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  1. Temporary price drop £400 until 10th February, £450 thereafter.
  2. SOLD to FDC484950! Thanks for the interest everyone 🙂
  3. Ah okay, that sounds more convenient. I will let both you and Brian know in a couple of weeks where I stand with selling this thing, and we can take it from there.
  4. I'm sorry newfoundfreedom! Shipping outside of the UK is a bit too far outside of my comfort zone for now. ☹️ My current shipping experience amounts to getting a markbass combo back from Barcelona as hold luggage in a not so suitable cardboard box. Luckily, and against the odds, it survived. So many fragile stickers it probably offended the baggage handlers.
  5. Hi Brian, Not for now, as I have several people interested that would be able to collect. But if these fall through I will let you know.
  6. Basically the input died over a long period of time, and it was sensitive to the positioning of the cable going into it. I am pretty sure the preamp works fine. Last time I tried (several years ago - I have been out of the country), I could still get a sound out of the bass if the cable was properly positioned. I will double check that this is still the case. EDIT: FDC rightly pointed out in a PM that it might be the battery connectors rather than the input. I can get a constant sound out of the bass with careful positioning of the batteries. Anyone interested in seeing a video demonstration of this just shoot me a message on WhatsApp. TLDR: Preamp works fine.
  7. Hi everyone I am selling an Ibanez BTB676 which is admittedly in pretty shoddy condition (previous owner, as well!). First things first, several things to note: 1) The input no longer works and likely needs resoldering or replacing. The active preamp still works fine. 2) The battery cover on the back had to be snapped off in an emergency at a gig. Internal screw cases need replacing, as well as the battery cover. 3) The bass has various dings and scratch patches. It's not in terrible cosmetic condition though for a bass with the amount of use it has had (see pics). 4) It DOES have some oldish rotosound strings on. I just took them off for picturing of the fretboard. Strings aren't super new but not super dead either. Overall, it still looks good, has a great playing feel to it, and I think it could make a nice bass for someone after fixing it up. These upgrades are pretty cheap if you do them yourself, but unfortunately I do not have time to get it done or the money pay someone to do it before I leave the UK on the 14th February, hence the low price. Collection from Maidstone, Kent. Will be in possession of my brother (also in Maidstone) after 14th February. PM for enquiries. Can also call +44 seven 429 58812 six. Thanks, Matt EDIT: Sorry, have increased price to £250 from £200. Amidst uploading several things I had forgot how much I had planned to sell it for.
  8. Hi everyone, I am selling a Stagg ¾ size EDB that I have owned for about 5 years. I bought it brand new for a pit orchestra gig I wanted to get involved in at the time, and since then it has received minimal use. Perfect working order, minor cosmetic wear. Comes with original strings. While they are renown for being terrible in general, mine do not have any obvious manufacturing defects. Comes with standard padded gig bag. Collection from Maidstone, Kent. I will only be in the UK until the 14th February. My brother, also in Maidstone, will be in possession of the bass thereafter. PM for details, or call at +44 seven 429 58812 six. Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi everyone, I'm selling an EDEN 210 XLT cabinet, that I have owned for around 8 years, and bought secondhand in London for £220. I don't know much about the history of it since I bought it off someone who didn't really know what it was, hence the bargain price. I used it fairly frequently for the first 4 years, and since then I have mostly been out of the country so it has been sitting and collecting dust. According to the serial code (0401E1004), the cabinet was manufactured in January 2004. It's still in acceptable cosmetic condition, works as it should, and sounds great. Collection from Maidstone, Kent. I may be able to drive to nearby areas, at buyers expense, if I can convince a friend to help me out. Say, a 30 minute drive. I will be leaving the UK and moving to Denmark on the 14th February, so I will only be around until this date. Thereafter, the cab will be in my brother's possession, who also lives in Maidstone. PM for enquiries. Available to call at +44 seven 429 58812 six. Thanks, Matt
  10. Hi Guys I am selling a 2 channel Aguilar AG500 amp head. It is in pretty nice condition, and comes with the pictured case, power cable and also the channel footswitch. Collection from Maidstone, Kent. Until the 5th February, I can possibly sort out postage within the UK at buyers expense (courier and packaging). You can contact me on here, or by mobile at +44 seven 429 58812 six. Thanks! Matt P.s. I have been locked out of my old basschat account but can be found here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/11275-matthewkeys/
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