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  1. Get them to tell what key they’re in and go for it!
  2. Why did they sack you? See it as an opportunity to do something fun and new. And line the three of them up and fosters in their faces.
  3. Just bought a Jackson. That’s it for a bit....
  4. Sometimes it does! Psycho killer for one...
  5. I don’t even know what we’re playing till I hear the first bar.
  6. Never ever play in pubs with flat roofs.
  7. I know a bloke from mid wales who refuses to work on anything unless it’s interesting. Which can be tricky.
  8. Nobody. I’ve ended up playing bass in bands because nobody else wants too. Still wouldn’t call myself a bass player, just someone that plays bass.
  9. Like them jeans you can buy with holes already there.
  10. ‘Shabby chic’ is for bored middle class housewives, surely?
  11. I really don’t mind. People are busy. If someone needs to contact me, they will find a way. Sometimes if I have too many emails or voicemails to deal with, I’ll delete the lot, on the premise that if any where important, someone will get back to me.
  12. .........in pubs to backing tracks, Should it be allowed?
  13. I really can’t imagine not playing bass or guitar.
  14. Line 6 soundscape 4 proel active speakers cant remember what the monitors are ( I rarely use them, playing bass) Everything goes through the desk but me, only occasionally. The sound is very good.
  15. What you need is a little wind turbine on the headstock. Position yourself near the drummer’s fan and hey presto.
  16. Hey, I’m working in Sheffield this week. Are you about? Is the bass for sale?
  17. Oh it yours! Can’t find it on companies house. Where you based? Did you start it or take it on?
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