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  1. No, Royal Caribbean. Apparently they are looking at sailings in asia starting in july
  2. I was scheduled for a cruise contract beginning of September, it hasnt been cancelled....yet?
  3. SKB bass safe bass worked for me fine on multiple flights over the years and it's still going strong. Sometimes I even squeeze two basses in there, othertimes I've just put extra undies in because you never know.
  4. Taken from Sire v7. String through or top loading. 18 mm spacing. Postage available
  5. Fleas Autobiography Used but in good condition, something to keep you ticking over for quarantine. Price includes postage.
  6. 5 string tuning pegs taken from a Sire V7 4 bass side, 1 treble. Solid tuners I just upgraded to Ultralights for better balance and weight. Postage available.
  7. Gruvgear duo strap, Hardly used so like new. Straplocks not included. Postage available
  8. Hey folks. I have a Yamaha BB435 that's taken abit of a hit on the headstock which has knocked one of the tuning pegs loose. It's really rattling now, still working just really annoying! I wanna get hipshot ultralights as an upgrade but I'm unsure what size I would require and I cant seem to find anything on the google. I'm guessing it would be the 1/2" size? Also are the licensed ones a real drop in quality? They are quite pricey for the full set with the shipping as I can't seem to fine a UK supplier. Thanks
  9. Usually working in the Party Band on cruise ships. Its abit like prison here at the moment, I'd know because prison officer was my old job 😂
  10. A nice overdrive helps alot too. Sansamp bass driver is my go too.
  11. Vaguely on topic with Hermes... I decided to part with alot of books and my entire CD collection with music magpie. About 5 sizable boxes full with a value of around £200. The hermes tracking stated it was on it's way to them but amazingly it never made it. Contacted MM after seven days to resolve the issue. Couple of days later the moneys in my bank but the boxes never made it to MM. I'm happy cos I got paid but I would NEVER use Hermes!
  12. Phantom power can also power some preamps and active DI boxes too. Judging by what I've found online it doesn't which is a shame!
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