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1972 Fender Precision. All original. OHSC.

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1972 Fender precision in natural finish

Nut width, 42mm.  B profile neck.

4.2kg including the covers.

100% original.   Original scratchplate shown in the final images.

I think this was a studio bass.  It's in lovely condition.

There are a couple of little dings and the faintest beginning of buckle rash but they're difficult to photograph.  There is a typical crack on the scratchplate next to the imput jack.

The case is absolutely time warp condition.  It's dazzling inside.  Quite amazing really.  No keys though.

The neck is stamped 1972 as are the pickups and pots.

Truss rod works perfectly.  Neck pocket is nice and snug too.

Beautiful sounding bass.  Tons of tone.

Located in sunny Swindon.

Anybody is welcome to visit and spend a few hours inspecting and playing this lovely bass.

Trades-wise, I could be interested in anything 1969, which is my YOB.












































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11 minutes ago, sblueplanet said:

Lovely looking piece of wood and nice to have a few options of pickguard included. Really nice pics too, GLWTS 😎


That is a bass of great beauty! 😊



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Gorgeous! Same colour scheme as my own P bass :) 

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On ‎27‎/‎02‎/‎2019 at 20:30, Chewie said:


I feel the same....  a few years in the closet would’ve been handy......!


LoL ..that I ll be you oot the closet noo ..

affy nice Bass and in this condition you ll be hard pushed to see another

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7 hours ago, mr.noisy said:

Nice matching headstock 😊

Indeed not many of "those" around, must be custom ordered👍

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Posted (edited)

An absolute stonker. Natural with white plate suits the early 70s very well, dead right. And the paler original tone under the covers, nice. The nut's immaculate - it's a timewarp 👍

p.s. anyone know when they stopped the foam damper strip under the bridge cover? I'm assuming around CBS transition, maybe '66 or so?

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On 02/01/2020 at 22:08, Soledad said:

An absolute stonker. Natural with white plate suits the early 70s very well, dead right. And the paler original tone under the covers, nice. The nut's immaculate - it's a timewarp 👍

p.s. anyone know when they stopped the foam damper strip under the bridge cover? I'm assuming around CBS transition, maybe '66 or so?

I’ve just had a closer look & you can see where it once was.

Also, unless I dreamt it, my ‘78 Antigua has them.  I’ll check later and report in...


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    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks 
      I'm selling this Ibanez Musician Studio Fretless Bass on behalf of a friend of mine who's had it in his recording studio for many years but now wants to move it on. 
      Was up for £675, but It's now offered for sale at £550 o.n.o.
      As can be seen in the photos, the bass and the case are in good condition for their age, considering they're getting on for 40 years old.  
      I think the bass is the lined fretless version of the Ibanez Musician ST924WN model, as can be seen here in this Reverb advert a few years ago:
      But hopefully, @Bassassin might be able to offer some words of wisdom on this and put me right if I've got it wrong .. 😁
      The bass has recently had a once over by a local guitar/bass tech, so all the electrics are working and it's properly set up. Strings are old though, so they will need changing by its new owner. 
      Having said that, this bass really has that fretless 'mwahh' sound and it's got seriously loud pick ups! There's a great range of tones available from the active circuitry too.. 
      For anyone seriously interested, the bass can be viewed and tested by prior appointment in the Littlehampton area of West Sussex. 
      With regards to shipping, its definitely possible to send it via an insured courier service (at buyers expense), but it is a heavy bass as I'm sure anyone looking at this advert with a serious interest in the bass will know.
      I haven't weighed it, but it is heavy!! It's kind of like a Rolls Royce of a bass really - everything about it is quality and it's been built to last! 
      Anyway, if you've any questions about the bass, please send me a PM and I'll go back to the owner to get you an answer, though that may take a few hours or so depending on his availability.
      Thanks for looking! 😊

