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  1. A quick bump for a great seller, who absolutely knows his onions when it comes to having top instruments and knowing how to use them!
  2. Ok - don't worry! Grazi!
  3. Does it have VTC? would you post to the UK?
  4. My buddy Tim on drums, he's great!
  5. Ah. Shame. I've had the same one through Bassworld, Basstalk and now Basschat. The original is on a computer that I got rid of years ago.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Bought a Markbass cab form Daryl - very flexible with meetup and cab as described at a good price. Cheers!
  8. Are these still available? If so how much for the 121 cab cover please?
  9. A beautiful book by Jim Roberts - American Basses. So much info and pictures from American bass brands. £10 posted (or £8 picked up from Chelmsford, Essex).
  10. Hi everyone - sorting out some books I don't use anymore. Postage is £1.50 per book, with an extra 50p per book if you want multiples.  The Working Bassist's Tool Kit - Ed Friedland (NO CD) - £3 SOLD The Complete Electric Bass Player Book 3 Improvisation by Chuck Rainey - £4 SOLD I walk the line - Creating a Bass line for the Beginning Jazz/Big Band Bass Player - Tom Anderson - £4 SOLD Bunny Brunel's Bass Secrets - £4 SOLD Essential Advances Scales for Electric Bass - Max Peterson - £5 Pat Metheny Guitar Tab/Notation - £5 SOLD Thelonius Monk Piano book - £4 Best of Marcus Miller - £8 SOLD Jazz Bass - Ed Friedland - £5 SOLD  Miles of Modes - Jamey Aebersold double CD - £3 SOLD  I have some more to add at a later date. They can all be picked up from Chelmsford, Essex, as well. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks! Mike
  11. I just sold a Peavey Palaedium a year ago. Great bass but not practical for me as a working bass player.
  12. Well, here it is, with Sadowsky Preamp and ramp. Really like it - can't wait to gig with it! Happy Christmas to me! And happy Christmas to everyone here!
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