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  1. 10 days and counting for the Lakland in customs 🙄

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    2. Sibob


      Being delivered Monday, the day before I leave for NAMM 😂 

    3. CameronJ


      Oh god, I can’t wait to meet the same fate once my Wingbass is finished...

      What’s the percentage they charge these days?

    4. Sibob


      @CameronJ I ended up paying around 25% on top of the final balance (which included shipping) 😣.

      More than I expected this time, however still cheaper than me getting it in the UK

  2. Right, I know of a few people, but who's at NAMM in a couple of weeks?

    1. Rich


      @Chownybass and @doctor_of_the_bass definitely are :) 

    2. Chownybass


      Yeah man! New basses. New friends! 

  3. New Lakland is in the UK......now for the customs wait! 😴

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    2. lowregisterhead


      Nice. What are you getting?

    3. Sibob


      @lowregisterhead You’ll have to wait for the NBD thread ;) 

    4. lowregisterhead


      Ha! You tease, you. I've got a Lakland arriving on Friday, so I'll be posting on there shortly myself...

  4. Revisiting the Boss ODB-3......I mean it's crappy stock, but have ordered the Monte Allums Tri-Gain Mod kit to aid with that issue haha. 
    It's Boss, so features and functions are excellent, but hopefully this mod will make it more than useable sound wise!

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    2. Chiliwailer


      Getting it all in before 2019 eh? ;)

    3. Sibob
    4. bartelby


      I modded my ODB-3 a few years back with the Wampler mods; switch to choose clipping diodes and switch to select input caps. I found that switching to different diodes made the overdrive signal separate from the clean. So when blending it sounded like two signals overlaid.

  5. Long-shot, but anyone in Herts (Hemel)/Bucks (Wycombe) got a Noble Pre/DI I could try?

    1. TheGreek


      Met a fella called David who stores gear for Music companies while bands aren't touring. If bands split, he's left with it. He has a LOT of gear. He's based in High Wycombe, by the council offices IIRC - give him a ring/email.

      [email protected]


      Mick[email protected]


  6. Something ordered 😁

    2-3 month wait!

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      It shouldn't take that long to get a custom avatar ...

  7. Ok......I changed it

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    2. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Shouldn't your boy be in the picture?


    3. Sibob


      No, he’s even more crap at bass than I am @Happy Jack

    4. Silvia Bluejay
  8. Big shout out to Markbass UK (MSL Pro & Real Electronics) for a 24 hour turnaround on a small LM800 repair!

    1. SpondonBassed


      Yes!  We like real time support.

    2. TheGreek


      That is good. My local Tech speaks very highly of the CS team - always get his order out promptly.

    3. Prime_BASS


      Used real electronics before. They were nothing but amazing.

  9. Something nice in the post!!

  10. Just been quoted £100 for a custom tort Precision style pickguard lol

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    2. discreet


      @Sibob I know nothing about it either, so maybe they can!  But to cut a bevel round an irregular shape would be tricky, no? Again I don't know, being a Luddite. It used to be all trees round here... 🌳🌳

    3. Sibob


      @discreet But.....but....computers?!?!? 

    4. Ruck


      I thought I could get away with buying a 3 ply white/black/white scratchplate for my Fender Precision Deluxe, for £30, and leave it in the sunshine to try getting it to a parchment kinda colour. Still waiting.... Its been like 6 months! The alternative was buying a Parchment Scratchplate but it wsa 3 times the price before it even got here from the USA!

  11. Jocee's new EP 'They Say' is now available on Spotify and CD. Let me know what you think. Now let's commence 'spot the fretless': 


  12. Still looking for a Bartolini Precision pickup to borrow for a few days if anyone has one in a drawer somewhere :)

  13. ACG arrived.....just saying 😉

  14. Anyone have a Bartolini Precision pickup I could borrow for a few days?

  15. Anyone still doing Facebook? Just startered a Bass page for myself. If you’re so inclined, go and give it a like & follow!


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    2. Sibob


      I guess I just use socials to keep in contact with the ‘wider’ bass community! I barely have any personal stuff Facebook anymore, or rather barely update it with personal stuff. Alllll Bass lol

    3. bassbiscuits


      That is a plan i'm still weighing up - whether to create a new FB account just as me the bass player/singer/musician/painter etc etc, and keep it for professional arts/music stuff, gig dates, videos etc.

      But then again i realise the number of people who 'liked' my posts telling them about forthcoming gigs etc didnt actually translate into any of them actually coming along! I'd be better off just texting the people i know who live nearby and might fancy it.

