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  1. No idea I'm afraid. Here's the link to the exact instrument, it comes with the original case https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/musicman-stingray5-white-w-maple-neck
  2. TC rs 112 As you can see it's been used a bit on tours. Still sounds amazing! I've priced low due to the cosmetic chips. Includes cover.
  3. 2019 Augilar SL 112 Great condition, just gigged for a couple of months in the same theatre. Moving to NYC which is the only reason I'm selling as I love this cab
  4. 2019 Aguilar TH 500 Moving to NYC so have to sell my favourite amp. Also selling the cab in another listing. £450
  5. 2019 MusicMan Stingray V 3EQ Active Bass Guitar. White with Maple neck. This was my dream bass and I'm reluctant to sell, however .I'm moving to NYC Available to pick up in Lincoln. Apart from a tiny dink on the neck which I've tried to capture that doesn't affect playing whatsoever this 12 month old bass is in great condition
  6. Having just relocated to London I am now offering bass lessons either from may studio in Sydenham or around London. I currently play in several jazz projects both contemporary and traditional, play musicals around town, gig for Chesney Hawkes as well as other songwriters and am currently putting myself in and around the hiphop scene. I can teach a variety of genres as well as give you theory and arranging tution. I charge £20 p/h Get in touch either via phone at 07525053056 or by email at [email protected] for more information
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