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  1. I’ll give this is a whirl, if it works I’ll just leave basschat as that would be too embarrassing! I’ve never had this issue before and if that’s how it works I’m pretty disappointed. I’ll be leaving Eden behind and selling kodney(s) to jump on the darkglass hype. thanks for all your help so far everyone
  2. I’m running it like this, cycle setting is on orange but only using the one cab to get the ohms right.
  3. I’ll send a picture through on Monday. Trying every combination but running speakon to jack as the cabs don’t have a speakon in. Its tone is lush but for a recording setting the fan is ridiculous
  4. I’ve tried firing out 8ohms at 600 watts into the 4x10 but fan is still on overdrive after a while. Volume is at 40% which is loud enough but as soon as a track finishes it’s pretty awkward. I’ll have to try a few other cabs
  5. Hi everyone I’ve got an Eden WTP600 after upgrading from my WTX500. Im running into two old D series cabs but I’m getting no volume and having to crank it up halfway to hear myself over the drums. After doing this all I can hear is the equivalent of a helicopter trying to escape the amp. ive sent it back to Eden but they said there’s nothing wrong with it, so all I can assume is that the wattage and impedence is totally off. The cycle setting on the amp changes the heads output from 600watts at 4ohms to 600 watts at 8phms. The cabs are really old with the 4x10 running 540 Watts RMS at 8ohms. The 1x15 is 250watts RMS at 8 ohms. any ideas on what I should do? Will I need new cab(s) and is the 1x15 useless at the rates wattage etc? Go easy on me
  6. Welcome to the community!
  7. I've always said this, I'm very fortunate my parents saved their child benefits for my 18th and treated me to a rickenbaker 4003 in mapleglo. Dream bass but an absolutely tank to play. however, i feel fantastic when i play it.
  8. [quote name='ead' timestamp='1489752632' post='3259450'] Done. Will Q10 not generate mostly Maybe answers as the final product is not yet specified? [/quote] It seems that way, questionnaires aren't my strongpoint. My angle was more of a based on the questions for this survey, would you sign up? appreciate the time filling it out
  9. [quote name='Nicko' timestamp='1489668467' post='3258783'] Done. Was anyone else surprised by the proposed charging structure or more to the point the percentage cut proposed to maintain the service? [/quote] Yeah, I need to ensure the product is financially profitable. The ideas so far show that it won't require much maintenance, but this is something I'm still working out. Guys thank you so much for your response so far. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the support! Funky Dunky, It'd be great if I could ping you an e mail with more detailed questions and hopefully some detailed responses?
  10. Hello everyone. I'm doing some market research for my degree project. I'm creating an online app that will aim to collate musical engagement opportunities for dep musicians/bands. In order to show it's a viable idea, I need to do some market research. To that end, could i ask for your help in completing a short survey? (30 seconds max!) If you could share it around I'd really appreciate it! The link is [url="https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8RJ2PV6"]https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8RJ2PV6 [/url] ALSO, I know theres some fantastic players on here, it'd be great if you'd let me send you a more detailed questionnaire for you to answer (an online interview). If you've got the time, I'd really appreciate it! If I'm in the wrong for asking please delete this topic and give me a slap on the wrists. I was hoping to use this great resource as a primary point of market research. Thanks very much for your help! Chris
  11. [quote name='frannie01' timestamp='1488131922' post='3246154'] Hi I run 3 Bands have had 20 years professional playing experience and have also run workshops in live playing performance professional show cases in btech higher diploma and degree level at Acm Bimm and Solent University to name a few. How can I help ? [/quote] Excellent, I've sent you a private message. Cheers!
  12. [quote name='DangerDan' timestamp='1482243780' post='3198765'] I've never been to an event like this, so excuse me if it's a silly question, but, would basses be likely to come at a discount at something like this, or do people try stuff out and then just order it online cheaper when they get home? [/quote] I was at the Eden Amps stand and they were offering a few bits of kit at 'show price'. They were discounted but I can't speak for every stand. For me, its the fact that there is so much variety of high quality kit in the same room and being able to try most things out. I think that is the strength of the merchandising as opposed to the cheeky discounts.
  13. [quote name='clarkpegasus4001' timestamp='1487020913' post='3236349'] I know this topic has probably been done on numerous occasions but I could do with some advice please. I have a bass that is approx 10lb overall weight and it feels heavy on the shoulder using my usual wide leather strap of almost 4" wide (not much in the way of padding though). My normal strap is fine with my other basses. My question is, what strap do you use or would recommend?.[b][u]I have heard Comfort Strapp are good? Does anyone use those?[/u][/b] Many thanks in advance guys and much appreciated. [/quote] I ordered two comfort straps for both myself and the bands other bassist. They work and feel nice, but to me they look quite cheap with the foam and 'stretchy stuff' ontop. If you're comfortable with the aesthetics of it then it works wonders and helps me carry my MTD KZ6
  14. Hello, I am currently working full time in two rock/pop bands in the Winchester area and I'm looking for a Musical Director to provide a days training in rehearsal techniques and performance capabilities. I've had no luck finding any possible candidates online presumably because of poor use of google. Are there any MD's out there or can anybody point me in the right direction? Many thanks! Chris
  15. Hi all! Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, couldn't find one that fit all of the things I need advice with! 1 - I'm performing Serendipity by [i]Tal Wilkenfeld[/i] around November time. I've done a rough transcription of time signatures and chords, but I'd love to find other transcriptions that people have done to maybe compare some of the chords. I've been looking around online and can't really find anything on this piece, but maybe its just my web ignorance. # 2 - I've been transcribing a few pieces and I have a template with rough bar structures, but the template I've been given (a PDF) Is all set in 8 bar phrases. I've just been printing it off and writing in the chords by hand. Some of the pieces I'll be performing aren't phrased in 8's and this is a bit of a problem. Does anyone have any advice for this? Thanks for your help!
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