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  1. Old Hiwatt Cab

    OK thanks again guys.
  2. Old Hiwatt Cab

    OK. Thanks guys. Still no idea how much to sell it for
  3. Old Hiwatt Cab

    Sorry, should have mentioned. The code on the speakers are T2238. These seems to date back to 1973 I think. From looking on the net, it looks like Fanes should be in there, but I've also been told that HIWATT used to put in what ever they had at the time. Any idea on a valuation at all chaps?
  4. Old Hiwatt Cab

    Hi Guys, Haven't posted anything in a long time. Was just wondering if any of you might know more about this Cab I've just taken hold of. I think it's a 1973 SE 4122 cab, but I'm not sure if the speakers are originals. Here are some pics for you to have a look at. Also, if anyone has an idea of the value, i'd appreciate the feedback. [attachment=222358:IMG_20160622_205358.jpg] [attachment=222359:20160626_232534.jpg] [attachment=222360:20160626_232615.jpg] Cheers
  5. Yamaha SA503TVL

    After one of these if anyone can help out.
  6. Si, just having a look at the stems in logic and I can't work out what going on with the OH's. Missing oh.1 seems fine was planning on splitting these into mono tracks, but YLSoh.1 seems to be missing a chunk around the 1:21 mark. Cheers Keith
  7. We've just bought a QU16 - [url="http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?catId=Qu16&productId=Qu16"]http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?catId=Qu16&productId=Qu16[/url] You can record 16 tracks plus your stereo out onto a portable hard drive, or link it to your mac/pc if you want to record straight into your DAW. It has built in EQ/Compression/Limiter/Delay on every channel, so no need for lugging loads of outboard gear around with you. We've had it a few weeks now and love it.
  8. April/May Mix Competition - VOTING COMPLETE!

    [quote name='51m0n' timestamp='1370766506' post='2105173'] Well the first one we did was more than a bit reggae inspired to be honest. I was really hoping for some electronica or EDM (there are a whole different set of issues with getting this stuff sounding amazing, lots off differetn techniques to apply - pumping compression is a very good thing in EDM for instance) or something with a big horn section really (funk, ska or big band I dont care which, balancing horns in a mix can be tricky and is not something people get to do every day). But if everyone else wants to do a reggae/dub thing then we can go that way.... [/quote] I'd really like to have a go at some EDM too. Never done it before so would be up for the challenge!!
  9. headphone amp

    Cool, The desk has 12 outputs in total including 3 stereo outputs. Here's the desk I'm getting - [url="http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?catId=Qu16&productId=Qu16"]http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?catId=Qu16&productId=Qu16[/url]
  10. headphone amp

    Thanks man, Have been looking at something like this - [url="http://www.gak.co.uk/en/behringer-powerplay-pro-xl-ha-4700/1159?gclid=CNiFiLjdvbcCFTMQtAodhWwAZQ"]http://www.gak.co.uk/en/behringer-powerplay-pro-xl-ha-4700/1159?gclid=CNiFiLjdvbcCFTMQtAodhWwAZQ[/url] Each input has it's own aux in, so in theory I should be able to do a separate mix on each headphone channel? Do you think the above would work?
  11. headphone amp

    Hi everyone, I've just pulled the trigger and bought the new A&H QU16 digital desk and plan on doing some basic tracking/recording with my band as well as using it for all of our gigs. In a practice situation i'd like to mic up the kit, amps and vox and give everyone a separate mix through headphones. Has anyone got any recommendations for fairly cheap amp that will allow me to give between 4-8 separate headphone mixes? Cheaper the better please. Cheers Keith
  12. Show us your band video

    Some amazing vids/songs/talent so far... Spent a day shooting this a few months ago and is our debut single off the album too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa-67Oy7atE
  13. Iphone controlled Mixer

    I'm in the market for a new digital desk for my band, and I think were getting the QU-16 also. I also like the look of the X32 compact but I think the work flow on the QU-16 looks better for my needs.
  14. April/May Mix Competition - VOTING COMPLETE!

    Not going to be able to contribute this months chaps. Had loads on my plate
  15. Ear Plugs

    Cheers for that. Think I'm possibly getting too much boom in one ear. Will give them a call this afternoon.