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Status Updates posted by Sibob

  1. Is anyone planning on going to Bass Direct this week?

  2. Mega long-shot, but is anyone driving between Herts and Leeds any time in the next 1-3 weeks?

    1. TheGreek




      Former member @bassface2k10 is a truck driver. I've messaged him to see if he can help...



    2. Sibob


      This is just an alternative plan B to shipping a bass 🙂. I’ll likely just post it as we’ve discussed!

      Thanks though! 

  3. Anyone around the High Wycombe/ Bucks  area got a rectangular guitar box that would be suitable for shipping a bass?

    1. ratman


      I've got 2 rectangular guitar boxes I need to get shot of. One is 122 x 52 x 20cm, the other is 125 x 50 x 18cm. I'm a little further away in London N4, but if either are any use to you give me a shout.

    2. TheGreek


      Hey Si

      I have a few...you know where I am. 


  4. Is anyone a La Bella string user AND use their extra-long 5 string nickel sets?

    Long shot I know 😅

    1. franzbassist


      Are you looking for a set Si, or just curious about them?

  5. Sorted - Anyone close to Neston/Corsham in Wiltshire?

    1. JapanAxe


      You have a PM.

  6. Back home from surgery, time to browse the classifieds? 😂

    1. LukeFRC
    2. Sibob
    3. LukeFRC


      Stylish… I was more thinking whatever you find in the classifieds! 

  7. Long-shot, but anyone in South Bucks (High Wycombe way) have a Spector Euro or Rebop 4 string? I’d love to try one out! 

    1. prowla


      Slightly down-market, but I have a Spector Performer (Indonesian) for £200; I'm in Bracknell.



      Alternatively @NancyJohnson was looking at selling a more upmarket model.

    2. NancyJohnson


      Cheers Paul.


      @SibobI've got a EuroLT - Barts/Darkglass tone cap.  I'm in Crowthorne, other side of Wokingham.  About ten miles from HW.

    3. Sibob


      Thanks both, not currently looking to purchase (I don’t think), just give one a go.

  8. Did anyone just pick up that 1978 natural Precision from Andy Baxter? Looked like a really decent one!

  9. Had my Serek out for a gig on Saturday just gone. While I KNOW it's an amazing bass....it never fails to surprise me how good it actually is, how fun it is. Love it! Was a fantastic gig!

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Pictures or it didn’t happen 😎

    3. Clarky


      My Serek MW is so easy to play and weighs zip all (about 7 pounds). Such a pleasant bass to gig, never fighting against it

    4. Sibob


      Mine’s a bit heavier at 7.5lbs, purely because it’s all Walnut @Clarky



  10. After loving the album since I was a kid, I've had to finally learn Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Feet for a first dance. Such a banger!

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    2. MrSpace


      Hey my dad used to play this in the car all the time too! Fantastic album, I watched a great documentary about the making of it recently too (Under African Skies). Loved the Bass + vocals version, I never heard that before. 

    3. petecarlton


      "I was 8 when this came out and I remember even then tuning into the bass line."


      Ouch!  I was 35, but I still loved (and love) the bass line.  That is a great version @Rich, thanks!

    4. Rich


      The more I listen to this, the more I love the bassline. It's perfect. Bakithi absolutely nailed it... well let's face it, he and his knackered old Washburn bass pretty much own the whole album!

      And yeah, thanks guys for making me feel so old... 👴

  11. Oh the Guild Starfire I was coveting in the classifieds is gone….I am sadness 😔

    1. Kiwi


      It's a small compensation, but at least the money stays in your pocket. 

  12. Horray, BB Bass Pre on the way :D 

  13. My Moollon P-Classic was an excellent bass, but I've just had it properly set-up and now it's just even more wonderful!! 🙌

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Sorry Si, this section is for Status Updates.


      You need to be in the Moollon Updates section.


    2. Daz39


      I think he's just having a brag about how awesome his setter-upperer is!

    3. Sibob


      @Daz39Absolutely haha. Steve Busby in High Wycombe

  14. I THINIK I'm getting something on Saturday.....but no more details incase I jinx it!

    1. LukeFRC


      designed in Chicago? 

    2. Reggaebass


      I’m intrigued 🙂

  15. Getting married TODAY 🥰😁

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Sorry I missed this.
      Hope you had a great day, and congratulations :) :) 

    3. nige1968
    4. Daz39


      Woo congrats!

  16. Oh no.....a bass I've wanted for a while has become available. £2k+ though.....what to do!?!
    I should probably go try it and hope that it's rubbish haha

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    2. pete.young


      Seems overpriced to me, even by todays inflated standards. Think that was the right call, whatever the reason.

    3. LukeFRC


      I agree with Pete

  17. Tool tickets acquired. Happy with that!

  18. Assuming you wanted the bass, would you buy a 5 string that weighed 10.4lbs?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. flippyfloop
    3. Marvin


      I regularly carry anything up to 16kg on my shoulder, so 4.7kg (10.4lbs) probably wouldn't be an issue for me.

    4. Sibob


      Thanks all, it’s been interesting to see a range of opinions on this. Think I’m sorted now 🙂

  19. Just picked up some KZ-ZS10 Pro in-ear monitors for £42 from Amazon. 5 driver per side, very impressed with them for the price!

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    2. JapanAxe


      Mine are supposed to be arriving today...

    3. JapanAxe


      These are excellent - very detailed sound and comfortable to wear. I've used some of the packaging to store them in a small plastic box in my gig box.

      Thanks for the tip @Sibob

    4. Sibob


      Nice little find huh!

  20. First gig back tomorrow! Pretty low pressure, but still.....from someone who used to gig, at the minimum, once a week....I'm a bit anxious haha. Excited too though!

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    2. LukeFRC


      good luck! what you taking? 

    3. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      A couple of Valium I would imagine 😜

    4. Sibob


      @LukeFRC This will be my Elrick NJS5 on it's first outing! Excited for that!

  21. Oh no.....I had my Lakland DJ5 set up properly, and now I don't want to sell it!! 😅

    1. lowregisterhead


      Then don't. I just sold mine, and now I'm wondering if I should have! 😳

    2. TheGreek


      Sellers remorse - a cruel mistress.

      "Regrets...I've had a few..."

  22. Really missing my old Lakland 55-01 today. I'm very lucky to have some incredibly basses, including another great 55-01......but I would have the original back in a flash!

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      @Sibob - the best you can hope for is a first refusal should he ever have a change of heart. 

    3. Sibob


      @hiram.k.hackenbacker Exactly, I live in hope haha

    4. Sibob


      Uh-oh, found one on Reverb 🤭

  23. Oh the HX Stomp B15 amp model 😍

    1. acidbass


      I love it!  Played a gig last week with it for the first time.  I reduce the Gain to 2.0 or so for minimum breakup, I correct the lower volume then with a simple gain block after it.  Such sweet saturation!

    2. LukeFRC


      Its good isn't it :)

  24. Lakland 44-64 in the house :D. Will do a post soon

    1. SpondonBassed



  25. Oh dear......got love-sick for my long-gone Lakland 55-01....so bought another. oops

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheGreek


      My thinking too @Rich

    3. Sibob


      Getting it setup, then will post about it :) 

    4. geoham


      I keep toying with the idea of getting rid of mine, then play it and immediately decide against it!

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