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  1. Where !? That's a bit far for me i'm afraid. I was only going to come since it was a 20 min drive ! Have fun chaps .
  2. For several months i'd been GASing for a Stingray sound-a-like . Currently a reasonable sized gig rig (300w). Ashdown MAG300 / 210 / 115 cabs will do.
  3. Cowboys was done in one take right at the end of the session, it's not bad but I'm not a huge fan of the song anymore (after playing it way too much !).
  4. This week: Musicman / Fender / Yamaha. I may sell the Jazz..
  5. It's going to be a case of organise without me and i'll make it if I can for me.
  6. The 2 I went to were cool, much much smaller than the Bass Bash but that leads to a more intimate (ooer) feel.
  7. D'Addario Prosteels / EXLs / Chromes. I Like D'Addario .
  8. I apologise for the terrible mixes - our singer thought that it needed 'more treble'. Hopes Crumble To Dust recorded on Yamaha BB614, all others Yamaha RBX775. [url="http://www.myspace.com/shatteredage"]http://www.myspace.com/shatteredage[/url]
  9. I'd go for the 'cosmetic advantage'. You'll only be cheesed off if you get a 7 piece on the net for the sake of a few quid.
  10. [quote name='woodenshirt' post='4333' date='May 22 2007, 01:50 PM']If you haven't been in, they have some great bands on.....lots of music tastes catered for....great crowd....fantastic place to play........worth a visit Mart.[/quote] Never been there - I know roughly where it is though. [quote name='nash' post='4359' date='May 22 2007, 02:11 PM']i onder if you could fit another pup in the original space so you'd have a closely spaced double pup version.[/quote] I could do - the original routing remains - however I don't think i'd bother .
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Soundclip: [url="http://www.machinesofhate.myby.co.uk/Stingray.mp3"]http://www.machinesofhate.myby.co.uk/Stingray.mp3[/url]
  13. [quote name='woodenshirt' post='3931' date='May 21 2007, 09:51 PM']Great looking bass Machines, I've got a transitional bridge one myself. Can you still buy the mute kits and if so where from and how much? That pickup placement does look rather interesting........... By the way, noticed where you live, do you ever play at the Harvester in Solihull? - one of my fave gigs, fantastic crowd. Mart.[/quote] Harvester is a pub chain ? Which one ?
  14. I'll put some soundclips up tomorrow .
  15. I bought an Ibanez Musician MC900 a month or 2 back. This guy messaged me on myspace to offer a trade for a Stingay - I thought he was blagging it at first. The case was that he had a Musician in the 80's but sold it. He's been looking for one for a while to get back that old school sound. Met him today - thoroughly nice chap and more than happy with the condition of the Ibanez. I snapped his hand off, metaphorically speaking. Anyone who's seen a Stingray before will notice there's something not quite normal about it. You will notice the pickup has moved towards the neck - this is reversible with a new scratchplate (i'll see how it goes first). First impressions are good - the sound is very rich and snappy, the setup is perfect and it just wants a good slapping. It's a 1996 model with the transition bridge - I'll try and find a mute kit for it.
  16. I wouldn't go as far as to say one wood is sonically better than the other - they're more just different. I think you're better off with an active bass as you have much more control over the sound.
  17. Better certainly.. but you won't make a Squier sound like a Fodera no matter how much you spend on it.
  18. I think postponing it is a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly not everyone has made it over here yet - it almost needs to be republicised. Secondly I can't make next Saturday .
  19. Personally I think it's too many when you have 2 basses that sound the same.
  20. This week: Ibanez / Fender / Yamaha. Next week who knows ? ^_^
  21. Location here - £3 on the door if anyone bothers to come www.thenuts.info
  22. White perloid for me - anything else wouldn't go with that lovely bright red.
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