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  1. Not sure if this is aimed at me, but I bought mine from the Gallery, so nil.
  2. Great buyer! Quick payment, couldn't ask for better. Great comms. Enjoy the bass - I miss it already!
  3. Great seller - very quick with comms. Couldn't fault anything. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Johann. And SOLD! Thanks for the interest. Sorry @lloyd!
  5. Yes it can, and it has a tone control for passive use. Well - currently it's under offer and I'm discussing payment with the buyer so I'll keep you posted. Cheers Lloyd.
  6. Still available! I got cold feet as it's such a nice instrument, but it now needs to make way for something else I've been lusting after for a while!
  7. Very nice! Hope it comes up for sale at some point!
  8. Absolutely fantastic. You have great taste!
  9. Congrats. She's a real beauty. Love that sadowsky sound.
  10. Fantastic. Perfect 4 string! Where did you get it from?
  11. That Bravewood is absolutely exceptional! This is very high on my list to get at some point.
  12. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed that!
  13. Possibly a ramp fitted at some point? Can you post a close up picture of that area please?
  14. An absolutely wonderful bass which I don't use enough as I am using a 5 string for most of my gigs. It's too good not to be regularly played. A USA Deluxe Precision, although it's technically a PJ as it has a jazz pickup too for ultimate versatility. N3 noiseless pickups, and 18v preamp with master volume, pickup blend, bass/treble, mids/passive tone control and active/passive switch. In really good condition - one ding on the top and a small dent under the neck which I can send a picture of. Otherwise 9/10 condition. Plays really nice, sounds huge. Extremely versatile! Comes with original fender hardshell case. Pickup from near Colchester, Essex, though I do gig around quite a bit.
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