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  1. Hi folks. I'm expecting a good tax rebate this year and so would like to invest in some moulded in-ear monitors. I've seen these online https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/proguard-custom-p2-1-precision-in-ear-monitors However I can't seem to find much information. If anyone knows about these or have any other suggestions for where to look i'd appreciate it. Ideally not looking to go into the really high end of thousands of pounds with this. Have been using cheap shure ones which are okay but I'd like to improve the quality as I feel I will be getting more use from them with upcoming gigs specifically going ampless. Thanks in advance.
  2. EHX freeze pedal Light usage at home, twice in the last 6 months! i'm just not that creative. Comes with power supply and box. Postage no problem. Cheers.
  3. I use a line6 Relay G10 and its been reliable for the last 2 years.
  4. Lettuce. Federation of the disco pimp. Tower Of Power
  5. After sitting round on my donkey since getting back from quarantine on a ship, I've been looking for work to very little success. I was offered a couple of 0 hour contracts which didnt seem "legit." However a job offer came through the other day and I've been training for it all week. I've also signed up online for a PT course so I have a side hustle and could potentially supplement being a weekend warrior (if that will ever be a thing anymore) with being my own boss during the week too.
  6. Any takers? Need it gone so any offers are considered..
  7. Head is sold. Someone make me an offer for the cab!
  8. If Skezza takes the cab I'm happy to post the head.
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