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Status Updates posted by Dood

  1. I think I've reached that, "I've got all this stuff that isn't gonna ever get used" state. Projects that will never see the light of day.

    Some of it is worth selling, some may as well see the bin. 
    I think I could do with a cathartic gear purge to clear the decks both physically and psychologically.

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    2. TheGreek


      The problem for most of us in this situation is that there are so many of us on BC in the same situation...hard to sell to others who already have too much quality gear...

    3. prowla


      Your solemn duty is to pass it on to the other hoarders here!


    4. Marc S

      Marc S

      What @prowla said :) 

  2. 300+ videos added to my review mega thread!


    The only thing I haven't been able to do is update the current post URL list nice and neatly with the new playlist entries. I might need some help!!! 


  3. Jazz/Precision Bass with Ric pick-up positions anyone? I wanna hear it out of interest!

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    2. TheGreek


      Why has nobody adapted this design so that our PJH pickups can be varied in a similar way?




      Dragon's Den here we come.

    3. Dood


      @eadThank you! I would LOVE to hear it - especially as you also have EMGs on board which will be what I go for. I may choose J pickups, but now I have seen EMG P's in situ, I am intrigued!

    4. ead


      Ok, I'll do my best but please note in advance that my playing is not of the same quality as yours!

  4. TC SpectraComp bricked:


    Failed to update firmware two times, third time lights out. I now have a very small door stop. 

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    2. alyctes


      That's pretty poor.

    3. prowla


      I can't believe (well I can!) that they don't have a failsafe/revert to factory option.

    4. BillyBass


      I have three TC Polytunes, all of them play up every now and again.  I leave them for a bit use a different one, then a couple of months later come back to the faulty one, and it works!


      I also have a Spectradrive that still works as an EQ/Pre-DI but the tone prints won't load.


      I won't buy anymore TC Electronic pedals

  5. The best places to find all my videos as well as those on my own channel are here: - 


    This is my current exciting job! :)


    YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/@BassGearMagazine


    and here:

    I used to work for GI and despite having recorded the best part of 400 videos with GI, sadly you'll only find about 150 on YouTube, you'll have to trawl the last ten years worth of back issues to see them all and even then many issues are missing!! GULP!!!


    YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/@iguitarmag


    I've covered some really awesome pieces of kit in great deal over the years, so if you are looking for real world information BassChat, this is a good place to start  

  6. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all that you do and are in the world of bass. I love this community and am raising a glass to the lot of ya!


    Have a safe, peaceful and happy break, however and whatever you are celebrating.


    Big ole love! Dooooooood!

    1. Rich


      Luv ya big guy!

    2. scrumpymike


      I second that emotion 👏

  7. Anyone got a Peavey Cirrus 5 out there? (BXP or USA)

  8. It has only taken me X years to finally get round to switching out the two band Glockenklang pre in my MIJ Fender for a three band Glockenklang! It will, after many years, match its sister MIJ!

    I adore my Power Jazz Bass Specials!

    1. Chaddy


      Talk about timing, Installing a 3 Band into my Charvel San Dimas IV an all! 

    2. Dood


      Oh nice! :)


      As my bass originally had one large hole for a three way switch, rather than fill the hole I'm going to replace the blend knob on my Glockenklang with a three way switch again. I'd prefer the blend, but that hole is a bit big! Switch should be arriving today, finger's crossed!


  9. The EMG GZR P pickup is SOOOOO good!! 
    Just dropped on one my Tokai and it sounds superb!

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    2. NancyJohnson


      I put a PJ set into my Hamer.  Yup, they're great pickups, but they're even better if you dispense with the EMG pots that come as part of the installation kit.

    3. Dood


      What didn't you like about them? - CTS or Alpha instead then @NancyJohnson

    4. NancyJohnson


      I think it was the taper, the pots didn't do the pickups justice.  I eventually pulled the passive circuit and put a John East unit...then it really came alive.

  10. KORG US has announced the purchase of a majority interest in the Helsinki-based bass gear maker Darkglass!

    1. Dood


      Just spotted the post in 'General'. 

    2. Daz39


      Interesting times. Wonder how many fanbois will accuse DG of selling out?

    3. JapanAxe


      Will Korg keep Darkglass going, or close it down in favour of one of their own existing brands?

  11. I've recently started recording all my own review videos for Bass Gear Magazine based in Ohio. Yes, I still write for Bass Player Magazine as I have been every month for the last (nearly) two and a half years, but I would love for you to follow this magazine and YouTube channel too!






    It does mean that I've not been posting to my own channel, but would really appreciate a follow there too, please!!




    I want to produce the best videos I can, so I'll be keeping an eye on threads like these to improve my content!

    1. BillyBass


      congrats on the new job

    2. Dood


      Thank you @BillyBass!! Loving it!

  12. Who is going to the UK Guitar And Bass Show this weekend?



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    2. Chownybass



      Nah.  Was interested when it was a bass show, but quietly changing it to the electric, acoustic and bass show without telling ticketholders was a bad move. lost all interest.

