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  1. Sold my cab to Hoff. Great guy who I would happily deal with again. Cheers Keith
  2. Bump, or maybe trade for a geetar.
  3. Thanks Nik, Yes, it is a fantastic cab - hopefully I won't regret moving it on. Cheers Keith
  4. Was £700 - Now £625 Up for sale is my RCF 4PRO Sub 8003 AS Active PA Subwoofer. Purchased second hand this year for 1 festival, but we no longer need it, hence the sale. Speaker is used but in good condition, and sounds fantastic. Technical Specs: Main Features: 1000 Watt Digipro digital amplifier 134 dB max spl -18" ferrite magnet woofer, 4" voice coil Large port area, for reduced distortion PFC power factor correction
  5. Now £425 Up for sale is this great sounding valve head and cab. The head has recently been serviced and has had new valves - sounds awesome!! Also included in the sale is the Orange padded gig bag and an orange dual foot-switch pedal. Would prefer collection, but can sort something out with any potential buyer. If you have any questions then please ask away. Feedback here - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/43109-feedback-for-butlerk02/?tab=comments#comment-427306 Cheers Keith
  6. Bump for a new price - would welcome a trade for a HX stomp.
  7. Up for sale is my Aguilar AG500. It’s my regular gigging amp and has been reliable and dependable, but I’m looking at down-sizing, so moving this on. It’s always lived in a protective case, so is in good condition, minus a bit of a scratch at the front left of the amp. I purchased this amp from Basschat many moons ago, so would be cool to sell it on here too. Feedback can be found here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/43109-feedback-for-butlerk02/?tab=comments#comment-427306
  8. Up for sale is my Bergantino HS410 cab. I purchased the cab through Bass Direct and it comes with the padded Berg cover and optional Berg castors. Only moving on as I mainly use front of house PA, and want to move to in-ears, along with a good DI pedal. Cab is in good condition, sounds fantastic, and has never let me down. Would prefer collection only but can arrange delivery at buyers expense. Haven’t posted on the site for a while, but you can view my previous feedback here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/43109-feedback-for-butlerk02/?tab=comments#comment-427306
  9. OK. Thanks guys. Still no idea how much to sell it for
  10. Sorry, should have mentioned. The code on the speakers are T2238. These seems to date back to 1973 I think. From looking on the net, it looks like Fanes should be in there, but I've also been told that HIWATT used to put in what ever they had at the time. Any idea on a valuation at all chaps?
  11. Hi Guys, Haven't posted anything in a long time. Was just wondering if any of you might know more about this Cab I've just taken hold of. I think it's a 1973 SE 4122 cab, but I'm not sure if the speakers are originals. Here are some pics for you to have a look at. Also, if anyone has an idea of the value, i'd appreciate the feedback. [attachment=222358:IMG_20160622_205358.jpg] [attachment=222359:20160626_232534.jpg] [attachment=222360:20160626_232615.jpg] Cheers
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