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  1. I've converted to short scales over the last year or so. I love jazz's so got an ACG finn 30" with jazz pups - still sounds very much like a jazz to me. I reckon a short scale precision would still sound on the money.
  2. Not a Hammers fan but if I was I would be absolutely delighted! I think the top looks awesome and happy for Steve.
  3. Wow - think this has swung it for me - Helix HX coming right up!
  4. Get in - would love one of these!
  5. I like waaay more basses than not. Off the top of my head the only one's I don't really like, aesthetically at least, would be spikey, metal-oriented, basses.
  6. Nah - if it's fun then do it. I'm in my very late 40's and still in an originals band!
  7. As I've got older I've found that I listen to instrumental music more and more as I can't abide poor lyrics.
  8. Lovely - shell pink and tort is well yummy!
  9. Hmmm, my interest has cooled somewhat!
  10. I'm definitely interested in this bass. Anyone have any idea of the price range?
  11. Wow - these look awesome. I do love the original mustangs with the stripe and I like these even more! I like all the colours too!
  12. I bought a Super Twin not long after they came out - that must be around 8 or 9 years ago now. I still love it. Sounds awesome and is still in great nick too.
  13. I like it in red - and won't look as dusty as the black one.
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