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  1. ooooft I nearly forgot its an affy nice bass GLWTS
  2. Wasn't aware of this just read a cracking article on the very subject , very interesting and points to the facts. The statement as above is perfectly correct. Every day is a school day..keep up the good work ..
  3. Cool ..getting g a drummer to stop playing is never easy and a pint a champagne is not cheap ...
  4. Interesting relationship you have with said drummer
  5. thinking this could be the same year as mine need to check the serial number these are cracking basses ...nice necks quite wide but thin, very comfortable mine is not super light but that's the way I like em GLWTS
  6. I d love to have this ..but my 57 reissue Japanese Fender doesn't do back seat .. .. the only alternative would be a real 57 or one of they Fullerton jobs fae the eighties heard good things about those ..don't see them that much and when they do come up I cant put ma hands on 2K it actually crossed my mind to rip oot the frets and go full circle as the Tokai I had was fretless..
  7. Help ma Boab My first decent bass was one of these ..sadly it was borrowed and I had to give it back .. I often wonder where it went .. I suspect it was smashed to pieces in a domestic, the guys then partner was a total head case who loved a right good argument most of the time she ended up smashing something... all his gear was lost this way ...mind you he was a head case as well took a hammer to a lovely steel road bike the cost of the repair was close to the cost of a new frame GLWTS
  8. LoL ..that I ll be you oot the closet noo .. affy nice Bass and in this condition you ll be hard pushed to see another
  9. Ha HA ha HA looks like it was dragged oot a fire Nice if you like that kinda thing .. I do like a played in neck and this certainly has that GLWTS
  10. I feel physically sick after reading this It is unusual and hopefully it will make it way back to where it belongs good news about the cats ...camoan the cats ... good luck with this
  11. Nice bit of wood for the fire
  12. Love This (sadly its beyond my means ) GLWTS
  13. I have one of these I am sure its a 94/95 its in sunburst with anodized pick guard ... It is an absolute belter and I would never sell it .. the neck is one of the best I have tried and it bumps like a precision should whoever gets this will not be disappointed GLWTS
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