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Status Updates posted by Sibob

  1. LaBella Gold Flats fitted to my Lakland 44-94......sounds great on some recordings so far! Can't wait to gig it. Here's to not changing strings ever again?! lol

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    2. davebass66


      Have you found them slightly quieter than regular nickels or flats? I loved the tone of them on my P but then output was def lower!

    3. Sibob


      @davebass66Hmmm, can't say I've noticed a volume dip compared to the Chromes on my '71 Precision, but difficult to know what other differences are coming from the pickups etc (my 44-94 is a custom passive P/J). Not noticed anything significant going from the factory rounds it had on it to the Golds, but not to say there might have been some very minor differences, nothing my amp can't handle lol.

    4. DanEly


      I was about to ask if you noticed a volume drop. I had a huge volume drop on my Precision. I was previously using Chromes and Rounds.  

  2. LaBella Gold Flats on the way for my Lakland 44-94.....which also happens to be gold :biggrin:
    I think I may be done with roundwounds?! o.O

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    2. Sibob


      @discreetIt’s only an 80’s bass if it’s headless and white with black hardware! :biggrin:

    3. discreet


      Yeah, that's the other sort of 80s bass... that I don't like. :)

    4. JellyKnees


      I have the la Bella low tension flats on my 55-94 currently... sound's the dog's!

  3. Don't suppose anyone in the Hemel Hempstead/High Wycombe areas has a Kala U-bass (or very similar) that I might borrow for some recording? If it gets the result I want, may well purchase one. Cheers

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    2. Sibob


      Many thanks for the offer Marc :)

    3. TheGreek


      Stableyard Music at Hatfield House have a large range of Ukes - you'll probably have to visit them to see which are any good.


      Tell John I sent you.....


    4. Sibob


      Cheers for that Mick, although hoping to borrow and record one first to see if it does what I need :)

  4. NCFBD!!! :D

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    2. SpondonBassed
    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ah, now I see. What did you opt for Sibob?

    4. Sibob


      The post is up in Basses :)

  5. Unexpected (a cheap, pre-ACG, impulse buy) NBD pending, let the guessing commence haha

  6. Had a dream that I bought an SGC Nanyo Bass Collection strung with Labella Gold White strings for £250 from The Gallery.......it COULD happen!

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    2. SpondonBassed


      Yeah right!  I have a dream where Labella do flats in sets of five.  It COULD happen.

    3. Sibob


      They do 5 string sets of their flats & tapes!! Just not the low tension ones.

    4. SpondonBassed


      Yes.  I think I said that.

  7. Been playing my Lakland 55-01 almost exclusively over the last couple of weeks (through necessity for an upcoming gig), and it's just brilliant. These hit so far above their weight for the money!!

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    2. Sibob


      The US models have a much more vast selection of woods available to choose from, quarter-sawn necks (more stable) etc etc. But they can cater for a lot more than I think people realise, so for example; want your 55-02 but with two humbuckers instead of the J, or a P and a humbucker, or three humbuckers!?! They'll likely be able to hook you up with a custom 55-94. Want a passive 44-94 with a P/J setup, they'll build it.....that's what I got :). They built a very cool short-scale Decade with MM/J pickups for a guy in america, sonic blue colour, no scratch plate, looks like the lovechild of a 44-94 & a Decade, really cool.

    3. jonnypf


      Sure, they have amazing custom options etc, I mean more in terms of pure function. It's hard to beat the 55-02 for what I want in a 5 string, especially with the US pickups & pre-amp, it being pleckd, then getting installed/finished/QC'd in Chicago.

      I am SURE if I had the spare cash I could easily find something truly amazing from Lakland USA! :biggrin:

    4. Sibob


      Oh absolutely, don't get me wrong, the Skyline stuff, for the most part, is amazing if the spec fits your needs.  I would only 'upgrade' my 55-01 to a custom 55-94 with two humbuckers if I had a fair bit of money to burn.......which is never going to be the case I imagine haha, just because the 55-01 is excellent.

  8. Learning the tune 'Total Praise' for a gospel'y type gig later this month (new to me, it's like someone who doesn't believe in Spiderman learning the Spiderman theme). 
    Definite 5 string city, needs more chords though*..........

    *it doesn't need more chords

    1. dodge_bass


      It's great isn't it...played it a few years back backing a gospel choir...enjoy!

  9. Lol, Trump has been retweeting Britain First this morning

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    2. Lozz196


      Very stupid of him, but I wonder if there would be such an uproar if he`d tweeted something from the far-left?

    3. alyctes


      Yes of course there would.  But it would be from his supporters.  It's probably about the only thing he could do to seriously alienate them.

    4. SpondonBassed


      He's, er, unique.