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  1. I have no idea, currently hoping for local collection as it’s left with my dad currently. When I go back I’ll look into shipping and update this post. Thanks
  2. Hi it’s currently left with my dad in Peterborough for pick up. Would you like me to drop you a message when I head back in a couple of months and see if you still want it if I find packaging for it?
  3. Thanks Pinball!! Agreed by me. I love this bass, definitely buying another stingray when I get to NYC. Maybe it’s because it was based in Lincoln, now it’s in Peterborough so hopefully that helps...
  4. I’d hope not, it sounds so good! Hopefully it finds a good home sometime soon, loved gigging with this cab
  5. So I believe this bass is around 4.3 kg. Weighed it with myself and that was the difference. Unfortunately the link above worked but didn’t display weight.
  6. Thanks for your comment as I would not want to mislead and do no know the timeline of MusicMan models. I just went to a few stores stores in 2019 and tried out several new stingrays and this sounded best! I’ve edited the post to reflect that.
  7. I’ll try dig out some scales and put the weight up when I do! Looking for cash for this one as I’m moving to the states and want to thin down what I’m taking over!
  8. TC rs 112 As you can see it's been used a bit on tours. Still sounds amazing! I've priced low due to the cosmetic chips. Includes cover. Available to pick up in peterborough
  9. 2019 Augilar SL 112 Great condition, just gigged for a couple of months in the same theatre. Moving to NYC which is the only reason I'm selling as I love this cab
  10. Purchased in 2019. MusicMan Stingray V 3EQ Active Bass Guitar. White with Maple neck. This was my dream bass and I'm reluctant to sell, however .I'm moving to NYC Available to pick up in Peterborough or we can arrange postage as it’s packaged and good to go. Apart from a tiny dink on the neck which I've tried to capture that doesn't affect playing whatsoever this 12 month old bass is in great condition
  11. Hi Jarek, so unfortunately I'm selling this to facilitate a move to the states, therefore looking to sell only. Thanks
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