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  1. Hey - I come up with this exact bass (save the pups) on the configurator the other week! Noice!
  2. This thread lead me to take a look at the Alpher website. Wow - their gallery is pure bass poon!
  3. That's it - I'm off to Bulgaria!
  4. I only have three of their albums. Out of those Moving Pictures is the one I play the most.
  5. Listened to this a few months ago - awesome awesome track. Much love for this band - and not just Dart. Woops - should have read the OT! Not seen this version, will listen at home. Thanks for posting.
  6. Sexy bass! I do love this Vintera range! Enjoy your new bass!
  7. I've got a tobacco burst version and it really is an awesome bass. This one's even prettier.,
  8. I don't mind TB and used to use it a lot. There's loads of helpful people on there. I eventually got bored having to wade passed all the club threads which popped up over the years and dominate the first couple of pages of each thread.
  9. Nice job! I respect anyone who can build a bass - I wouldn't know where to start!
  10. That looks awesome! How do the pups sound? Aside from their shape, are they just P pups?
  11. Haha - I was about to point you in that direction!
  12. I thought that but he adjusts the tone setting and it sounds great thereafter.
  13. I would normally prefer a Japanese Fender to a Mexican but standard Mex Mustangs are excellent and I can't see these being much better. From the Japanese website I love the look of that orange Vintera!
  14. That looks pretty. Not sure about the price though.
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