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  1. I was going to do a review on this but in reality there's not a lot to say except that it's a quality cable. Got it from Design-a-cable, it's the silver coated ofc low capacity series. Can't say I noticed any difference to my normal, non sliver coated, cables with live playing but then I'm going through a pedal board. And it's not really a stage cable, too thick and inflexible for that. Will be interesting to use in the studio though.
  2. Good old HH! I inherited a 8 x 10 HH cab from a previous bass player when I joined a band. Thought it strange I got it for free but then after a few gigs I realised what a pain it was to move. I used to slide it into my hatch back car, after a while it deformed the back so much the door wouldn't shut. I gave it away to a bass player at a gig just so i didn't have to take it home at the end of the night. Knowing HH reputation for being indestructible it's probably still doing the rounds and ruining people's cars today.
  3. Jedson tele bass.. probably the worse bass in the world, bar none... I should know, I have 2 of them! A 24 inch scale is not a bass, it's just a guitar with thick strings!
  4. Westone Thunder 1a fretless. My best mate at school was a great guitarist, so I thought rather than compete with him I'd play bass instead. At the time, thinking it was a step down from guitar (I was young!) I thought, how can I make playing bass sexier?! Walked into my local shop and there was an unlined Westone fretless and I thought, that'll do the job. That was early 80s, didn't own a fretted bass until a few years ago, and definitely don't think it's a step down from guitar now. Sold the original bass but a few years ago a friend bought the exact model I first had. When he found out it was the same, he gave it to me. Plays really well, love the neck which has a flattened U shape to it. Weighs a ton tho! Like the neck so much I might transplant it onto a lighter body.
  5. When the pedal has 'bass' in it's name it means it's the superior version.... or it could be you've walked into the wrong shop and it's fishing supplies.
  6. Yeah, maybe I should lighten up! Slap bass noodling in music shops is a bit of a cliche. Still, not the choicest use of words.
  7. PS. I thought this was quite a dismissive and derogatory posting. 'Circus exhibits' and 'w#*kery'.... really?!
  8. I've done a thread on these strings with some clips as well. They sound good when they get there but yes, took about a week of playing before they would settle down. If I broke one on a gig I'd have to swap basses. I like them enough tho to put up with that. Not a million miles away from the Obligato strings on my DB which have the same issues.
  9. Marcus Miller, Mark King, and anyone else who slaps will be glad to know they're a circus exhibit!
  10. You've got to have a solid foundation tone to start with but without going wild there are definitely a few fx which can favour the bass (I'm not including pre amp eq and compression in this category as that's part of your basic tone sculpture). So, not forgetting the ubiquitous envelope filter for your quackingly good funk moments, a subtly blended octaver can work wonders, and I like the Gwizdala trick of using a short delay rather than reverb on the occasion when taste and space permit. And for when an envelope is too much, a phaser is quite funky. That's my basic staple but I'm sure others have much more!
  11. Latest string discovery for my Squier jazz... Galli Synthesis flats. Synthetic core strings. Admittedly these are on a fretless but they feel great, really buttery, and they fit my style of playing, jazz/groove, no slap, plenty of punch without being too dull. They do rounds in the Synthesis as well. Will try them next on the fretted.
  12. Buy an Aguilar TLC compressor, Fuzzistor, chorusaurus, plus a filter twin or grape phaser.... job done. No need for a multi-fx.
  13. Speak for yourself! Not a fan of multi fx effects. Gave up on the Source Audio 'one' series as it involved programming and not knob tweaking, let alone a helix unit!
  14. Yeah, their blurb is still a bit ambiguous. Does that mean it's simulating just the Akai pre-amp or the whole reel unit including the affect of the tape heads as well? I'm guessing by the diode selection switches it's just the pre-amp. A bit academic as the proof is in the pudding. But if it's the pre-amp the effect will be more distortion related, whereas with tape heads, up to a point, it will be more compression.
  15. My biggest pet peeve with pedals... putting the 9v power next to a jack socket. What a pain.
  16. Two issues with just using a multi-effects.... despite what is said about the dsp programming it's not going to sound exactly the same, especially when it comes to analogue pedals, and consequently your not going to get that unique sound that comes with using different pedal makes. Plus, knob tweaking of pedals if more fun than digital programming.
  17. Does this pedal simulate tape saturation or just the saturation of the Akai reel to reel pre amp? An interesting pedal all the same. I like the idea of simulating tape saturation tho, the nearest I've seen in analogue form is the Neve Design unit but it's a bit expensive to get on a whim.
  18. It's sad to say but I remember Budgie mostly for the Roger Dean artwork on their albums.
  19. Nice and cheesy, try the Nils Landgren Funk Unit album 5000 miles. For unlimited cheesiness the Instrument Funk mix on spotify, which has some great stuff on it like Cookin' on 3 burners and Funkallisto.
  20. I agree about Aguilar octamizer, a great sounding, very organic pedal. As for tracking, I don't find it too bad... you have to 'play the pedal' tho. There's a good video by Ian Allison on octaver tips (posted in another thread on bc), by playing close to the neck, using the neck pickup to avoid harmonic overtones, I found the octamizer behaves itself quite well for an analogue device. Mostly I blend in a small amount of smooth filter to thicken the tone, but cranked up and a bit edgy is fun, especially with an envelope after it.
  21. Don't resist!! I bought this pedal as an experiment last year and it's so funky it's now one one of my favourites. The color knob is a simple control but transforms it into something special. glwts.... ps why are you selling it?!
  22. When you do get a replacement that works do post a review.... have been interested in this pedal.
  23. PS the TC Electronic Sub n Up has digital tracking polyphony as well as a classic analogue emulation mode. Along with toneprint capability (which I've found to be v useful on their other pedals) it could be an interesting alternative and the best of both worlds.
  24. This is the old 'digital vs analogue' octaver debate.... digital will track better but analogue will sound more organic. But it's still a matter of taste and if you like the sound of a digital octaver then it'll solve your tracking issues. I like the sound of analogue so have to adjust my playing to suit the pedal.
  25. How much do you rely on the amp for tone control? I've ended up getting all my tone and eq from my pedalboard so instead of a bass amp I use a small PA setup for backline. If you don't need an amp with integrated eq but don't want to go down the PA route then the Toft designed Bassic A900 looks interesting.
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