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  1. Put them on about 6 months ago - might remove them as obviously i think im the only one who like them :_)
  2. I know Kate! Say hi from Scott - Didn't you cover Stereolab? Yes hopefully we'll cross paths
  3. Hi Dankology. Thanks yes in West on Colfax. What’s your band? Yes at mo I have 4 basses and nowhere to play them. Though hoping that will change - cheers Sir
  4. Selling my Hofner Verythin Contemporary Series bass - set up with la bella flats - very woody and thumpy tones - action uber low - neck and intonation great, a nice bass at a nice price. Would prefer pick up - will knock off £20 cash for pick up - or can deliver within 50mile radius of Clitheroe - selling as not playing or recording for foreseeable - slight ding near bottom - ding pic shows reflection of my phone not a crack btw
  5. set up with TI jazz low tension flats - so super low action, plays fast, sounds punchy - neck nice older C profile so doesnt feel too small - will know off some cash for pick up or can deliver within 50 mile radius of Clitheroe Lancs, also has gig bag and fender box so can ship at your expense
  6. I bought the green one. Love it but it does lack the bass end the 51 cv has. But it has the p bass growl but because of the lighter wood it lacks low end. For me that’s fine
  7. I’ve got a sunburst vintera with TI flats on. I’ve got PBass GAS. So could be tempted to sell for £650 inc shipping. It’s a superb bass I have 2 short scale and 2 long scale already
  8. Howdy worth a shot - im just up the road - wondered if you wanted to trade up? I have a PF50T and the 210 PF cab on for 700 - trade head for head - plus £250 to me - or take cab as well for 450 plus your head? i'm looking to size down rig
  9. I got this because I love The Byrds - would love a Hillman signature bass
  10. Cheers Dunc - Surprisingly solid for a semi acoustic - and just that bit bigger than short scale - so good between P bass and this - only selling as need cash - wondering if a guild would be much better
  11. Also available Ampeg pf50t with pf210 cab that it goes in - £800 - sorry cant ship this as valves etc and it's about 25kg all in - but welcome to come try it in studio in Preston North west Prefer cash on collection from Clitheroe or Preston - can drive within an hour
  12. I got the Dearmond in red and it's really well built - sturdy compared to other semi's ive had/tried - was wondering about putting darkstars on - but not sure it fits into what my band are doing so may move it on eventually but it is one of most beautiful looking basses ive had - got la bella beatle bass strings on - very macca!
  13. got the Mustang - very close to the original - crappy strings, but great pups, tone range, tuners, intonation nearly there out of box, action a little high at 12th - strings or neck after playing for hours left my fingers covered in residue - never had this before - basically very good bass that flats will make into a great bass - get one!
  14. trigger pulled new bass day next Thursday
  15. have waited a day and am just about to pull the trigger on this Andersons have them at 719£
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. No worries - hope you find the jazz you're looking for
  18. Hi there I have Squire VM Tele bass from 2007ish if that might be of interest - i've just had luthier work on frets, put new machine heads on, deep clean of pots and electronics etc - got small frets nd smaller nut width than CV 40.5mm and weighs 8lbs
  19. recorded this with it - track compressed to hell and bass low in mix but still bursts through
  20. No worries G - got a feeling it wont be round for long
  21. Howdy it's is approx 8lbs in weight - it's pretty light -just checked it could deliver on a van to Belgium and I'll include it in the price
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