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  1. Great power supply at a bargain price 👍🏻
  2. Great thanks - will do - I honestly don't know if the cable is TRRS or TRS - it came with the SA Dual Expression pedal so I would assume so - will check
  3. It came with its own TRRS cable - I have an adapter for from 6.3 to 3.5mm cable which I use for my Keith McMillen Softstep 2 - that has always worked fine when I've used it for operating a 'virtual' Whammy pedal in Guitar Rig 5 - which is why I'm wondering why the C4 is having an issue with it... as I said previously I probably just need to get stuck in and see if it's a setting in the editor that can sort this
  4. Oh, that's probably why - I have an adapter - where can I get a Source Audio 3.5mm TRRS cable?
  5. There is a trim pot - I’ll have a bit more of a fiddle with that and see if it changes how it behaves - the exp pedal works fine on my filter pedal so I know that it’s working - and yes it’s definitely set to external expression. I’ve also tried changing the min-max values in the editor - I’ll do some further investigation soon.... what puzzled me most was the calibration didn’t seem to work - I use an exp pedal with my Softstep 2 controller and calibrating that is fine... any other thoughts are most welcome
  6. Fellow C4 owners - I'm having an issue with using an expression pedal - I have a Source Audio one in case you're wondering - bascially once I assign a control to the pedal the dial jumps from min to max and doesn't move smoothly... I've tried callibrating it in the settings but had no joy so far... any tips on how to do this properly would be appreciated - thanks
  7. Somehow I doubt you’ll find one in the ‘sale’ bedlam out there - unless you happen to have a discount code 😀 - enjoy!
  8. Mine finally arrived after a month of waiting - very happy with this little monster - the tracking is insanely good - actually better and more expressive than any MIDI solution I’ve tried so far - and while I LOVE the Meris Enzo - the tracking on the C4 is really stunning - with the added bonus of stupendous sounds too 😎
  9. Thanks - it really is a great pedal - will consider sensible offers for just the pedal - PM me if interested - cheers Mike
  10. I've had this pedal for a few months and it's seriously fantastic - it's had only home use and is in absolute mint condition with all original packaging. I need to let it go to free up some funds and this is currently a bit surplus to my requirements. I'm happy to throw in the Meris MIDI I/O box as this really opens up the pedal's possibilities as you can connect via Bluetooth and dive deep inside via the iPhone/iPad app into the pedal's filters, delays and wave shaping possibilities - but will sell the Enzo on its own for £220 - or with the MIDI box for £270 + P&P I live in south London so happy to arrange collection - or can post within the UK Thanks for reading - DM if you're interested Mike Official Blurb The Meris Enzo is a multi-voice synthesizer pedal the builds supreme synth soundscapes. Have you ever wanted to discover new tonal inspirations but either struggled with the way regular synth-style pedals either tracked on notes or that they could just sound weak and lifeless? Well look no further, as finally the ultimate synth pedal has landed and it will send your tone beyond the horizons! The Meris Enzo is a multi-voice synthesizer that will perfectly track your guitar for tight monosynth leads, complex chord polyphony, or multi-note sequenced arpeggiation with tap tempo and all without the need for a special pickup! Also, Enzo is not limited to just guitars. In fact, you can use the pedal pretty much on any instrument or line-level signal. Whether you choose to transform your beats on a drum machine, synthesize vocals or completely transform additional synths, loops or any other type of audio, Enzo’s complete synthesizer tool palette takes your sound to whole new realm. In addition, Enzo holds one of the most musical custom 6-mode filter section ever developed, a built-in compressor, dual delay line, ring modulator, portamento options, multiple envelope types, vast MIDI capabilities and the ability to seamlessly morph between sounds via an external expression pedal. Enzo is not just another synth pedal, it’s an instrument that will inspire your creativity and musicality for years to come.
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