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  1. Can anyone point us towards decent wah settings for bass? I've had a root through this thread but can't see anything and I can't quite figure out anything I like.
  2. Thanks Quatshmacher - will try that tonight.
  3. I'm struggling to follow the instructions in updating the firmware. The manual recommends downloading the latest distribution package but I see that this is version 1.22; does this mean it's not the latest version or is this the one I need to download?
  4. Sweet bass - a bargain to boot!
  5. Lovely. I had one of those, it's an amazing bass for the money. I only parted with it as I moved to short scale. If they did a short scale version of this I'd definitely pick one up.
  6. I did the basic and most of the intermediate slap courses. I went from being crap at it to sounding proficient. Although this was always a last 10 minutes of my daily practice routine kind of thing. I reckon I would have completed the course, including advanced if I really concentrated on it. Yeah, at £7.99? I'd say give it a go. Not sure if he does any free trials but it's not a lot of money should you decide it's not for you.
  7. I'm having to be a bit thrifty with my money so have cancelled by online tutor subsciription. So what books are out there? Any recommendations? There was Volume 1: how to play jazz and improvise, which was a recent recommendation from another thread. I may go for this but wouldn't mind considering other options - doesn't have to be Jazz related.
  8. Take a look at Stuart Clayton's website. He's straight to the point which I like and not too spendy either.
  9. Yeah, the guitarist who is an IT manager recommended something called JammR which I'm going to look into in a bit.
  10. This was mentioned briefly on a closed thread: is this possible? Anyone doing it? Had a quick butchers on the net but couldn't really find anything all that helpful. Thanks
  11. Got an email from Line 6 - they have an offer on for 30% off their amp and pedal sims apps - including the Helix Native. Could be a good time to buy it - although I can't see whether this offer includes the deal where you already get a reduction if you register one of the fx units.
  12. Sorry Cameron - I didn't see your reply. I would give my right nut for one of those, their reviews are all round excellent. HOwever, brand new they are well out of my price range. I've gone for an Acer Helios 300. Some comments on audio sites saying they use them so will keep my fingers crossed.
  13. I got a double four and it is nice - but I wouldn't recommend it for limit use, be a bit extravagant. I've tried a Roland Microcube RX and thought it was awesome for it's size - suprisingly punchy. I'd go with that.
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