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  1. Thanks @Reggaebass..........lollipops too.
  2. Thanks. It plays very nicely sitting down, but is a boat anchor at nearly 5kg (11lbs) in weight. I guess being early 80's it has a heavy ash body and still has the original hi-mass bridge and coated brass thumb rest all adding weight. Iconic bass though.
  3. I have "whiteout" issues. Apologies to those who find white and tort a problem. Frankly, I don't give a rats chuff!
  4. BlueMoon

    Fixed It

    As Eric Morecambe used to say......"You can't see the join!!"
  5. BlueMoon

    Fixed It

    The bottle of Tippex or other shadow remover 😃. Nice job though. Well done.
  6. BlueMoon

    Fixed It

    Nice. Any more glamour shots, Stewie?
  7. My wife has been known to quote something obnoxious when I have forgotten to zip up. "Don't worry dear......you'll never seen a dead budgie fall out of it's cage"
  8. Is that because by doing so it prompts unravelling?
  9. My first bass was a Columbus Jazz jap copy purchased new in 1971.......according to my Dad "to see if you get the hang of a "plink-plonk" sounding instrument. I traded it in against a 1964 Burns Jazz a couple of years later, which I still have.
  10. I love his comment on his Taurus pedals........ "If you have a soundman who has balls!"
  11. My Fireglo 4003 is from 1999 and has inlays just like yours. Someone will provide a a date (or range) when changes occurred. I recall that they changed from VOC to lower VOC lacquers and added the vintage tone pull pot around 2005-ish. Hope that helps.
  12. I'd suggest you send an email to Hipshot. They're a customer-friendly bunch and will likely mail replacements to you FOC.
  13. Yeah........sad loss. Great songwriter.
  14. Super basses, in my opinion.
  15. Nice........I particularly like the GB Spitfire!
  16. Trevor Bolder - The Jean Genie
  17. 2K is nasty stuff if you don't have the right (air-fed) respirator. The problems come on repeated exposures if wearing inadequate protection. It's both a respiratory irritant and sensistiser where repeat exposure of even tiny amounts can elicit quite nasty (life threatening) reactions. You might read of guys who say they used it with no problem, but I'm here to tell you I have seen some auto spray shop workers have some quite horrendous problems (asthma attacks) where they could no longer hold down their job. Please take care even with small quantities.
  18. A cruel heartache that saps the will and life out of those poor folks who are afflicted by it. To add insult, a few medical folks still sneer at it and say "just pull yourself together"! Tosh........it's real.
  19. He is rather good, don't you think?😀
  20. Me too, @stewblack! I catch myself sometimes saying - "no keep it simple, go with the music - don't get carried away with extra fills etc" . It is tougher than it appears. Less is more!
  21. @Jimbogubson : When you are able to, I would advise you to get it checked out. A focused series of physio sessions would be my recommendation having first had an overall physical. Timing at the moment is not ideal though. Good luck. (p.s. i'm a retired occupational health physician)
  22. I agree. There may be other things going on that give folks the impression that there is a lot of difference. It's difficult to do a true a/b test even with the eq on each bass and the amp the same. Personally I prefer the 60's sound, but I think it is the romance playing with my ears rather than any spectacular difference.
  23. Not anymore! Thanks @wayneyboy, this baby has just joined my stable. A few beauty shots 😃
  24. He comes across as unassuming and quite humble. Genius!!
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