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  1. My current order took a few more days than normal to process (all items were in stock) and was dispatched by DHL from Germany to Belgium. Package is currently en route.....I guess we'll see. Most couriers are overwhelmed at present probably from multiple factors (Covid, Xmas, Brexshit hamstering etc). Hey ho!
  2. I've bought a few things from @jay-syncro over the past year or so. Jamie's always been a delight to deal with: open, honest and everytime with great communication. He's a great example of the best on this forum.
  3. A stunning bass! On the strength of missing out on this one when it was last on the market in the Netherlands, I snagged Barrie's magenta maple top beauty 😀. Funny how life goes. I wish I could justify two Suhr's though. GLWTS
  4. BlueMoon

    Cat Burrito

    Recently bought a few small items from Tim. Responsive, great communications and rapid dispatch. When the items arrived everything was exactly as described. Great basschat member - have total confidence in your interactions with Tim.
  5. I seem to recall that the company was originally set up in the UK selling guitars, basses and amp/combos - even strings......maybe in the 2000 - 2008 period. Then things went quiet and the brand resurfaced, then based in Canada. Not sure if it was the same management. The design philosophy on the guitars included quite a few with RAF-type roundels on them. I think everything was manufactured in the far-east, me thinks Korea in the beginning. And in the best "cart before horse" fashion I then googled the brand and found this: https://www.indiegitar.no/about.htm
  6. As a last resort you might try T-Cut. Solvent-based and poly stands up to it if done gently by hand.
  7. There are both dream buyers and dream sellers. My overall experience with Basschat has been pretty good. Glad it turned out OK in the end.
  8. Oh my, that's terrible! let's hope the medics can do their best for him. Life can change in a split second indeed.
  9. CAR will be tougher to match, in my opinion. I believe the original method of creating this colour was a transparent red clear coat over a silver (or gold?) base coat. Not so easy to replicate with one paint/nail varnish. If the base coat is not damaged then I'd try a (tomato red) tinted transparent coat. The depth of (red) colour can built up with several layers of tinted clear coat. I recall the base coat was Inca silver. Halfrauds may have these as car paints, certainly available online.
  10. I've never done it, but if I were to I'd: - take a few pics first and as you proceed with dismantling the lining. - carefully remove (dissect) the existing lining from the inner case body, noting anchor points and attachments that aren't simply contact adhesive. - lay out the pieces of the old lining and use these (when flat) as a template to cut replacement lining to shape. Note double or overlapped edges if there are any - trial fit and then glue in place. Probably best to use spray adhesive (note any safety warnings) Good luck........sounds like a fun project. (Note : others who have done it and have experience might approach it differently, but that's the way I would do it)
  11. Just purchased a bass from @PunkPonyPrincess (aka Claire). Seamless tranasction and great comms. Instrument was exactly as described, transport crate was an innovation - robust and built like a tank!! Overall - very pleased. Highly recommended seller. Thanks Claire.
  12. Apparently Herbie Flowers uses a Fender Squier from time to time. I bet it still sounds great when he plays it.
  13. Sailing - Rod Stewart's cover vs The Sutherland Brrothers Downtown Train - Patty Smyth's cover vs Tom Waits
  14. Yes - their version of Simon and Garfunkel's "America"
  15. He's the man, indeed! Beautiful. Hope you enjoy your new Merlin.
  16. This ^^^^^^^^^^. Top quality/price. I've had several MIJ instruments and all have been of a similar high standard.
  17. And probably on the strength of that Höfner commissioned him to paint the artwork for a few limited edition violin basses. Nice, but very, very expensive.
  18. I recall she hinted it was about Jagger.
  19. I think she's a mega talent!!
  20. Well done. Certainly looks the part. @Wilco Your pic also speaks to my inner OCD with the cases all nicely lined up in the background.
  21. That's what I love about Basschat!!!
  22. Welcome Bram. Bass addicts indeed.
  23. That's a shame. It looks from the pics as if it is the base of the cloverleaf that has taken most of the stress. If a direct replacement of the whole tuner cannot be sourced, maybe try to see if another cloverleaf could be inserted and re-riveted. Good luck and keep us posted, please.
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