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  1. Yup, I would have loved to have had access to that video about a year ago - it would have saved the band so much time. Thanks for your reply re my issue. In reply: the guitar amp is never going to be lowered down: it's about the right level for the drums. The guitarist wouldn't go down the amp modelling route, and to be fair, his tone is brilliant so I wouldn't want him to. Will try different tips, and yeah, I think customs may be the only viable solution, unfortunately for me.
  2. After a bit of advice. My band, a three-piece, has a wired set up. I'm using a Behringer P2 with KZ ZS10 in ears. The issue I have is that the guitar - which is balanced volume-wise with the drums and generally not overpowering, bleeds way too much into my in ear mix which then leads me to adjust my in ear levels way too high to compensate. The guitars aren't coming from the mixer, they're coming through the physical in ear earphones. Recently, I've had a couple of instances of ringing in my ears following rehearsals and a gig - which can't continue. I'd just add that we're not a particularly loud band and there isn't an issue with volume (guitar or otherwise) when not using in ears. I can't afford proper moulded in ears, which I fear may be the only solution. Thanks Ste
  3. I like it but...aside from the relic job, I prefer the Flea sig; the tort guard and maple headstock is nicer, for me.
  4. Wow - incredible condition for it's age. I remember reading cracking reviews about TE's acoustic amps back in the day.
  5. The P2 is a lighter/smaller form factor that doesn't pull your your pants down when you're playing. The P1 can do stereo but the P2 is mono and duplicates the mono signal to both ears.
  6. I listened to the new Ulysses tune yesterday - as awesome as ever. Absolutely love this guy's style and tone.
  7. I thought you had moved this on. It's my favourite top that they do in this range.
  8. Aaaaaagh! YOB bass in my fave Fender colour combo Olympic white with a tort guard! I have no money but my two kidneys could be yours! I need this bass - I don't need my kidneys!
  9. As nice as Alan Cringean is - I don't think he would go for it somehow.
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