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  1. Sounds like a good plan. Please do report back on your experiences with the pedal, which will no doubt be of interest to others.
  2. Chords and harmonics are rarely played but add a dimension in assessing "zing" and sustain.
  3. Another thread already out there.
  4. I routinely use a ribbed or "squared" car mat under any class D (light) amp to help prevent it wandering around - or even falling off - the cab beneath. Works for me.
  5. Another shout out for Samson. No nonsense and provides a convenient way to prevent a rat's nest in the back of the rack.
  6. Light and quite resonant........but dings quite easily in gig situations.
  7. Same situation with The Little River Band.
  8. Very good seller. Clear description and excellent communications. Dispatched the bass very quickly with appropriate, sturdy packaging. Thanks Youlian.
  9. Oh my.......I've just gone all weak at the knees!
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55530721 It seems that several others are following this as well.
  11. So it could indeed impact cross channel sales to "must have" items. Trades presumably increase costs at both ends.
  12. Am I correct in understanding that, while the seller (let's say in the UK) still advertises and sells the (2nd hand) item at the agreed price, the buyer (let's say in Belgium) will be required to pay local VAT on the declared cost and shipping + admin cost? So the cost to the buyer goes up by around 25%. I think this could hit sales of cross channel BC classifieds on 2nd hand gear, won't it?
  13. Another shout out for Gary Winterflood. I purchased my '71 Jazz from him around 10 years ago. I've had a few other non-Fender basses from him and each transaction was super smooth. He's very well informed. Last time I dealt with him he even brought the bass from his place in Sussex to my brother's in Essex.
  14. What about a "new" reliced instrument purchased from a business that declares the VAT? If the package is declared, but opened for inspection, I'd like to imagine the job of convincing an inspector. "Sure guv, you can see it's brand new!" I have this very scenario likely to play out in the next few months (UK to EU).
  15. In another bass forum where there is a lot of "talk", they have a classified section for domestic and a separate one for foreign-based sales/trades. Is that an idea for BC? Perhaps another suggestion would be to keep things as they are but to require that folks specify the location (economic region) of the item for sale/trade. In most cases it is already in the members' avatar anyway. Just a suggestion. Personally, I find the BC classifieds a great place to visit. The "B" word won't change my habits....but I might be forced to be a bit more selective. Then again, maybe not😉!
  16. Yes it is...........but not to the UK. 👍 New home is Belgium, along with a couple of active Atelier Z stablemates. Great quality basses.
  17. Sad news : https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/23/arts/music/leslie-west-dead.html Charismatic guitarist who could play and sing the blues......and a ton of other stuff. Mountain, Woodstock....the list goes on.
  18. Not to derail the thread.......but, are the Sadowsky-branded tuners generic licenced Hipshot tuners? https://www.thomann.de/gb/sadowsky_bass_tuner_light_open_1r_bk.htm
  19. I think they do most of Bernie Goodfellow's GB custom basses. Top notch finish.
  20. I've had generally good service from DPD. French-owned with  significant presence in major EU countries.

    Not the cheapest, but ........

    1. Soledad


      Didn't know that. Have used DPD for UK and they are excellent. I'll check. Thanks

  21. The auto sector is huge compared to instrument refinishing. Most, if not all, the R&D will has been invested and targeted at the auto sector. Indeed, as @yorks5stringer points out, the early Fender coatings were car paints. Me thinks not much has changed. If it is base/clearcoat poly, then T-cut done lightly by hand will do the job - and cheaper.
  22. Smart decision!! But if you change your mind, can I be first in the queue?😀
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