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  1. Amongst others in an afternoon/ evening event 30th July Sheffield Park, Sussex..... http://www.rockonthelawns.com/
  2. Just stumbled across this relic of a thread but thought I'd chime in again... Do you still have this bass? Mac Norman was the original owner of this one... Bassist to The Drivers , it was the band Nick van Eede had prior to cutting crew. Mac has just featured on a couple of numbers on Cutting Crews most recent album .. Not released quite yet.
  3. You might hit a more suitable audience in the bassists wanted section? :-)
  4. What's the present line up, and what gigs have you got coming up? Cheers, Nick.
  5. I have one of these in transparent ebony. Awesome bass with lovely tones!
  6. I remember when this bass was up for sale new. So wish I'd bought it then!!
  7. Is this still on hold as the title says ? A mate of mine is after one of these. If it's still available can you pm me your email address and ill forward it on to him . Cheers, Nick.
  8. [quote name='Sofamusic' timestamp='1349861472' post='1831333'] Yes Ant was with me for at least two years but then he got busy with gigs that paid serious money! Love bloke. [/quote] Yep he's a top fella. Had all good to say about you guys too.!
  9. Have you ever used a bassist named Ant Wellman? I'm sure he's mentioned the name of your band before.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1341345967' post='1717550'] And now a Spitfire... [/quote] That is just stunning!!!
  12. [quote name='graham1945' timestamp='1344795653' post='1769244'] Seems like the quickest sale ever! Sold, subject to the usual money/collection. Thanks. (will edit the topic, if finally sold) [/quote] I'm not surprised, that's a cracking price!!
  13. NickThomas


    I don't blame you lol
  14. NickThomas


    I don't blame you lol
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