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  1. I have TI flats on mine. Once you get used to the low tension they are fine, and sound surprisingly "clanky". Might not suit a player who really "digs in" though.
  2. He's a national icon..........enough said!!
  3. If I think about it too much I can convince myself that switching from DB to a 5 string electric is going to be a problem. In reality, after the first few notes, it is usually fine for me. I'm sure you'll be just fine switching between them!!
  4. Speaking as somebody living in continental Europe, I can only say a big thank you to the BC forum and to the great folks who run it ..........and all of those who contribute. It does feel like a family!! Different opinions are often aired, and the reactions are generally courteous. My dealings in the marketplace section have been overwhelmingly positive, which makes a change from some other online auctions or salerooms!!! Thanks!!!!
  5. I've bought a few things from Kim over the past year and everytime it was a smooth, transparent and enjoyable process. Good communications, honesty and a general "good feel" factor combine to reassure any potential buyer or seller that Kim is a great person to do business with. Thanks Kim!
  6. Thanks. Officially, it's an M245 Plus Custom. It has the Bartolini XTCT + MCT-375. The JHJ combination gives a huge tonal palette, but tricky to adjust "on the fly" during a gig.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Nope..........secondhand stuff from the UK (same for other 3rd countries) over a threshold (100 euro or thereabouts) is subject to local VAT (currently 21% in Belgium). There is VAT on the shipping and the cost of the item and a service/administrative charge as well. All in all, it adds about 25% to the original price and can take some weeks in customs undergoing clearance. It's a bummer, both ways unfortunately.
  9. Real shame this bass is in the UK ..........and I'm not. Otherwise I would have snapped it up. Cannot justify a 25% Brexit surcharge, sadly. GLWTS @FinnDave
  10. Looks like it's an East J-retro 01 deluxe and a bass made in 97/98, which checks out with John Suhr's tenure at Fender.
  11. The above reflects my experience over the last years. Great service.
  12. When I had one I used LaBella S660 nylon tapewounds on it. No need to mess with changing to conventional strings unless availability of double ball end strings is the problem locally. I use this supplier, but after Brexit you may prefer a UK-based one. https://lordofthestrings.com/en/bass/electric/double-ball
  13. Great seller!! Excellent description, communication, packaging and attention to detail. Trusted B/Cer....deal with confidence. Thank you, Pete.
  14. ..........and we all know what he was doing as the day job!
  15. Yes, it would need to be a very special s/h item for me to buy from the UK now. Such a shame. However, in reverse of what the OP posted, I find myself screening-in the EU items and screening-out the UK-based stuff. The BC marketplace still works well irrespective of the change in the status of the UK.
  16. You mean you don't like Lieutenant Pigeon?
  17. Correct. Most domestic polishes will have silicones of some sort in them. Even in very small quantities, these are very difficult to remove if you ever want/need to do paint touch ups or a re-coat. They're just a real pain, causing the new paint to have "fish-eyes" in it and ruining the surface. Most professional auto polishes are silicone-free and most guitar-specific polishes are just re-branded auto polishes in dedicated (small size and very expensive) packaging. Meguiers auto polishes are used by Fender, for example. Just stay clear of using Armor-All on or near any auto or guitar paintwork/lacquer. It has a high silicone content as do most auto interior dashboard sprays.
  18. Then why not try a stomp pedal? Ah.......but which one??😀
  19. That is so true. I'd like at least to be in remission with my GAS addiction.
  20. Been there, seen it, done it.............and, bought the T shirt!
  21. John Hartman and Michael Hossack, as a pair. Doobie heaven!!
  22. I quite surprised myself with a score of 120 (as well or better than 90.88%). Feeling proud and wanting to share this using a screen-shot for you, I scored a fat zerooooooo in my computer skills. Hey ho!!
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