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  1. Trade With a very nice fbass 6 can be too
  2. Trade price 3700e Sale price 3150euro More infos and fotos anytime
  3. Trade with ken smith elite 6 preferably bt body shape Only perfect condition
  4. You know I had already in my life about 12 -13 smiths but something like this only now , it is an unbelievable smith in a perfect condition with a nice weight and the best neck from ken ,very easy to play in the first position, in active mode with bass in 4 middle in 6-7 and treble in 7 the bass really sings the tone is incredible . So if no one give me the money that i paid , sure is a keeper🍻
  5. Guys one more time, trades only with fodera 6 otherwise I will keep it It is perfect Smith
  6. Come on guys this bass kills💥💥💥
  7. Please trades, only if you have a nice fodera , nothing more
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