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  1. Well they’re sitting too low and buzzing against the first fret. Best put the old ones back on. Where did I go wrong? It’s a normal size bass guitar and the strings are regular?
  2. Yo. I’m putting new strings on a bass and notice the string thickness changes on the fingerboard side of the nut. Why?? will this be okay, got a gig this afternoon? Please excuse my inexperience.
  3. Star jumps in the car park before every gig. Hit the ground running!
  4. I won a lefty bass a few months ago. I paid for it but far too ashamed to pick it up. Beer eh.
  5. Embrace the sweat. If you’re a bit sticky then it’s likely the crowd are too. This can only be good,
  6. It was okay 15 years ago. Something fresh. Get with the times, guys!
  7. I really really really want them to stop singing.
  8. What’s wrong with just using your ears?
  9. I just played whatever I could afford. Move the fingers about and hope for the best.
  10. Don’t think I play anything the same twice. Just let the fingers move around and hope for the best.
  11. Platinum series bc rich, reverse headstock and one of those stupid tremolo things.
  12. Grade five or above and you’re a musician. only jokin’! If you create music, you is a musician. Art is subjective innit.
  13. Do you guys do it by ear or cheat with one of them tuner things?
  14. I tune 2nd fret on the d then 9th on the g, then open e. Then whatever’s left. sorry.
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