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Status Updates posted by Dood

  1. RIP Bill Conklin, sir. 

  2. Started new job at Bass Gear Magazine

    October — Product Video Reviewer and Columnist



    The Bass Gear Low Down #45

    "We are so thrilled to welcome long-time friend Dan Veall to the Bass Gear Magazine team. Dan will be joining us on a regular basis...." - Tom Bowlus




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    2. Reggaebass


      Well done Dood, good luck ☝️

    3. big rob

      big rob

      great news well done will be looking forward to the reviews 

    4. Dood


      I am SO looking forward to getting my teeth in to this! I have three reviews on the way almost immediately and a whole list of manufacturers who want in. I'm pretty touched actually! Thank you everyone :) My reviews are only gonna get better and better now!

  3. I am an independent (freelancing) music gear video reviewer and demonstrator. If you own or know of a brand who are looking to have video footage produced for social media, drop me a line. I’d be interested in working with you.

    Maybe you are a shop wanting to show off basses for sale, or are a small company producing pedals, a massive worldwide brand wanting quality media by someone who knows what they are talking about or simply want a company introduction video; let’s have a chat.

    I’m also working on producing voice over media as I have a studio set up here too.

    1. TheGreek


      Hey Dood


      Are you really 103 years of age?? You look good...


      Birthday 06/01/1918

    2. Dood


      The last 3 years have aged me considerably, it's only these last few months I feel I've started getting younger again. Long story! ") - Thank you for the PM :) :)

  4. Does anyone have any recordings of a (their) Fender 58 Roasted Ash Precision Bass?

    1. Rich


      Starting to look like a 'no' mate :( 

    2. Dood


      YouTube had a few offerings, I’ll guess that will have to do for now!

  5. Sorry to bother you all, could I ask you to head to this link and subscribe to my YouTube channel?
    Expect good things soon!
  6. Anyone here own my ole Tobias Pro 6? 

    1. LukeFRC


      I can confirm it it's not me

    2. Dood


      Actually, I was able to look up on my emails where it went originally- and yes it did go to a fine basschatter!

    3. Rich


      My Pro 6 went to a BCer too... or at least he was at one time... hasn't been here since 06/10/2013.

  7. Oooh Dark Theme looks great @ped!

    1. ped


      Cheers buddy! Oh, hang on... where have you gone?? Too dark in here! 👻

  8. I love the thumbnails in the Marketplace post titles ... Gonna make it even more difficult for my wallet to keep hold of it's contents! 😍

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    2. Gareth Hughes

      Gareth Hughes

      Agreed. It was such a wonderful surprise today - that thing I didn't know I wanted but now I'm so happy that it's here. I may actually be irrationally happy about this.

    3. Machines


      I'd like to be able to toggle them, personally. I think they look messy in the mobile view.

    4. ped


      You can - button top right :)

  9. Add me!


    All Basschatters welcome - this is my profile that'll only every be about bass, music, my video reviews and magazine columns. It's new and you're more likely to see posts verses my FB Musician page @DanVeallBassist (Which you can also follow!)

    1. DiMarco


      Hey Dan. Dood is the dutch word for dead. I hope you're alive chum. 😂


    2. Dood


      I did know that yeah! And yeah, I am more alive than I have been! Things must be looking up!

  10. MASSIVE Essential bass players and bass lines playlist: (It's collaborative so you can add your own classic bass lines too)

    Spotify Best Basslines Evaaar Playlist! You can add your favourite BASS tracks too! (Currently 374 tracks!!)



    Here's the link if you need to copy and paste it:


    1. Dood


      Can you bump statuses? Let’s find out.

  11. Anyone playing a Cort GB75JH (or JJ)? 

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    2. Dood


      Yeah, I'd go with a white guard on the red JH or black on the black. Or none at all for that matter. As I've a spare preamplifier here, it could be a good donor for some upgrades too.

      I don't have an MM bass in my artillery and listening to the reviews this one (JH) does a pretty good job of sounding alike.

    3. Mykesbass


      I had the earlier Korean model - GB75 JH which I liked a lot (so much that I got Jon Shuker to model the neck on my Shuker 5 to the same dimensions). Didn't get on with the active circuitry. Now have a GB55JJ as a backup, and to have a fretted, roundwound J to be completely different to my fretless flatwound Shuker P. Again, really nice playing bass. Very good B string on both.

    4. dub_junkie


      Had a pair of GB75JH models. Both in trans black and both sold on here earlier this year. Missed the general vibe of those basses after they went so picked up a trans red GB74JH last month. It’s the cheapest bass I own but I like it out of all proportion to its value. Great instruments (I also own a flame maple GB94 with binding and blocks which is another fave rave of mine)


  12. Seriously people, stop selling such nice instruments at a time when I can't get an appointment to sell a kidney!!!

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      What have I missed? 😂

    2. andybassdoyle


      What scale length is the kidney?

  13. Please may I have seven more follows on my (new) YouTube page so I can finally get past 100 subscribers?


    This is my own page, which is rather empty as all of my gear reviews are hosted on the Guitar Interactive Magazine website and YouTube channel @GuitarInteractiveMag

    So, mine is a bit empty. I'm starting from the ground up and need your help :)❤️ 

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    2. Dood


      Yessssssssss! I’ve been composing music for my channel!

    3. Teebs


      Done :) 

    4. Dood


      Thank you Teebs :) Cheers!!

  14. I was just about to list a bass for sale. I looked at the pictures with a heavy heart. So, I didn’t press the “post” button. I’m going to bed instead.

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    2. Bigwan


      Wish I had the reddies. Always fancied a Status 5... 

