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  1. I think the Comic Strip presents series really nailed the silliness of metal lyrics with the Bad News episode. They went on to do an audio album which I had a copy of back in the day and the lyrics were hilarious - and funnily enouh, I've heard similar used genuinely on many occasions since. I can still remember some pearlers like: "Eat my brain - go insane" "Ride the rat, night mare man" "I'm a warrior the blood won't wash away I'm a warrior, I'll kill myself one day!"
  2. I bet that sounds as awesome as it looks!
  3. Harris fan - but that's way too pricey.
  4. I think you would be bonkers to trust the protection of a bass on a soft bag for air travel. Unless you don't care about the bass that is.
  5. That's the thing. As lovely as it is - and it really is, you're in custom made bass territory at that price.
  6. My band rehearses twice a week although we are flexible with this if members have other bits to do or are away etc. Also, they're my friends and the music's good so I don't see it as a chore at all.
  7. Band just invested in one of these - ordered today in fact. Glad I caught this thread - it's been a very useful read. Thanks all.
  8. Wow - what a really nice offer! Well done sir.
  9. Love this bass! GLWTS.
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