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  1. Sold Pending the usual... cheers!
  2. Hey Guys Long time no post here - I'm good (see some of you on FB regularly - anyway I'm selling my two TC Electronic cabs as I love how they sound but really want a change - these are great cabs, the 210 has been gigged more than the 210 - which has had mainly home use and is in better condition, but aside from a few cosmetic nicks and chips (mainly on the under-side of the 112) they are in good condition, and of course can be stacked for a very big sound! They are a tiny bit heavier than some other cabs out there but their stackable design is brilliant - they deliver a really focused modern sound for sure. The RS112 is such a great versatile, sturdy and powerful cab - love it for home use and small gigs, it's great too when paired with the 210... I would like [b]£500[/b] for both but will consider splitting them - I only have the original boxes but not the polystyrene blocks - so I'd really prefer [b]collection from my place in Brixton[/b] if possible. Both have official fitted [b]TC Electronics covers[/b] Technical blurb on the cabs: [b]The TC Electronic RS210 [/b]bass cab combines superior tone with innovative features and excellent stacking capabilities. The team at TC worked with US specialists Eminence to produce custom drivers for the RS210 where the dual-concentric placement of the HF driver inside the top woofer ensures optimal dispersion and audio performance. The RS210 is highly durable, sporting a rugged design and an anti-scratch finish. Alongside this, the 'anti-skid' sufrace allows cabinest to stick together easier when stacked, freeing up space on stage. [b]TC Electronic RS112[/b] The custom-made, 12" Eminence driver is dual conentric. What it means is that, even though you can't see it, there is a 1" tweeter built in at the center, adding those crispy highs. the result? Fast response and tight punch! We have worked closely with specialist US company Eminence to produce specific custom drivers for our RS cabs. As well as being easy to carry, RS112 maintains the RS range's 'stackability' concept. All the cabinets in the range may be stacked together in various combinations. The RS112, for example, fits perfectly under an RS210, making it an ideal combination for small to mid-sized gigs. RS112 features two high quality Speakon connectors as well as a heavy duty HF attenuator on the rear side. [url="https://www.facebook.com/mike.flynn.503645/media_set?set=a.10155977439941802.1073741837.597586801&type=3"]Photo gallery on my FB page here[/url]
  3. Hey all - I'm very keen to get myself one of these - and in time two - I'm based in Brixton if that helps Cheers Mike
  4. This beauty has a new home (almost) - now sold - please close
  5. Little bump for this beauty - it's at the Gallery for those that want to try her out
  6. [quote name='bubinga5' timestamp='1478104264' post='3166794'] Never thought I would see this Sei for sale. It's the Sei I associate you with Mike. [/quote] Believe me I really don't want to let this go - it's a wonderful bass - if I could keep it and get the six I want I would - sadly I can't - I really want it to find a good home
  7. SOLD! I wanted to spread the word on my Sei Jazz as I'm selling it to fund a new 6 string from Martin - I hate to let this bass go, but as I mainly play 5 string it just wasn't getting enough love! It's such a beautiful and all round great bass and it's still in fantastic mint condition - I rarely gigged it and mainly used it at home or for recording - I know many of you will have seen and heard this bass already but for those that haven't there are a few videos below. The bass is currently on sale at the Gallery in Camden so easy for any of you to pop in and try - it's been getting a lot of interest but it's still there - for now! The price is very much up for negotiation but the full cost of this bass new was £3,500 hence I'm starting high but open to sensible (respectful) offers - I can sell direct to you but I'd rather payment went through the Gallery if possible - plus you can buy it from there during normal opening hours. [url="http://thebassgallery.com/index.php/bass/4-string/jazz-bass-5468.html"]http://thebassgaller...-bass-5468.html[/url] Gorgeous Sei Jazz bass with Ash body, AAA spalted Maple top-wood facing (on headstock too), one-piece super-fast maple neck, birdseye maple finger-board, 24-frets, red LEDs on fret-dots on topside of finger board, hip-shot D-Tuner, lightweight tuning pegs, Glockenklang 3-band EQ, Nordstrand NJ4 pickups with soapbar housings, and a bubinga ramp. 