    3. Teebs


      Good luck with everything @Dood


    4. E sharp

      E sharp

      Didn't know you had one of those Dan

  15. CoronaVirus Gear Sale? - How many of you are considering or are already selling bass gear because of financial losses incurred by not being able to work?

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    2. mcnach


      Not yet, but it's a possibility. It's very likely that we'll struggle to gig with the frequency we used to, and I was already getting a little 'bored' with a lot of the gigs we used to do, so I'm rethinking my 'musical future', to spend more time writing and recording with others and less live stuff (certainly fewer projects), and switching my attention more to other activities that are more financially useful to me (computer based)... 

      I've already completely rearranged my 'home office' to be more work and a lot less music, as I'm working from home these days. I think I might sell a bass or two and cabs that I don't need and put a fridge and a nice espresso machine in the room instead... 

      I had a good run, but I think I want to spend more time visiting family and travelling when I have proper holidays, and work more from home.

    3. LukeFRC


      If you are thinking of selling off because of revaluation rather than financial need - consider waiting a year. 
      too many basses glutting the market will push prices down and there’s probably going to be some folk selling off basses because it will mean they can eat. 

    4. mcnach


      Yeah, not a good time to sell. I was about to sell my Audi A3 just before things got complicated... and looking at the market, there's a lot selling but I see the same things again and again, I don't think there's many people buying. 

  16. Nearly all of the back issues of Guitar Interactive Magazine are available for FREE to read covering over 300 HD Bass video reviews I have recorded.


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    2. Dood


      Hey no problem @JapanAxe! I'm just trying to spread the bass love! Would be good to share as I am hoping these reviews offer a great resource. Just want people to know about them!! 

    3. SpondonBassed


      What a trooper!

    4. Dood


      I'm going to see what I can do about making it easier for everyone to access the reviews (and of course know about them) - I just haven't figured out how yet as my mind has been elsewhere for a while. Maybe a decent signature?

  17. So, the ever present question: Do I sell all these bits of kit that I don't actually use anymore, or keep them on the off chance that a band (job) might require them in the future. I could do with the cash frankly, but the value of the kit could mean that if I buy again in the future, I could end up paying more in the long run. Hmmmmmm

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    2. owen


      I have come to the conclusion that the stuff we keep "in case" is 90% redundant. Whenever I do get called to do anything, as soon as I get jiggy with esoteric bits of kit I get a look from the producer or keys player that says "do what you do well and we will do all that fiddly stuff".

      But which 10% is not redundant?

    3. skej21


      Need money + have gear not in use + gear is worth more money now than when you bought it = Sell it

    4. Hellzero


      My father has a barn full of just in case things. Hope I'm going to die before him... Don't want to move, sort or sell all these things...

      I remember some years ago when I started buying all the good deals I was seeing. I ended up with my two cars garage full of boxes of high end hi-fi components, instruments and amps. Sold everything and made a lot of money as lots of these things were bought for peanuts.

      If you don't use them, sell them and use the money for what you really need.

  18. Right! Time to sell a couple of good solid non-D Class amps then! Expect an advert or two tomorrow!

    1. LukeFRC
    2. Mykesbass


      Good luck with that - hope they are more popular than the one I listed (now where's that tumbleweed emoji...)

    3. Dood


      I hope I have set the prices low enough to sell. They've been safely stowed in my cupboard not getting used, so they should really go for a bargain.

  19. The EABB - East Anglian Bass Bash.  Come give it some support!


    @jonunders tagged.

  20. You know that feeling where you contemplate selling everything you really don't need and keep the bare essentials? Yeah, something like that.

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    2. Daz39


      Noooo. You just need a bigger house, or an extension, or trade away a child. Any of those is acceptable surely!

    3. Dood


      Oh mate.. I DO need a bigger house WITH an extension. Tough one on the kids actually. I kind alike them both. Maybe I could get the older one to do some Saturday work on the oil rigs to bring in some extra cash. Possibly a bit on the little side to operate the cranes and the like though.

      Anyone know the lottery numbers coming up??? Or has won the lottery and not sure what to do with the odd 100 thousand? lol 

    4. mangotango


      It's worse than that for me.  Sometimes I end up in a bad place mood-wise, which results in feeling like I should sell all the gear I have and then start again from scratch.

      Inevitably, this happens in moments of deep, desperate, despairing dissatisfaction with my sound. Don't judge me - we've all chased tone dragons, I'm sure.

      Thankfully, most times I manage to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater and keep a vaguely sensible head on my shoulders. 

  21. Watch the Chernobyl TV mini-series. If you are 40 or over, you will probably recall seeing the news when you were young. You will want to see this series. It is very, very good. Moving and true to the events that shook the day and following years.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. GisserD
    3. dazza14


      Fantastic show, I'm currently on episode four of five and it's superb.

    4. GisserD


      Watching episode 2 now. Its spine chilling! 

  22. Review the EBS HD360 Anniversary Model Dan? Oh, well go on then!! 

    1. LukeFRC


      so many likes

    2. Dood


      I was quite excited when I had the message, rumour has it EBS only made 50 of them

  23. Wow! Helix LT is back with vengeance, I think my HX Effects will go up for sale with some other kit tomorrow!

    1. LukeFRC


      where was it?

    2. Kev


      Hit me up with a price if you do Dood...

    3. Dood


      PM'd you Kev


      Advertised in the marketplace!

  24. EAST ANGLIAN BASS BASH discussion here: 


    PLEASE get involved!!

    1. Daz39


      Does everyone who turns up have to play only Flat?

      *I'll get me coat*

  25. Excited about a new band that is finally tracking album songs! They sound so much better than the first demos, HAPPY!

    1. SpondonBassed


      One of your side projects D?

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