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  1. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple. Easy to play badly!
  2. That is precisely why I unsubscribed from SBL. Lifetime membership ain't worth a damn if you have to put up with that level of marketing/sales BS.
  3. I don't think so. I missed out on it a few months back when @ale29 indicated that it had been sold in response to my PM. I'll let him confirm though.
  4. Stu: so sorry to read and learn about this. You are an inspiration to others on here and are always there to help us out with our niggles. So now's the time for us to try and help you navigate a way through this. (PM me if you think a one-to-one sharing might help). All the best, bass brother.
  5. I still have the vinyl LP's from a number of the earlier Yes albums, as well as the CD's. It is true that they sound different, especially listening through headphones.
  6. Very happy with my Vanderkley 2x12. Light in weight but not in tone.
  7. With "Yours Is No Disgrace" being a stand-out track among a bunch of top numbers IMO!
  8. Not sure if it is this bass itself, but Ken Miller had a few videos of his work put up on Youtube. I believe it was from his estate when sadly he passed on a few years ago. The sound is not great, and he is no movie star, but you get the picture. GLWTS @Rabbie
  9. I started to play double bass as an instrument in school music lessons. I was 13. They had one crappy instrument and I was the only one from my lot who volunteered. I played for the last two years of high school in the school orchestra doing the usual arco classical stuff (badly!!). My passion was to sneak in early and stay late in order to try pizzicato style (badly). At home I had a Columbus Jazz and an old Fenton Weil (?) guitar amp. The cab was a diy 2x12. Well, the journey went on - as they say. That was over 50 years ago. Hey ho!
  10. Yep...........had report of this happening in a small inustrial unit near to us. Thankfully, the resulting fire was managed before things got really nasty. The fire incident report clearly cited discarded, "soaked" rags after using linseed oil as likely cause.
  11. Interesting. Is this good or bad news?
  12. Still have my second bass, a '64 Burns Jazz bass that I got around 1973. I traded my first bass - a Japanese Columbus jazz - and paid a little more (£12??) for it.
  13. I was lucky to bag a Marleaux Consat on a popular auction site. The guy who actually won the auction was based in Switzerland and - when he realised -chose to pull out of the deal owing to all the additional charges he faced. I was the second highest bidder and the seller (based here in Belgium) honoured my last bid. Sad for the guy in Switzerland.
  14. Yes.............both to and from Belgium. They are certainly one of the better ones in my experience.
  15. I run EBS together with Vanderkley (2x12).....very punchy, clean sound.
  16. Yeah....I tend to wash my hands before and wipe the instrument after playing. Takes no time at all. Gold hardware also gets a special wipe down, since I've found that it rapidly tarnishes in my hands if not.
  17. I take a back up bass, although I've never had a problem. I guess it's that "just in case" worry. It also helps me justify having more than one bass 😃.
  18. BlueMoon

    Feedback for Aero71

    Recently purchased a Levinson Blade bass from @Aero71. Good seller and super communications throughout. The bass was packaged very well and the courier was handled quickly and efficiently. Buy with confidence. Bedankt, Marinus.
  19. These are truely great basses. I have one with a JHJ pickup arrangement and it is awesome. Jamie has some great basses and a good seller.
  20. MIJ 66 RI. I think they were available new around 2010 to 2014. I got mine as a trade in; serial number indicates a 2013 build from Dyna Gakki plant. Model reference number is : Fender JB66B VWH Jazz Bass Typical Japanese build quality. Although not exactly period correct for a 66 Jazz, it is sympathetic reissue. I added Gotoh lollipop tuners and had spare ashtray pickup and bridge covers. Hope this helps.
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