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  1. Musicians care about things like instruments, the listening public however don't give a monkeys how music is produced and are only interested in the final result. Will the bass guitar survive? Well, if you can make music with it that people like then yeah.
  2. That's a shame. And as you've experienced the resale on a custom is often not that good. I've never thought about resale value when I've bought a bass, the only considerations are, can I afford it and how much do I like playing it. I've been lucky with my customs though and they've always ended up as something special.
  3. Sorry, that statement doesn't compute!! As soon as I got my latest custom made (which I justified by saying it'll be exactly what I want), I was planning the next one!
  4. I agree, but unless you're a collector surely you buy a bass to play rather than look at!
  5. Actually, I'm going to revise my statement... it's not so much that Fender are taking the p*ss as it's not such good value for money as, say, a locally made custom. As has been pointed out, a local luthier isn't going to have the transport cost, import duties, staff and other overheads. Given the value for money I think a local luthier gives, I'm surprised it's not a more popular option. A lot of bassists just seem to think in terms of what they can get off the shelf. Or maybe I'm wrong and it is popular, or not value for money... what do others think. I can feel a new thread coming on!
  6. For mass produced basses made on a cnc machine, I agree it's taking the p*ss. Instead, find a luthier, get something special made and you'll still have change in your pocket. My custom walnut jazz costs way less than a Fender and couldn't be happier.
  7. Stick a MusicMan pickup in there. It'll need some routing, and won't exactly look standard, but it'll give you what you need. Any MM will do, I've currently got an EMG on a short scale and to say it has balls is an understatement.
  8. Aguilar octamizer into a Mr Black Fwonkbeta. The octave filter tone goes from smooth to edgy, the more edgy the heavier the synth tone with a slight overdrive tinge to it. Delay from the TC and / or textured reverb from the Walrus adds lots of balls! Have found that you can't use the phase and envelope filters together as the peaks add and you get clipping. I have an MXR bass deluxe fuzz which I'll add as well to see if that adds even more balls.
  9. The Doc Lloyd is an amazing bass comp. Of course there's also the TC Spectracomp, plenty of toneprints and if you can't find one to suit, you can use the app to get exactly what you want, and it's tri band if you need.... and cheap!
  10. I play drums as well as bass. Whenever I do a gig with a house engineer I have to post someone at the desk to stop them turning the kick drum into a hand grenade!
  11. You would think that with the plethora of mixing and recording options available today there would be more variety but maybe there's something about the digital work stream of modern software that precludes that.
  12. Well, not going to argue with a good Revox B77
  13. Just guessing, but in the vinyl days not everyone could master, it took a lot of outboard. Now anyone with a laptop and software can give it a go.
  14. On this point I might disagree! Vinyl can never encode in its groove a decent level of bass... if it did the needle would jump out the groove. Bass frequencies are attenuated then bumped up on playback with a RIAA filter in the phono preamp. Most people's RIAA preamp is pants! A cheap CD digital to analogue chip is probably way better than most people's vinyl setup. I still prefer vinyl over CD but only when I'm wearing rose tinted glasses.
  15. So, I grew up in the age of vinyl. Then it was 'how good is my hifi'. Stereo separation decent speakers, amp and preamp. Now it's a small portable bluetooth speaker with mono bass at best, or ear buds powered from a cheap op amp. So, are engineers now mixing for a decent hifi or cheap op amp driven ear buds?! Having said that, I've listened to more music and expanded my music vocabulary since listening to spotify on cheap ear buds than my considerably bulky vinyl collection can deliver.
  16. Is that a drum kit behind the amps? Don't think I'd be happy if someone pushed there amp onto my kit!
  17. I live in the twilight zone, so not so strange!
  18. Small mixer with bass and laptop connected. Mostly headphones but sometimes monitors. Always connected up and ready to go but the main thing is, I've made it a nice and comfortable environment to be in. My roc'nsoc drum throne with a back rest has also made a big difference and well worth the money.
  19. Idiotbox Blowerbox is awesome! Quite aggressive but doesn't lose any bottom end. For something even different try out a Cog T65 (if you can get hold of one). The octave up is overdriven and you can mix in the octave and clean.... combined with a switchable parallel effects loop it has some great tones available.
  20. Not unrealistic in the least. My daytime job pays the bills and music is my hobby but music is my passion and I take very seriously... more so than my job!! You need to find like minded musicians otherwise you won't get the enjoyment out of it you deserve. I've just moved and have been lucky in that the first band I joined is made up of likeminded musicians with professional attitudes towards playing which makes it very enjoyable and means gigs are super fun and stress free as everyone knows what they're doing and good at it. Look for another band while playing with the current lot and then bail.
  21. I play 5 string bass and have always strung them high C, including my double bass. After hearing Eberhard Weber I was instantly a convert to high C. For some reason makes me play more melodically. Quite often I just buy 6 string sets, LaBella do sell individual C strings, but my fav at the moment are the Galli Synthesis strings (they have nylon cores) and I just buy the 6 string set. For DB it's Innovation strings and they do individual high C's.
  22. Definitely a slow attack time! There's an interesting comparison between the Diamond and Doc Lloyd (photon death ray) compressors where the slower attack time on the latter is more suited bass. Unless your limiting I think the slower times give space for the loss notes to bloom. ...loss notes should read low notes!...
  23. This is the 'funky ball of teats' board with three envelope filters. The Bright Onion pedals are custom switchers, the orange one for selecting an input to the board and the yellow is an A/B/Y which has the Octamizer and Fwonkbeta connected. All patch leads are EBS flat and taken under the board to keep it clean although in fairness, underneath is a tad busy.
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