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  1. Let's get the ball rolling: what artists do you listen to that have the sound you are after? Are you talking synth effects units to use with your bass? Are you doing home recording ,and want to buy synths but not sure which ones to get? Are you looking for apps for your pc/mac/ipad etc?
  2. In a nutshell , I'm happy with my setup and dodged a bullet by not being swayed by getting something I more or less already have . I could or maybe should have started another thread , but in a way my last post more or less finishes this one . Some things are easier to explain in person rather than typing 😸
  3. After using the dfam, grandmother and minitaur for a while now , I finally realised that I don't need the sound studio after all . I know I said that above .. When I finally setup the correct positioning of the dfam on a homemade stand , I was able to connect the various patch cables a lot easier . This meant there was no need for a euro rack stand. The mixer I have is adequate . If I were to get the studio bundle , it would have been the mother 32 , and not the harmonicon. The harmonicon doesn't appeal to me . The mother 32 has more sockets for patch cables and looked easier to programme than the grandmother initially . Having said that and after looking at various you tube vids, it seems like I've now got the hang of using the dfam and grandmother together and I'm not missing out on anything really . Apart from a few more sockets on the mother 32. Now I see there is an updated release of the sound studio for ..£2,000 approx with harmonicon/dfam / mother 32 Not for me ! There have been 2 sellers on eBay selling the moog sound studio for £850 . ( dfam and grandmother ) pretty much mint condition . I did for a moment or 2 think about buying them and selling my dfam ( which means that I would have the moog bundle for approx £400 Having said all of that , I think that I can live without the kiddie posters and cartoon cutouts and stick with what I've got. I am wondering why moog have released this latest version of the sound bundle so soon . Poor sales??
  4. I preferred Louie Louie Louie , and so you win again 😸👍
  5. Always loved abba . Back in the day , I used to buy lots of 7" singles . Abba , Boney M , Hot Chocolate , Sparks , atomic rooster etc etc . Forward to present , all 7" singles gone . Everything went heavy metal or Tangerine dream . Still love sparks , although I'm selective about their catalogue . Saw them a few times . I have a cd box set of all abba albums ,and tbh only dislike about 2-3 tracks . In this day and age, I'll wait to see if the new album is good . If so, I'll get that on cd too That album cover for Abba greatest hits reminds me of good times ...
  6. Exactly the same as me 😸
  7. If there a way this could be posted, I'd be in trouble and just buy it now . That yellow is the nuts 🥜. I don't need it , but it's part of lockdown purchasing etc This will be snapped up real soon . I'll have to pretend I didn't see it ..
  8. I will survive . ( played that a few times in a samba / metal style with mr Crowley guitar solo . Always well received ) knock 3 times ; singer " I'll knock you out in a minute " , so unfortunately never played that ..
  9. Found a solution .. a tray for bathroom accessories that I purchased from Wilco many moons ago £1 Seems stable enough while using . Sometimes , you've gotta make a stand ...
  10. It was only in lockdown, that I started to get to grips with synth stuff. Obviously, the downside is it can get expensive . I'm very much like Les Dawson regarding the piano , although it seems less daunting on a kids casio '80s keyboard I picked up recently In terms of Bass synth which is not massively expensive, I love the Moog Minitaur . It's handy if you want to do home recording using an interface , with lots of presets. Plus if you have a midi keyboard with drum pads it sounds great too. Instant Bass just by tapping the drum pads .There are other moogs like the sub 37/ slim phatty etc should you want to play live without computer. If you're wanting to learn songs etc you tube is your friend ..
  11. Howdy! I'm looking for some sort of stand that would cope with the weight of my DFAM , but with the feet going under the Moog Grandmother if possible . Possibly a laptop stand ? The enclosed photo is showing the desired position where I get maximum use of the 2 moogs . It was a balancing act taking the photo , incase the DFAM fell at any moment . 😸 Please advise if you have any possible solutions . Thanks in advance
  12. I'm really sorry to hear this . MB1 was one of my favourite basschatters . I loved his dry sense of humour , and even when bumping one or 2 basses I sold here he did it with his usual wit. Shame I never met him , but RIP MB1 😾 It must have been very hard for you to have had to announce the sad news Ped ,and like yourself he was a great mod on here also . Sad to hear ...
  13. It may not mean much ,but just a heads up . I'm not sure if it's for a ltd period only , as I was thinking of purchasing in December . Seems like the natural progression from Garagrband for me anyway ...
  14. Sorry to hear . Hope the health improves, or at least becomes manageable . Try whatever you can to improve that. Edited to say , I hope your quality of life improves . Typing in bed , is not always the best thing to do..
  15. This is interesting ...and potentially annoying ! 😾😸 Looks like something else I have to add . Let me know how you get on with it ! While I'm here , I'll just mention that currently I have dfam / grandmother/ Taurus all linked . 😼👍
  16. Hope the dog gets better 🐕. Not for me unfortunately , but have a bump...
  17. In 2018 while looking at the ipad , I saw the Moog Grandmother on you tube . . On Black Friday of that year, I decided to purchase it. This year, I have purchased a Moog DFAM plus Moog Minitaur. I have been thinking of purchasing a Moog Sound Studio , but I don't need it thankfully . Moog have started making things not quite as expensive ( but still not cheap) ,but I don't think I need anything else. The next step for me is to just have 2 basses ..1 fretted and one fretless. As I'm getting more Iinto recording bits for fun , I have too many apps . Some of which are expensive. Must stop being too obsessive with things ...
  18. I tried that after receiving a nice email from Ableton . However, it cannot be authorised and after spending a very long time following the procedure , I'm gonna stick with version 10 Not sure if others have had the same issues. I thought I'd have a change from GarageBand , but this has put me off . I may use version 10 later , if I can be bothered ..
  19. Okay , I finally know the score ... 1) GarageBand finally recognises the minitaur . 2) GarageBand will not recognise the minitaur software . 3) Reason does everything no problem 4) I purchased Reason a few years ago, plus latest upgrade , but it looks too complicated compared to GarageBand which I'm used to . This means I find it a barrier which I should really tackle . 5) Looks like I'll treat myself to Logic Pro at some stage ,as it is the most logical thing to do after GarageBand . The minitaur will be recognised straight away on logic . ...and there you have it ! There was one other line of thought . That was seeing if it was worth investigating whether there is a u s b to MIDI cable that would go from my oxygen 25 keyboard directly into the minitaur . After all of this malarkey , I won't bother .
  20. Shame . Not a good week , with joeyjordison passing yesterday ..
  21. Heaviest band to comfortably listen to for me , probabky obituary . I have a couple of their albums I forgot about but they have been popping up on my you tube likes and still have that nice foamy fuzzy sound. When the frontman starts sounding like he is getting sick initially , it adds to it . A bit samey, but nothing too harsh ..
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