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  1. Seriously gorgeous bass that, GLWTS.
  2. Love the blue one! Have a short scale with jazz pups and would love another with precision pups - this could be the one!
  3. Same. I'm a very recent convert to TI flats and absolutely love them. Brighter than La Bellas which suits me.
  4. I think it looks great - aside from the relicing which I'm not a fan of but I get that it's a sig model.
  5. That looks awesome. Had no idea Fender did anything like this.
  6. If I ever go back to rounds it will be with Elixirs. I loved them thought they were well worth the money.
  7. My memory's gotten worse as I've got older. If I stop regularly practicing any song in my bands set my playing suffers as I stumble through the riff changes.
  8. Sad news. RIP Neil Neil Peart.
  9. It sounds like your so used to the Jazz that anything else will automatically be compared less favourably to it. It will have it's own glorious sound, just give it time. Personally I would give my right nut for a Modulus Flea.
  10. Been spending time with my new HX Effects this week. Is there any way I can remain in snapshot mode without returning to preset mode? Within global settings, latching seems to return it to preset mode and momentary to stomp mode. The manual seems to suggest I can do this by altering the switches but I can't see how other than the two options I've mentioned. I must be missing something?
  11. I'm rather indifferent to Warwick basses but that's a peach. Love the brushed metal pick up covers! Sweet bass.
  12. I picked up my HX Effects yesterday. Didn't have much time with it as I'm full of cold at the moment and went to bed early. Basically set it up to check it was working and went through the drive/distortion effects before calling it a day. It appears to be a lot more complicated than the M series but that's not surprising considering it can do more. I found two drives I like the sound of straight away which was nice considering I didn't really like those on the M's. Need to update it though, I'm about three firmware updates behind. Looking forward to trying out the Sansamp effect once the unit has the latest firmware.
  13. Wow - that amp looks awesome and I bet it sounds even better.
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