Bass is like new, rarely gigged, records like a dream, fast super comfortable neck and light in weight – this is a killer bass hand crafted by Martin Petersen… this bass has been featured in Bass Guitar Magazine and iBass Magazine. Thanks for reading! Mike YouTube links
  8. Good work folks - sorry I didn't make it this year - maybe next eh?
  9. [quote name='biro' timestamp='1451345696' post='2939811'] That's pretty damn cool! I've used my laptop as an effect processor since 2007 or so, but haven't gone about using Live for this kind of stuff yet. Kudos on that! I see you're using the Sonuus I2M. How does it work in terms of latency (for audio)? I assume it can't be used as an output device too, can it? Should you ever take the time to do a screencast to expose the inner workings of the whole thing, that would make me a very happy boy. [/quote] That's exactly what I'm thinking of doing I just need to get the screen casting sorted first but I would like to share some of the stuff for this set up. Latency on my i2M is virtually non-existent I don't know what other people have been doing but I've always found that it works great obviously it's mono phonic but apart from that it tracks very well up to a certain speed I don't use it all the time and it can be a tricky bugger to make it work especially when it keeps going off but on the videos above with the drummer I used it for an entire two hour gig and it didn't screw up. Thanks for watching cheers Mike
  10. I know it's been ages since I posted anything here - as ever I've been doing loads of stuff - thankfully playing quite a lot of gigs - some using Ableton Live as my effects unit and also experimenting with various permutations of it as a live rig with Looper and other effects processes running - I'm nowhere near done but just trying stuff - so here are a few recent videos to show where I'm at - more stuff coming for sure... hope you enjoy some of these - cheers for watching M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25VQSG7IPlc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbQqz1incZI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T_LuZ3L9x0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGN1mpwLpTs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfUJguJOZUk
  11. Ableton Live as fx processor setup help needed

    Dudes - so sorry to be late to this party - sorry I didn't get your original message - perhaps it went to my 'music' page on Facebook and not my personal one... yes Matt's recent gig at the Vortex got me inspired big time as well - but in other ways - which I'll post here and in the recordings forum soon. The quick answer to your output question is I've sometimes run a jack straight out of the headphone socket on my Babyface or Audient soundcard, not ideal as the signal is very hot so you need to watch the volume levels - but it does work fine. You can also use one of the speaker outputs on your souncard and plug it straight into your amp, it all depends on how many outputs you have on the soundcard - Ableton has a load of routing options and you can select output 3 or 4 for example and then send the signal from your bass to one of those - assuming outputs one and two are going to the main speakers of your set up. I like to run the main speakers (monitors) to get the full stereo sound of the 'system' and then take a third output, either from an extra line out or the headphone jack and run that into my amp - so you get a much fuller bass-heavy mix running... I've successfully used Ableton as my bass FX rig on quite a few gigs now - and am beginning to get to grips with the looper and some more fancy signal processing by using my iPod touch as a controller - here's a recent video with some looping going on with all effects (reverb and pitch shifter) triggered via softstep and running through Ableton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25VQSG7IPlc PM me if you have any more questions - I'm hoping to do a couple of videos on how my set up works soon Cheers Mike
  12. Feedback For Hector

    Hey [b]Bought a DL4 from Hector quite recently and the unit itself was in perfect working order and he sold it for a great price - thumbs up dude![/b]
  13. SOLD Line 6 DL4

    Dude - I know this has been up here for a while but I just PM'd you - v interested in this
  14. Hey guys I know it's been ages but I think I can make this - would be nice to nice to see you all and I'd like to bring my Ableton/laptop rig plus Softstep pedal etc to make some noises - not sure it's worthy of a workshop but I'd be happy to demo it - if I was to do it as a workshop then I would want to do it earlier in the day or around lunchtime - PM me Nick if that's of interest - otherwise I can just set up in the jam room - a couple of monitors in the auditorium is all is need Otherwise I may just come to jam! Mike
  15. A very Basschat music project!

    Thanks for the positive feedback - Skol's done a monster job on the mix and Si is a mastering don so the whole thing should be great when it's done - we have a few gigs coming up - next one is Hideaway in Streatham (London) on 4 June - it's a great venue and the band is banging live http://www.hideawaylive.co.uk/j-sonics-thursday-4th-june-2015 More videos and album coming soon - well more like September time - will keep you posted Mike