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  1. Tempting. Any trades at all Al? Got a couple of Volcas I'm looking to offload as well as other gear?
  2. Love the short scale and don't mind the no knobbage at all, but the price and colour scheme don't work for me.
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  4. Most of the music I listen to these days is instrumental as I seem to have grown less tolerant of dodgy lyrics as I've grown older. Although I've just blown the dust of the Temple of the Dog album and man, Chris Cornell was the bomb! As an aside, one of my favourite moments of recording is listening to the singer in isolation. With a good singer you really get a sense of the power of the voice and how much of an instrument it truly is,
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Awesome - a new band with cool music to listen too. Love this. Thanks for posting!
  7. I think you're right there. That's about the best we could do - ventilators are a bit spendy though. Yeah one of the lads suggested this - we've decided to get back into it from next weekend. Use Dehumidifiers and wear masks, open the doors between songs and use fans to circulate the air. It's about the best we can do in the circumstance. It's either this or wait out a cure. 🙄
  8. It's only my band's room. No-one else uses it. We're hoping to avoid this scenario as we like our room.
  9. After a hiatus since the lock down the rest of band and myself are all itching to get back into it. I dropped some gear off at our band room in the rehearsal studio this morning and it made me both happy and sad - like seeing an old friend. We're all quite safe when it comes to our everyday dealings, some of us work from home these days, and we are all careful about social distancing and wearing masks which should help to reduce the risks. The issue is that the room has zero ventilation. The windows were boarded up for security reasons and then treated with sound proofing. I've read that there is evidence that Covid is airborne so the lack of movement of air is not great. We were thinking of leaving the room door open and using fans but I'm not sure if our neighboring bands would appreciate that. Moving to another rehearsal studio isn't on the cards at moment. Given the above, do any of my fellow Bass Chatting brethren have any ideas how we can approve the ventilation/minimize the risk further? I have a Skype meeting with the lads later this evening (along with virtual drinks) so any ideas would be most welcome.
  10. Wow! Awesome disco machine!
  11. Bought an Iron Maiden Tab book along with my new bass back in 88. First song was running free. I was chuffed to bits when I learned it and must have played it a hundred times on the spin. Makes me happy thinking back now.
  12. Big shout out for Jeff - I sent him the wrong parcel and he offered to send it on straight away, no complaints at all - and refunded a sum I had offered to pay for inconvenience. Credit to Bass Chat! Thanks Jeff.
  13. Can't go wrong with either of them - both nice in different ways.
  14. Love SR's - it's the neck and light weight in particular. Happy NBD!
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