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  1. Also check out his playing when he was with Pablo Cruise (especially Reflector album). Quality player indeed.
  2. I have a 4 string passive Bacchus from the Craft series, which is constructed in Japan from parts maybe made in the Phillipines. I got it s/h quite recently. Positives: Nice resonant, fairly light body. Plays easily and the neck is fast. Has a push/pull tone switch, which I think switches the pu's from series to parallel. Adds to the classic jazz sound. Negatives: Oiled finish looks nice but dings quite easily. I don't care much for the neck binding (a bit gaudy on this paricular bass). Tuners are a bit cheap.......one developed a rattle where the clover leaf rivet has come loose.....fixed with superglue. May replace with Gotohs
  3. Global series Bacchus basses retail new around the £750 - 900 range in Europe. S/H values according to condition, age, active/passive etc. Ballpark £400 to 600, I'd guess. link for reference (new basses): https://japanguitar-handmade.com/gb/33-global Hope this helps.
  4. This^^^^^^ The Hofner clones are otherwise great if you can get on with the unusual way they sit on a strap. Sitting is okay, since there is a fold out stay that is practical and actual works to keep the small body from moving around.
  5. I hope it's not silicone "fish eyes". That would be a pain to try and fix.
  6. BlueMoon


    Barrie kindly responded to my ad in the "wanted" section. A deal was quickly agreed on his Suhr Classic J as well as some new strings. Totally smooth interaction with full, friendly communications and updates throughout. The bass was well packaged and arrived just as anticipated. A thoroughly nice chap to deal with. Thanks, Barrie.
  7. Same here. I've always been impressed and happy with their service.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Used a phono to USB preamp (NAD, I think). Yes, it takes time and diligence. I prioritised the eclectic or rare stuff first. Then, when I listened to a vinyl LP I would digitise it while I enjoyed the experience. Glad it's done though.
  10. I used to follow the latest hifi developments when magazines were the way to drool and to then drop a load of cash on something that was out of date almost immediately. I broke the cycle when I paired a Quad set up with a pair of Kef 104 ab's I already had. I've gone digital to some degree having now converted vinyl and CD's and use a Bluesound Node 2.
  11. Calling @EBS_freak...........if I recall correctly.
  12. My heart goes out to all those who have been (and still are being) negatively affected by this situation. Nobody asked for it and certainly the feedback from those such as @Jus Lukin and @BigRedX brings it home just how pervasive the knock-on effects can be. I just hope that the worst is over, though I fear it ain't.
  13. I have three from Mike Freston. Great sound and characterful to play.
  14. Great score!!! Well done. Absolutely stunning basses. Didn't come from the Netherlands, by any chance? I missed out on one of same/similar spec just last week. Enjoy!
  15. Great update, Sam..........here's hoping progress continues apace. Enjoy getting back to some light practice when it's sensible to begin and as advised by your treatment team.
  16. I'm retired so, luckily, it dosen't affect me financially. Our number 2 son graduated a year or so back in "Events Management". You can guess the rest.
  17. Quality gear, great communications, expert packaging and "served exactly as it says on the tin"! An excellent recent transaction with David (aka as @eubassix). Top seller and gent. Many thanks.
  18. Stunning bass.......and no longer made! I have a Buzz built a decade or so earlier. They are truely remarkable instruments. GLWTS.
  19. Stew: Of the one's that you've purchased as a result, do any of them fit? 😎
  20. And the apparently "dead" E string is a characteristic of these strings, not a manufacturing fault.
  21. What is the weight of the bass, please?
  22. I always try to keep a packaging box in the room where I keep my bass cases/bags. My excuse is "I've always got a box ready in case I sell a bass and need to ship it". Mrs Blue Moon seems to accept the logic and is pleased that I'm thinking of selling! Helps when a bass arrives and you don't have the chance to get rid of the original box. Just flatten it and jamb it behind. I make regular trips to the container park and helpfully manage the household trash collection. Double win!!
  23. An MIJ in Candy Apple Red from 1994 is being sold currently at BassDirect UK. Can't see the earth strap, so not sure if it's a 62RI though. https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_MIJ_CAR.html (I am not affiliated with BassDirect, BTW).
  24. A little bit more expensive for a Jazz, but well in the same ballpark. All depends on specific extras (e.g. Stack knob, painted headstock, res-o-lites, reliced ashtray etc).
  25. OK, that is logical. I didn't realise or think of that context. Enjoy your bass when it arrives!!
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