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  1. So looking for pickup only right now, I’ll let you know if that changes! Thanks
  2. Thanks! Agreed with me, I’m in the states now and I’ve already bought the replacement, exact same one
  3. Hi, I’d love to take it to Denmark personally, as I want to come visit! However looking for local pick up only. Thanks Christian
  4. £125 Price Drop Great condition, collection if possible would be great! Retails around £200 not to be confused with the simarlaly named m80 bass sleeve! Located in Peterborough Definitely wouldn’t be selling if I wasn’t moving to the states, it’s a great gig bag, the best I’ve used by far.
  5. It has not! Heading off to the states in a couple of weeks so dropped the price a couple of times hoping for a sale!
  6. I’ve got my interview in 30 days! (See how that goes). So keeping it off eBay for another couple of weeks or so
  7. I have no idea, currently hoping for local collection as it’s left with my dad currently. When I go back I’ll look into shipping and update this post. Thanks
  8. Hi it’s currently left with my dad in Peterborough for pick up. Would you like me to drop you a message when I head back in a couple of months and see if you still want it if I find packaging for it?
  9. Thanks Pinball!! Agreed by me. I love this bass, definitely buying another stingray when I get to NYC. Maybe it’s because it was based in Lincoln, now it’s in Peterborough so hopefully that helps...
  10. I’d hope not, it sounds so good! Hopefully it finds a good home sometime soon, loved gigging with this cab
  11. So I believe this bass is around 4.3 kg. Weighed it with myself and that was the difference. Unfortunately the link above worked but didn’t display weight.
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