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Mustang Bass Pickup Recommendations?

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Hi folks,

firstly, I’m new here so apologies if I’m posting in the wrong forum.  Anyway….


I have an MIJ Mustang Bass that I bought 2nd hand a few years ago.  It came with a Nordstrand pickup.  Although I love the bass, it’s tone has been bugging me and I’m finally getting around to doing something about it.  It’s a bit of a ‘dull thump’er.  I have friend who has a stock MIJ Mustang (which inspired my purchase)  and it’s tone is more lively and zingy, which is what I like.

i checked the tone cap on mine and found it to be a bit bigger than stock 0.1uF.  I swapped it out for a 33nF that I had in my bits box, so slightly smaller than stock, but it hasn’t made any appreciable difference.

So I’m looking to swap out the Nordstrand.  Going back to a stock Fender would be a simple choice, 2nd hand would be ideal but I don’t know when one might turn up.  A quick google revealed a number of aftermarket options, so I wonder if any of the Mustang owners on here could recommend anything based on my zingy tone requirements?



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Stick a MusicMan pickup in there. It'll need some routing, and won't exactly look standard, but it'll give you what you need. Any MM will do, I've currently got an EMG on a short scale and to say it has balls is an understatement. 

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the pickup on my JMJ mustang is awesome, I thought it was a seymour duncan but the blurb doesn't say


but I've just watched a 2018 review online and it is a seymour duncan. The newer ones claim to have a specially voiced pickup, whatever that might mean

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42 minutes ago, BahHumbug said:

Thanks for your thoughts, folks.

@ped Yes I had spotted the Northern pickups ones.  Do you know anything about them apart from what it say on the website?


I spoke to David who sounded like a right legend, he said there's a 14 day money back guarantee and that he'll do something custom for you if required, such as a super hot overwound pickup with thinner wire, which he said I could swap for a standard set if I didn't like them. Sounds like they're worth a go.

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