    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks 
      So, this really, really is a feeler, but as I said in another for sale thread, I have my eye on something else, so am putting this beautiful example of a Fender Roscoe Beck 5 String & OHSC for sale. 
      I'm looking for £SOLD or very near offer for this beautiful Fender signature series bass, which many have described as the best Fender 5 string bass ever made. 
      The bass is in superb condition and has one ding on the underside of the body which hopefully can be seen in the photos. 
      A completely passive bass, it has two double wound Bill Lawrence pick-ups that offer you series/parallel/single configuration for each pick-up , offering you a plethora of sounds/tones from standard Jazz Bass to the most modern Humbucker sounds. It's perhaps a little bit darker tonally than a standard Jazz bass, but with stainless steel round wounds, this bass works with any genre of music and any type of band.
      Here's a great thread about the RBV bass on TalkBass: 
      And here are some YouTube links:
      The bass is currently strung and set up by mecto my taste, which means it has quite a high action and heavier gauge Carvin strings, so it would definitely benefit from a professional set up.. On that point and just to clarify, the truss rod is working perfectly so that won't be a problem.
      As ever, I'd prefer to sell this to someone who could come and try it out in person here in Littlehampton West Sussex first however, I am prepared to ship it at buyer's expense by insured courier service. 
      If you've any questions, please PM me or ask away here and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.
      I am away in Birmingham from tomorrow afternoon for 3 days , so please bear in mind that I may not be able to answer certain questions until I get back.
      Advertised elsewhere btw, and I reserve the right to change my mind as I really do love the RBVs that I've had over the last 12 years... but that dreaded GAS does come along to fry the common sense circuitry in my brain from time to time.. 
      Thanks for looking as ever 😊

    • By silverfoxnik
      Bass is on now SOLD. 
      Hi Folks
      Here for sale is my 2004 USA made Gibson Thunderbird Bass Guitar & original Gibson Case which is in excellent condition and very good working order. I'm looking for £735 or very near offer for this classic bass. See attached pictures for more detail about condition.
      I bought this second-hand, 2 years ago, specifically for using with my last band, which covered a lot of classic rock tunes - anything from AC/DC to Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters - and it was just perfect for it! Plugged in, this is 'super thumpy' and powerful sounding - much more so in fact than the T-Bird Custom that I had for a while that @Billy Apple had made with the '66 Thunderbucker pick ups in it (though that was a great bass too)..
      Having said that, I've also used this bass in a different band setting playing more groove based, funky stuff, and it was great in that too...just change the balance between the two pick ups, and away you go - it's as funky and punchy as hell! It's also nice and lightweight and very comfortable to play - great for long gigs in fact
      Designed and built in the USA in 2004, it's a neck-through design with Gibson hardware and electronics and IMO, is very well made .. Have to say that I've read and heard a lot about the bridge design on these being a bit underwhelming, so much so that changing the bridge and tail piece improves tone and sustain etc..   but that's not been my experience of it to be honest - this has more than enough sustain and tone for any kind of music!
      Here's a link to some blurb for the new models: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAKUC232/Thunderbird-Bass
      As to why I'm selling, the band I mentioned above folded last December and as a result, this lovely T-Bird is not getting any use at all, so I feel it's best to move it on.
      So, here are some links to Talkbass and YouTube for further info and a chance to hear these in action. 
      In terms of price and making a deal, this bass owes my about £750 and new they're about £1800, so I hope I've got the price set at a reasonably fair level. I'll also throw in a T-Bird gig bag that I bought especially for this from Thomman which cost me an addition £27 including postage. (See here: https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_gigbag1_bass_heavy.htm)
      On that point, I would be prepared to courier this at buyer's expense if absolutely necessary, but would much rather it was collected in person - either here in Littlehampton, West Sussex where tea & biccies are in ample supply - or at a mutually convenient rendezvous point.. 
      Any other questions, please ask away here or send me a PM. Oh, and just to say please check out my feedback here:
      Thanks for looking!

    • By will4bass
      Fantastic Fender Elite V series (the latest with improved N4 pickups, preamp, truss rod etc.) in great condition including OHSC.

    • By Mike2tone
      Sold - please remove
      Hello Everyone!
      Here we got an immaculate EBMM Stingray 4 with Piezo, in the now discontinued Tangerine Pearl. The bass was a custom order purchased from GuitarGuitar in 2014. Original receipt is included which shows it was a custom order!
      As you may be aware, the Piezo bridge is now a discontinued option and so is the colour, so this is a very rare piece. There are no significant marks or signs or use, just very small playing marks but no dents or anything like that.
      It sounds like your typical Stingray but with the added benefit of the Piezo, which can be completely bypassed with the control knob. You can also adjust the Piezo  at the back of the bass, hence the extra cover. It comes with the original MM hard case, which does have some scratches but nothing serious and purely cosmetic.
      It is truly a stunning instrument and if you take into consideration that a new 2018 Stingray will costs you over £2.1k, this is a bargain.
      Any questions welcomed.
      Collection from Guildford or free UK mainland shipping via a decent courier!! European customers please contact me for a shipping quote.

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