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  1. I like loads of different finishes; olly white with a tort guard is up there, I like nice natural woods too - and quilted maple with a nice colour finish.
  2. Not heard of these before - but that's stunning.
  3. #1 for me. No point dissing a singer of a band you aren't going to join. But definitely let them know you've enjoyed your time with them and see what happens in the future.
  4. Awesome job! Looks lovely and bet it sounds killer.
  5. Get in - love these amps. Had one back in the day, sold it to go to uni and wanted to get a replacement ever since. Seeing this makes me want to scratch that itch.
  6. burno70


    Cliff Burton
  7. Hey - I come up with this exact bass (save the pups) on the configurator the other week! Noice!
  8. This thread lead me to take a look at the Alpher website. Wow - their gallery is pure bass poon!
  9. That's it - I'm off to Bulgaria!
  10. I only have three of their albums. Out of those Moving Pictures is the one I play the most.
  11. Listened to this a few months ago - awesome awesome track. Much love for this band - and not just Dart. Woops - should have read the OT! Not seen this version, will listen at home. Thanks for posting.
  12. Sexy bass! I do love this Vintera range! Enjoy your new bass!
  13. I've got a tobacco burst version and it really is an awesome bass. This one's even prettier.,
  14. I don't mind TB and used to use it a lot. There's loads of helpful people on there. I eventually got bored having to wade passed all the club threads which popped up over the years and dominate the first couple of pages of each thread.
  15. Nice job! I respect anyone who can build a bass - I wouldn't know where to start!
  16. That looks awesome! How do the pups sound? Aside from their shape, are they just P pups?
  17. Haha - I was about to point you in that direction!
  18. I thought that but he adjusts the tone setting and it sounds great thereafter.
  19. I would normally prefer a Japanese Fender to a Mexican but standard Mex Mustangs are excellent and I can't see these being much better. From the Japanese website I love the look of that orange Vintera!
  20. That looks pretty. Not sure about the price though.
  21. A lovely and honest OP which I agree with entirely. Having been on other forums I do see BassChat as something of an oasis. Other forums simply aren't as pleasant as here, some of them are positively toxic - anyone been on any sports or fitness websites? Jeez! Well done mods and fellow BC'ers for making this place what it is!
  22. Wow - that's gorgeous!
  23. Loved this band since Undertow. I wonder if I'll get told off for having an erection in work? And don't you dare tell me that no one will notice!
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