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Aguilar AG 500 AG500 Amp Head, price drop £450

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Hi Guys 

I am selling a 2 channel Aguilar AG500 amp head. It is in pretty nice condition, and comes with the pictured case, power cable and also the channel footswitch. 

Collection from Maidstone, Kent. Until the 5th February, I can possibly sort out postage within the UK at buyers expense (courier and packaging). 

You can contact me on here, or by mobile at +44 seven 429 58812 six. 


P.s. I have been locked out of my old basschat account but can be found here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/11275-matthewkeys/










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On 20/04/2019 at 17:09, RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE said:

Great amps ! I had the s c , when I was gigging until I stopped back in 2010. Great warm sounding amp . If I was still playing in bands , I'd be getting this . Great price too . Have a bump !😼

Thanks friend!

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I've had one of these since 2009 and it's still going strong - great sounding amp and I still prefer it to the sound of my TH500. 

Trying to justify owning a second one...

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    • By d_g
      *Will consider trade for Markbass CMD 112P with cash my way!*
      I'm selling my Poller 3/4 (standard) size double bass. Really great bass for students or jazz/rockabilly. I gigged it professionally for several years before upgrading.
      It's made in Romania in the early 90s. It has been my backup bass for the last few years but I can’t justify keeping two at the moment.
      Makes a great bass for a student or an electric bass player taking up upright - I’ve gigged it and and it is very light so great for carrying around to gigs etc. I’ll include a soft case and realist pickup, and I can probably find a spare double bass stand if you would like one too.
      Open to sensible offers and happy to reduce the price a bit if you don't want the pickup or other extras!
      I'm currently located in North London for now but moving shortly to Kingston area and also am in Bucks and Sussex a lot so delivery around the south east is possible. You are welcome to come for a socially distanced play in the garden but serious buyers only please. Any questions let me know!
      Many thanks

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      Have been wanting one of these for a long while, and I can't really excuse not doing something about it by not being able to afford it, cause it is dirt cheap, about as cheap as guitar pedal effects come.
      Finally though I pulled the tricker, and I just picked my new Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz pedal up from the shop where it was delivered to by the postal service for pick up a couple of days ago.
      Man, this pedal is amazing.
      Might even be the #1 greatest deal there is on effect pedals for bass guitar.
      It just sounds absolutely astonishing great.
      And the one I got seemingly have no issues whatsoever, well, beside from the obviously fact of it being in a plastic housing as all these dirt cheap Behringer pedals happens to be.
      Doesn't bother me the slightest though. 
      This got to be one the absolute greatest fuzz pedals for use with bass in existence, regardless of price, no short of sublime.
      For those of you who do not know this cheap Behringer fuzz is a pretty accurate clone of the now discontinued Boss FZ-2, which again was a take on the circuit from the legendary Univox Super Fuzz octave fuzz (Boss basically just added a 2 band active EQ section, and then threw in a bonus clean boost function mode).
      Here's a picture of my exact unit, and the settings I so far have settled for (possibly hard to see on this picture, but I am using Fuzz Mode 1. Fuzz Mode 1 being quite mids heavy, but me partially making up for that by boosting both the bass and treble, and Fuzz Mode 2 being heavily mids scooped, exactly as the 2 modes on the original Univox units. Also the reason why the picture looks a bit gritty is because I didn't bother taking a separate close up shot of the pedal, but just cropped it out from a shoot of my entire bass effect pedals setup):

      I use it in one of the parallel effect loops of my Boss LS-2, and it sounds awesome both when mixed with the clean signal, coming from the other parallel effects loop of the LS-2, for a more regular classic kind of high gain fuzz tone with the added articulation and low end from the clean signal, as well as with my high gain distortion setup, which happens to also reside in the opposite effects loop of the LS-2, engaged, consisting of a a vintage style relatively high gain Rat distortion stacked into the fairly dark sounding medium kind of gain overdrive, delivered by my Joyo California Sound, parallelly mixed together with the fuzz in about equal measures resulting in a massively thick, monstrously  heavy and ballsy, but at the same time gnarly, blistering, crackling and spluttering, super high gain, earth, or at least ear, shattering, fuzz eruption of vulcanic proportions. 
      Love it!   
      Seriously spanks butts!  
      Instant stoner/doom rock in a plastic box! 
      Here's a great demonstration from YouTube by someone else of the SF300 Super Fuzz pedal's capabilities as a bass fuzz :
    • By dapiccol
      I'm selling this beautiful Warwick Streamer LX made in Germany.
      It sounds amazing and has a great Low B, but i do not play much at the moment and i would rather sell it to someone who can give it what it deserves
      The bass is in very good condition, it only has a few marks on the lower part of the body, as shown in the pics.
      Ovangkol Neck
      Wenge Fingerboard
      Gold Hardware
      Flamed Maple top
      Active 2 Ways electronics
      Truss rod cover is missing
      I accept payment with bank transfer or Paypal (+4% on final price)
      I can ship In Italy for 27€, in all Europe for 55£,  and to the USA for 165£
      I might be interested in trades with Warwick Corvette $$ 5 Strings, Warwick Thumb, Fender Jazz USA (or Marcus Miller signature Japan), Fender Precision USA, Music Man Stingray, Dingwall... anyways feel free to make me some other offers
      (in case of long distance trades i will ship my bass as soon as i receive yours  )
      For any other info feel free to contact me

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