘band’.
  10. The fingers remember but the brain doesn’t.
  11. Never heard of him, I’ll be sure to check him out now. What’s the best album to listen to?
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