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  1. If I manage to sell a couple of pedals I may take this!
  2. Ibanez preamp died

    The cheaper the better!
  3. Ibanez preamp died

    I did the same and found the Artec ones coming up alot. Is this the same one you got?
  4. Ibanez preamp died

    Hey guys. I was playing an Ibanez Sr506 out on my last contract but unfortunately the preamp has died. I took it to my local guitar shop and they have confirmed it’s definitely the preamp and that Ibanez no longer have these preamps available to replace it. So basically I need get a preamp to replace it. I got the bass for dirt cheap from Facebook so I don't really want to invest a lot into it, the John East, Aguilar etc route isn't really viable for me. My question is, are there any cheap 3 band pre amps with pickup blend out there? Cheers Dave
  5. How to record YouTube play-along videos

    I use a gopro session and record audio directly into my Mac then sync up in iMovie. I also use iRig2 into my iPad and use the iRig app to film. That works a treat and cuts down on editing!
  6. Online sight reading courses

    Has anybody got experience with this course? https://www.talkingbass.net/simple-steps-sight-reading/
  7. Online sight reading courses

    Hey guys. I'm currently on a contract out in Bahrain playing in a hotel playing four chord pop tunes. Not particularly nourishing for my playing but it is giving me chance to refine my technique playing 4x45s 6 nights a week. However, I do have a good internet connection and a lot of free time during the days so I am looking to make myself more “employable “ for when the contract is up. I realise I have asked these questions in the past, I started taking lessons when I was back home but my teacher wasn’t great and naturally life got in the way. So now I’m looking for some online courses which will take my sight reading to a respectable (and employable) level. I don’t mind paying etc, so if scotts bass lessons has a great sight reading programme I’ll sign up, or if Janek Gwizdala bass lessons.tv has one great (I really dig his playing and enthusiasm). Any pointers would be appreciated. There’s no teachers out here that I can find and no music shops where I can pick up sheets etc, so all that’s kind of off limits for me. Cheers.
  8. Flying with instruments - my guide

    Flew again last week with BA. Used the SKB bass safe with no issues. My guitarist was flying with his guitar in his fender fitted hardcase and they wouldn't let him take it in on board so it went in the hold. It survived with no issues!
  9. I'm on contract in Bahrain playing modern pop tunes. 90% of the set I'd say I've never heard the original tunes. Or at least I hadn't until I took the job. It's not my bag to listen too, but I love playing. My practice time is consisting of learning more jazz etc because the gigs are long and boring!
  10. Vulfpeck, and Joe Dart

    Saw them in London on Saturday. One of the most entertaining bands I have ever seen.
  11. Pickup Ramp

    Hey guys. Recently picked up an Ibanez 6 string bass which I'm really enjoying. One thing that does bug me though is the huge gap in between the pick ups, I'd love to have the option of my right hand being smack bang in the middle of pick ups so I'm looking at getting hold of a ramp. A quick Google search has got me no where so ask you good folk, is there anywhere I can get one made online? I haven't got the facilities for it myself and the local luthier says he doesn't make them! Thanks Dave
  12. Flying with instruments - my guide

    The SKB bass safe is the only choice for me. I can't imagine taking a bass in a softcase and having to check it in, too risky!
  13. Any pictures of you playing it? Looks like the tripod stand might be abit awkward to play?
  14. Curve Ball Covers

    [quote name='blue' timestamp='1499243647' post='3330168'] Getting older is really tough. I've never heard of any of those artists you listed. I'll YouTube them. Blue [/quote] They are all old!
  15. [quote name='T-Bay' timestamp='1499023335' post='3328684'] I have been (a passenger) on a few cruises. I have seen band members of guest bands and comedians having a drink several times. Had a long chat one night with a comedian after he needed somewhere to sit so joined our table and he had quite a few. But as others have said, every one could be different. One thing not to do is to try and sneak anything on, they all now use airport style scanners so you will be caught. We took a bottle on board a royal Caribbean at the first port and had it confiscated (we hadn't read the rules) and it was returned the last day. They all tend to have a zero tolerance for staff misdemeanour, from what I gather even tiny transgressions see you walking the gangplank at the next port. [/quote] How was the Royal Caribbean ship? I'm out on Equinox this coming Sunday for 6 months.