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  1. This is something I have heard too, but since it doesn't say in the original specs and I am also not the original 1st owner so I'd rather say that I don't know.
  2. Yes, it has pickups in it. and to be more serious, I don’t have a clue. All I know is that it sounds great, maybe there are some more knowledgeable people that could shed some light what Limelight is using? This is the original archived advert for this bass from the maker and there is no mention about that https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/sold_basses/limelight105jbass.htm
  3. Someone is going to get an early Christmas gift for him/herself plenty of interest but the bass is still waiting for the new owner.
  4. Hey guys, I am selling this beauty because I decided to get back on the road and need a funds towards a car. Hard decision, as I wanted a Limelight for a long time and got this one in a trade here on basschat a while back, but now I am playing more heavy music where my Spector bass is being used most often. Not sure what I could say, I think most of the people here are familiar with the brand. It is a very nice Jazz, reliced in a very tasteful way, currently strung with Thomastik Jazz Flats which I love so much that every time I get a Jazz or Precision I put them on immediately. Nice and low action. Sounds fantastic live. Again, not really sure what else to say, it is just a great Jazz Bass, and does its thing really well. I have priced it for a quick sale and unfortunately I am not interested in any trades. I will throw old but functional gig bag with it, and while I prefer if buyer pick up in person, I do have a spare box that my other bass came in lying around so I could potentially pack it up for postage if buyer arrange the courier. I am located in North West London just outside M1 junction 1(Staples Corner), you are more than welcome to pop in and try the bass for as long as you need and play it through my Markbass combo. Any questions just message me.
  5. So, you don't care about the money, you pay for everything but you don't own it, and at the same time if you pay for something you want to have it?
  6. As far as the specs say, they still have ‘narrow-tall’ frets
  7. I really want to put the trigger on the P bass, but I'm waiting for some reviews just to make sure they are similar in sound and build quality.
  8. I know it does have a P in there and it could be as easy as rolling the bridge pickup down, but for some reason this bass even on the P pickup alone doesn't sound as nice as some of the P basses I had before, and I had a few. It is still a nice tone, but has it's own character to it. I am just a sucker for a good P bass with flats and few months ago I sold my Fender classic 50s P bass and I kinda miss that, but now I am considering just getting a new Squier Classic Vibe 60s P, but I am waiting for some sound tests to appear on youtube to see if they are as good as the old ones.
  9. Managed to sell my car so the bass can stay with me, but before I withdraw it, I want to see if there are any people wanting to trade some nice precision basses for it. If you have a nice precision and are willing to trade, just let me know. But that’s either straight trade or with cash my way. Any Limeligh Precision?
  10. mr.noisy


    Lawrence bought a Ditto looper from me recently. We had a great communication, he paid promptly and it was all round positive experience. Thanks
  11. Most of the things are gone already. Pedalboard is still looking for a new home and also a couple of pedals left.
  12. mr.noisy


    Chris just bought from me effect pedal and this was our second transaction. Just like before, great communication and a prompt payment. Great experience once again. Thanks a lot.
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