      Yeah it is disappointing. As an exhibitor I like a bass only show, as it means that I can be sure everybody walking past my booth is interested in what I am showing.


      However. Paid in full to do the show in 2020. So it's not like it's costing me anything. Look forward to seeing you guys there. We have new UK made basses (SWB Deluxe, SWB-1, CHB-1 and CHB-2) on show! Come check them out.


    3. Rich


      Nope. I'd spend all day and many £££ just to get there, and I'm not in a position to buy anything anyway. I'd be like a diabetic kid in a sweet shop. :( 

    4. ead


      Would have gone but just tested +ve for Covid so hiding under the bed.

  13. One of my students has an awesome sounding Jazz bass. I don't actually own a Jazz bass. Now I need a Jazz bass.


    If psychologists want to come and study terminal G.A.S, you know where I am... lol 

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    2. andybassdoyle


       I don't actually own a Jazz bass


      You've come so far, yet your journey has barely begun..... 🙂

    3. Lozz196


      They are very nice basses, as said the neck is more of a handful than a usual Jazz, which is nice imo.

    4. Sardonicus


      I love my Jazz 😍

  14. Colour co-ordinated my signature and avatar.

    Guess I need to get out more often.

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    2. ead


      Please talk me through this colour co-ordination thing.  Mrs ead keeps mentioning it too.

    3. Dood


      Ok, I like purple, green and black. Everything is purple, green and black. There ya go, done. 


      Oh wait, I like Candy Apple Red too.


      It occurred to me I am only talking about basses. 

    4. andybassdoyle


      You totally need to get out more. You need to come and have a beer with me!!!

  15. Y'all know you're posting status updates instead of forum posts and PM's, right? 👇

  16. Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.
    Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.


    That brings to a close this dater's update.

    1. nige1968


      You may be right. We had a pair of foxes doing it in the garden this morning.

  17. RIP Bill Conklin, sir. 

  18. Started new job at Bass Gear Magazine

    October — Product Video Reviewer and Columnist



    The Bass Gear Low Down #45

    "We are so thrilled to welcome long-time friend Dan Veall to the Bass Gear Magazine team. Dan will be joining us on a regular basis...." - Tom Bowlus




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    2. Reggaebass


      Well done Dood, good luck ☝️

    3. big rob

      big rob

      great news well done will be looking forward to the reviews 

    4. Dood


      I am SO looking forward to getting my teeth in to this! I have three reviews on the way almost immediately and a whole list of manufacturers who want in. I'm pretty touched actually! Thank you everyone :) My reviews are only gonna get better and better now!

  19. I am an independent (freelancing) music gear video reviewer and demonstrator. If you own or know of a brand who are looking to have video footage produced for social media, drop me a line. I’d be interested in working with you.

    Maybe you are a shop wanting to show off basses for sale, or are a small company producing pedals, a massive worldwide brand wanting quality media by someone who knows what they are talking about or simply want a company introduction video; let’s have a chat.

    I’m also working on producing voice over media as I have a studio set up here too.

    1. TheGreek


      Hey Dood


      Are you really 103 years of age?? You look good...


      Birthday 06/01/1918

    2. Dood


      The last 3 years have aged me considerably, it's only these last few months I feel I've started getting younger again. Long story! ") - Thank you for the PM :) :)

  20. Does anyone have any recordings of a (their) Fender 58 Roasted Ash Precision Bass?

    1. Rich


      Starting to look like a 'no' mate :( 

    2. Dood


      YouTube had a few offerings, I’ll guess that will have to do for now!

  21. Sorry to bother you all, could I ask you to head to this link and subscribe to my YouTube channel?
    Expect good things soon!
  22. Anyone here own my ole Tobias Pro 6? 

    1. LukeFRC


      I can confirm it it's not me

    2. Dood


      Actually, I was able to look up on my emails where it went originally- and yes it did go to a fine basschatter!

    3. Rich


      My Pro 6 went to a BCer too... or at least he was at one time... hasn't been here since 06/10/2013.

  23. Oooh Dark Theme looks great @ped!

    1. ped


      Cheers buddy! Oh, hang on... where have you gone?? Too dark in here! 👻

  24. I love the thumbnails in the Marketplace post titles ... Gonna make it even more difficult for my wallet to keep hold of it's contents! 😍

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    2. Gareth Hughes

      Gareth Hughes

      Agreed. It was such a wonderful surprise today - that thing I didn't know I wanted but now I'm so happy that it's here. I may actually be irrationally happy about this.

    3. Machines


      I'd like to be able to toggle them, personally. I think they look messy in the mobile view.

    4. ped


      You can - button top right :)

  25. Add me!


    All Basschatters welcome - this is my profile that'll only every be about bass, music, my video reviews and magazine columns. It's new and you're more likely to see posts verses my FB Musician page @DanVeallBassist (Which you can also follow!)

    1. DiMarco


      Hey Dan. Dood is the dutch word for dead. I hope you're alive chum. 😂


    2. Dood


      I did know that yeah! And yeah, I am more alive than I have been! Things must be looking up!

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