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  1. I love these bases and would like to try one out some day - but they're not all that common. How do you find the neck? I read that Sheehan likes thick necks? I like skinny necks which has put me off getting one.
  2. Such a gorgeous bass! You must be well chuffed.
  3. This bass used to be my baby. Jon made it in 2007/8. I still miss it - has brilliant action, is amazing to play and I used to get compliments on my tone quite often when gigging. It's an awesome bass.
  4. I've been using PJB's like yours, Silvia, and really like them for my bass. However they sound a bit crap on my digital piano so I've recently bought a pair of Beyer Dynamics DT770. Well better than the PJB's for music in general, they appear a lot more robust than the rather flimsey-feeling PJB's, and lastly they are just as good with the bass as the PJB's. Allround a much superior headphone in every respect - and only slightly dearer. I got the 80ohm version.
  5. Pure disco bass that. Love it!
  6. I enjoyed that, well explained and a nice choice of riffs. Makes me want one. Thanks for posting.
  7. Man, I love these mustangs with the go faster stripes - they look sick! If they still made them that way I don't think I could resist!
  8. I've not seen a vintage Mustang priced that highly before...but then again I've not seen one that old for sale either so it could be a fair price. If you like the bass but not the price why not contact the shop and haggle? You never know.
  9. Wow - I had no idea Fender made such a bass. Seems a bit 'out there' by their ultra conservative stance, but then again - it was the 80's.
  10. I have a Line 6 M13. How does the new Helix range compare - anyone have experience of both? I'm aware of the amp sim function on the Helix, but are the actual effects a step up from the M series? Or is there improved functionality?
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