    4. discreet


      The bass community doesn't get much wider than it is here on Basschat. In fact my doctor says that if anything, I'm TOO wide.

  16. Did a bass cover, first time for everything. John Mayer's 'Still Feel Like Your Man' (Pino): 


    1. BassApprentice


      Nicely done! Love this bass line.

    2. Higgie


      Nicely done man :)


    3. Ceebass


      Good skills dude. Nailed the vibe!

  17. Mustang has arrived! :D

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    2. TheGreek


      A horse or the car??

    3. Sibob
    4. Sibob


      @Happy Jack she’s dead....and don’t pretend any  of us are sad about it!

  18. Mustang bass on the way, shortscale La Bella flatwounds ordered, boom!

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    2. Les
    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      I must admit, I like the look of the Mustang.... but I don't need another bass! lol
      I'm sure you you't actually "need" another bass either Sibob - but that won't stop you enjoying it :) 
      Let us know what you think.... no, wait, don't..... or I'll be getting GAS for one ;)

    4. Sibob


      @Marc S You're quite right, certainly don't need it....but always been curious about Mustangs. Think it's going to be fantastic for recording and gigs where we don't have much space to transport gear. Also my wife has taken on some bass gigs, so will be perfect for her too (she plays a Mustang guitar).

  19. Just realised I've been on Basschat for 11 years O.o....not to mention it's previous guises!

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    2. discreet


      You said not to mention its previous guises... o.O

    3. Sibob


      @discreetWas on Bassworld too, although don’t recall how long that was for!

    4. NJE


      I cant believe basschat has been going that long. It only seemed a few years ago the name changed and I was Bassworld for a good few years too, crazy how much time has passed.

  20. La Bella Flats vs Chromes and Lakland Rounds vs Gold White Nylons comparison thread now up in Accessories & Misc forum

    1. discreet


      I wasn't even aware of Gold White Nylons... Hmm...

  21. La Bella Flats & Gold White Nylons have arrived!! The Flats will replace the Chromes on my Precision, but will make some recordings for a direct comparison! Very much looking forward to testing the GW Nylons on my Lakland 5!

    1. Kevsy71


      Look forward to your Chrome vs La Bella thoughts Si! I'm now settled on Fender 9050Ms on my Limelight , very nice combination :)

    2. Sibob


      Yes, will be interesting to hear any differences from your comparison, although I'm using the 'standard' Flats as opposed to the Original '54 Flats you had.
      I really like the Chromes, but with my Lakland having the La Bella Gold Flats on now, which are brighter with more attack (similar to Chromes), thought I'd try something a little more thump and mellow on my Precision. Plus means I can now potentially get all my strings from one brand.

  22. Ooooo JoCee EP release booked at Pizza Express Jazz in Soho, never played there before :)

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Good luck with the gig and sales of the EP Sibob :)

    3. Sibob


      Thanks :)


    4. Lee-Man


      I've played there a couple of times. Its always been great. 

  23. Bass Collection Jive fretless is sounding excellent on a new JoCee recording!! Very impressed!

    1. OmeDunk


      You're not helping with my fretless GAS

    2. Sibob


      Wait until you hear it!! :)

  24. LaBella Gold Flats fitted to my Lakland 44-94......sounds great on some recordings so far! Can't wait to gig it. Here's to not changing strings ever again?! lol

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    2. davebass66


      Have you found them slightly quieter than regular nickels or flats? I loved the tone of them on my P but then output was def lower!

    3. Sibob


      @davebass66Hmmm, can't say I've noticed a volume dip compared to the Chromes on my '71 Precision, but difficult to know what other differences are coming from the pickups etc (my 44-94 is a custom passive P/J). Not noticed anything significant going from the factory rounds it had on it to the Golds, but not to say there might have been some very minor differences, nothing my amp can't handle lol.

    4. DanEly


      I was about to ask if you noticed a volume drop. I had a huge volume drop on my Precision. I was previously using Chromes and Rounds.  

  25. LaBella Gold Flats on the way for my Lakland 44-94.....which also happens to be gold :biggrin:
    I think I may be done with roundwounds?! o.O

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    2. Sibob


      @discreetIt’s only an 80’s bass if it’s headless and white with black hardware! :biggrin:

    3. discreet


      Yeah, that's the other sort of 80s bass... that I don't like. :)

    4. JellyKnees


      I have the la Bella low tension flats on my 55-94 currently... sound's the dog's!